Antonio Banderas in Malaga

There are many Hollywood star actors and actresses related to Malaga. Since the 50’s when Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, etc… were summering in Torremolinos. But the most famous star of Hollywood in Malaga is Antonio Banderas, who is from Malaga.

But if there is one Hollywood star from Malaga it is Antonio Banderas. Because Antonio Banderas is a Hollywood Star of Malaga. Because Antonio Banderas was born and grew up in Malaga to be a Hollywood star.

Antonio Banderas in Malaga

The son of a teacher and a policeman. Antonio Banderas showed from a young age a clear inclination for dramatic art. A discipline he studied in Malaga. He worked in the theatre before leaving for Madrid.

In addition, once in Madrid he simultaneously worked in theatre with television. That’s why the film industry looked to him. His interventions in the works Historia de los Tarantos and La hija del aire are the most remarkable. In addition to his participation in the mid-eighties in the editing of Edward II of England.

Antonio Banderas took his first steps in cinema with Pedro Almodóvar. Without a doubt, Antonio Banderas’ relationship with Almodóvar was fundamental in his career.

In addition to his work with Almodóvar, Banderas participated in other films that allowed him to learn the trade well and consolidated him in the Spanish artistic panorama.

His popularity and self-confidence led him to try to establish himself in the United States.

Hollywood star from Malaga

At the age of thirty, Antonio Banderas gradually made his way into the complex web of American cinema.

However, Banderas’ trajectory has been irregular in Hollywood. Of his filmography, Philadelphia (1993) stands out above all. And The Mask of the Fox (1998). Banderas also participated in productions that did not achieve the results expected of them, such as Two Much (1995) or The Body (2001).

His physical appearance and his accent kept him pigeonholed in a very characteristic type of role: Latin, seductive and mysterious. An example was his performance in Robert Rodríguez’s Desperado (1995), in which all the aforementioned aspects come together, which he assumed without complaining, trying to hide some technical shortcomings in his personal sympathy.

Banderas is the most internationally renowned Spanish actor. He is a regular at festivals and award ceremonies, including the Oscars.

His personality has even become a point of reference for many people. As evidenced by the fact that his image is also used by different advertising brands.

His undeniable capacity for work and his desire to explore the different facets of his profession led him to direct Locos in Alabama (1999).

He has also participated in the production, with his company Green Moon, of other films such as The Body. In 2003 he debuted on Broadway stages as the protagonist of the musical Nine. Which based on the film Ocho y medio, by Federico Fellini.

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