Activities for children at Easter in Malaga, enjoy with your little ones!

Among the traditions of Holy Week there are several of them that directly involve the children, because they carry them out themselves. These are the typical activities for children at Easter in Malaga and the rest of Andalusia.

Wax Balls

The first of all and most characteristic is to collect the wax from the candles of the Nazarenes. Not all Nazarenes can give their wax because not everyone can interact with the public.

It is the brotherhoods of cape, white, or bulla that can collaborate with these children in making their wax balls wider.

The brotherhoods of silence, of black, or solemnes, although some do it, are not allowed to carry out this action.

The tradition consists of forming a good ball of platinum paper and filling it with the leftover wax from the candles.

To see who at the end of Easter that child has the largest ball of wax.

The Stamps

On the other hand, another of the main attractions of Holy Week for children are “the stamps”. Everything began with the tradition of the costaleros and nazarenos who bought tacos of stamps in their brotherhoods to distribute them, in occasional moments, during their journey.

But children who know this tradition are more than prepared to get the greatest number of stamps.

The Mini Processions

This is a new trend. And it’s that schools organize mini processions with their students just before Easter begins.

They don’t lack a detail, from the costaleros carrying the images. The Guardia Civil, the girls dressed in their mantillas… an activity for the little ones.

All these details for the little ones of the Holy Week of Andalusia you can enjoy thanks to your rented car at Malaga Airport.

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