What should I do if I have a breakdown with the rental car?

When you are on holiday and start a road trip with your friends or family, or even alone, you may find that all of a sudden you have a breakdown with the rental car.

That’s why we’ve prepared this post so that you can act accordingly and solve this uncomfortable moment.

Let’s go there and hope it helps you.

3 typicals situations that you’ll need to solve if you have a breakdown with the rental car

1. Breakdowns on the road

If the breakdown occurs while driving, first of all it is essential to remain calm in order to act diligently and with maximum safety, both for the members of our vehicle and for other road users.

It is obligatory and necessary to correctly signal that the vehicle is stopped due to a breakdown.

  • If you have had a breakdown in the middle of the road and it is possible, move the car to a safe area.
  • Put on your vest before leaving the car, leave the lights on and activate the emergency lights.
  • You must put the emergency triangles, as appropriate for the road in which the vehicle is stopped. If it is a two-way road, place two triangles: one in front and one behind, at least 50 metres from the car and so that each one is visible from at least 100 metres away.
  • If the breakdown occurs on a motorway or dual carriageway, you should only put a triangle at the rear of the car, at least 50 metres away and visible from 100 metres.

road accident

2. Road accidents

If you encounter an accident on the road, it is important to act as follows:

  • Park the vehicle off the road, turning on the indicators to show our position. Before getting out of the car, put on the reflective vest to increase visibility, and then place the triangles on the roadway.
  • As soon as possible contact 112 to report what has happened. It is necessary to collect a series of data before making the call: number of people involved, type of assistance they might need at the beginning and exact location.
  • Finally, it provides assistance to the victims. This obligation is enshrined in the penal code. In order to help them, it is necessary to bear in mind that they must not move unless it is indispensable.
  • Once the emergency services appear, and a statement has been given if required, it circulates again so as not to interfere with traffic or hinder assistance.

animals crossings breakdown with your car rental

3. Animals crossing the roadway

Anticipation is a key factor and it is, therefore, essential to look far ahead. In this way, the danger will be detected beforehand and you will have more time to carry out reaction manoeuvres.

  • Avoid honking the horn of an animal in the middle of the road, as it could become frightened and react unexpectedly.
  • If it is a heavy animal that is preventing you from continuing your journey, call the emergency services.
  • Pass slowly by his side. Keep in mind that animals outside your environment are disoriented.
  • If you are driving and detect an animal crossing the roadway, do not let your guard down as they are often not alone and more members of the herd may appear next.
  • Animals are also dazzled by the high beam, so remember to switch to the low beam when you meet one at night.
  • If you don’t have time to react and if the crash is unavoidable, press the brake and clutch pedal and hold the steering wheel tightly. If the manoeuvre is not safe, don’t try to avoid it.

This is what you need to know to be able to act in case of breakdown with the rental car. We hope that it has served you and that you can enjoy your holidays… Without the need to use these tips!

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