Activities for the Dia de la Cruz in Malaga

In El Barrio de Palma Palmilla de Málaga, is where the Day of the Cross is most fervently lived in Málaga. Several events take place throughout the month. Here there are a lot of Activities for the Dia de la Cruz in Malaga.

However, the most interesting moment in terms of tourism is the delivery of the premise of the May Crosses Contest. In addition obviously before the award ceremony we can go to visit each cross that are exhibited throughout the neighborhood.

Groups, Communities and Neighbours participate in the traditional competition, both in groups and individually.

Because its aim is the promotion and participation of neighbors and collectives in the realization of an activity of great tradition in those dates. In addition, this activity revitalizes the neighborhoods that make up the district and the commerce of the area in which they present their May Cross decorated in an original way.

The popular festivities also promote as the identity of the different neighbourhoods. Date of the Activity: Deadline for registration: 11 May 2019 Visit of the Jury: between 6 and 8 May Awards ceremony: 17 May.

What does the competition consist of?

Each group, neighborhood association, builds a cross about three meters high, which adorns with flowers and typical motifs. You can always find an apple pricked by scissors which means “without butts”. In addition to the cross there is traditional music, a bar for an aperitif, etc..

Family Day Party District 11 Teatinos-University

Crosses May Malaga

Also in El Barrio de Teatinos de Málaga. There are other celebrations in this period although they are not directly related to the festivity of the Day of the Cross.

However, here we make reference if it is to your liking. Celebration of a children’s party with inflatable castles, dances, workshops and much more. The 1st of May 2.019.

Also there are another brotherhoods a long the city make some celebrations.

And all this just a few minutes from Malaga Airport in your rented car.

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