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How to get from Malaga to Torrox

In this post we show you how to get from Malaga to Torrox. Because Torrox is the town with the best climate in Europe. That’s why it can be visited at any time of the year.

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Symbols and Colors of Holy Week, get to know them!

Holy Week is a time when the most important religious events for Christians are remembered. In this post we want to clarify the symbols and colors of Holy Week.

You can visit the whole of Andalusia with your rented car from Malaga Airport.

The different religious acts use different symbols and colors  of Holy Week referring to the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The First Symbol: palms and bouquets

Palms and bouquets are symbols of victory. When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. A multitude of people received them with palms or bouquets in order to greet and congratulate the messiah.

That’s why on Palm Sunday believers bring a palm leaf or an olive branch to Mass. This bouquet is also placed in houses for religious protection.

The Lord’s Supper

This was the last meal Jesus had with his disciples on Thursday night. Because that same night the Romans captured him for the betrayal of Judas.  It established the first Mass and the most important symbols of the Mass for Christians.

In addition it is one of the most important moment and symbol of Holy Week.

The washing of feet:

During the Last Supper Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an example of what they should put into practice. The footwashing is a symbol of humility and surrender of Jesus Christ to others.

This act is repeated in the Holy Thursday Eucharist. Both the Pope and other priests do it in their communities.

The Bread and Wine:

The bread and wine symbolize the union of the faithful with their Christian faith. For Jesus Christ at the Last Supper blessed them and passed them on to his disciples. They also symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.

That is why on Holy Thursday the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated in which reference is made to the Lord’s Supper.

The Cross

For Christians the cross has a very valuable meaning, since it symbolizes so much the suffering, passion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But also salvation, reconciliation and union with Jesus Christ. The cross is the main symbol of faith and the Catholic Church.

The Easter Bunny and Eggs

Both the rabbit and the eggs represent life. That is, the life of the risen Jesus Christ. Jesus defeats death.

All over Andalusia people live with fervor and you can see the symbols in every church, on television, shops, houses… and you can visit it with your rented car from Malaga Airport.


How to get from Malaga to Torrox

How to get to Torrox by road: from the city of Málaga take the Autovía del Mediteráneo or A7 towards Motril / Almería. Also the National 340 is another option to enjoy the landscapes of the Axarquia.

Getting to Torrox by car is fast, you hardly need a road map because the route is very easy.

How to get from Malaga Airport to Torrox

Also from the Pablo Ruiz Picasso International Airport. First of all take the Autovía del Mediterráneo or A7 towards Motril / Almería. Then drive about 60 km and take exit 285. At the roundabout you can choose to go towards Torrox Costa or towards Torrox village (inland). Because Torrox is a village divided into two parts, one of mountain and another next to the beach.

The state of the roads on the Eastern Costa del Sol is quite good and there are some recently built sections. Also on this part of the coast there are fewer roadblocks and traffic is very fluid compared to the Western Costa del Sol. Because it is less crowded.

You can also get to Torrox by the old National Road 340, bordering the sea. The traffic is slower because the road is two-way but it is very pleasant to drive overlooking the sea. That’s why it’s a good option if you’re not in a hurry and want to enjoy the scenery and visit other towns like Rincón de la Victoria, Torre del Mar or Algarrobo.

How get your Rental Car

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How to get from Malaga to Torremolinos

In this post we will show you how to get from Malaga to Torremolinos. Because Torremolinos is one of the most important cities for Malaga tourism. It was also the first city dedicated to tourism. In which all the stars of the golden age of Hollywood spent their vacations.

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Typical Easter food in Malaga that you can taste!

Cod fritters

The cod fritters cook with crumbled cod, parsley, flour to batter and a frying pan with oil to fry them.

It can be eaten all year round, but as it is an austere meal it becomes a typical Easter meal.

Legend has it that this dish was born in Seville in the 13th century.

Cascarúo lemon and sugar cane

This speciality is typical of the province of Malaga. The most important thing is that the lemon belongs to a sweet variety that can be eaten. Because it is less acidic. It is eaten during the Holy Week processions in Malaga. In particular, on Good Friday morning.


The torrija is the most typical sweet of Easter. All you need is hard bread dipped in milk (or wine) with sugar, cinnamon, lemon peel and egg yolks. And then fried in sunflower oil.

Rice pudding

Rice pudding is a simple dish for dessert. All you need is cinnamon, sugar and rice pudding.

Ajoblanco (White Garlic)

Ajoblanco is a cold soup very typical of Malaga. It is eaten all year round but in Easter it can be accompanied with cod. That is why it is called ‘ajoblanco bacalao’.

Its recipe is very simple with bread, ground almonds, water, oil, salt and garlic. In other occasions the ajoblanco can be accompanied with grapes or melon.


The pestiños are another of the typical sweets of the Andalusian Holy Week. It is of Islamic origin, since in the Maghreb there are similar recipes. And it shares ancestry with another Islamic sweet, the shebbakiyya. It is made with flour dough, yeast, sesame, orange juice and cinnamon powder that is fried and then covered with honey or sugar.

Wind doughnuts

Wind doughnuts are a sweet recipe. A dough of flour and yeast to which sugar will be added.  Finally, depending on the case, you can sprinkle cinnamon to give it flavor. Their origin is Jewish and it is common to find them in Andalusian pastry shops from All Saints’ Day until Easter.

Their name comes from the fact that the dough, when fried, doubles. In this way, it seems to be full of air.

Potaje de Vigilia (Vigil Stew)

It is a vegetable soup made from cod, chickpeas, spinach and hard-boiled egg. The vigil stew is eaten alone or accompanied by a salad.

Above all, avoid meat, as we are in vigil time. Where cod and sweets are the specialty.


How to get from Malaga to Torremolinos

Getting to Torremolinos is really easy, like most cities in Andalusia. Because it is very well connected whether by train, bus, car or plane. It is also a very touristic city, especially during the summer, one of the most visited towns on the Costa del Sol. Thanks to its proximity to Malaga (the distance between Torremolinos and Malaga is only 14 kms), you can get to Malaga International Airport and from there move to Torremolinos.

How to get to Torremolinos by car

Torremolinos can also be reached by car using the MA-20 motorway from Malaga, in addition to the AP-7 from the south (Marbella for example). It is quite easy to get your bearings and drive in the south of Spain. The signs are quite clear, as always remember to respect speed limits, traffic lights and other traffic rules.

What to see and do in Torremolinos

Pass through its famous streets:

San Miguel Street

San Miguel Street is the busiest and best-known pedestrian street in Torremolinos. It is also one of the busiest streets in Europe. The life of this town revolves around San Miguel Street. Tourism, shopping in Torremolinos, walks, bars, restaurants, hotels in Torremolinos. The most emblematic shops and establishments of the municipality line up precisely on this central street.

Carlota Alessandri Avenue

The central avenue Carlota Alessandri, located between the N-340 and the avenue Palma de Mallorca and with a length of almost two and a half kilometers, is one of the most important arteries of Torremolinos. Named after Carlota Alessandri, who was one of the forerunners of tourism on the Costa del Sol.


But of course, Torremolinos’ main tourist attraction is its beaches. Because Torremolinos has 7 kilometres of coastline. These are urban beaches accessible from the Paseo Marítimo. In addition they are generally dark sand and moderate waves and present a high level of occupancy during the summer months. The most popular are the beaches of El Bajondillo and La Carihuela, which are in the city centre.

The first one is more than one kilometre long by 40 metres wide. La Carihuela is approximately the same width and about 2 kilometers long.

How get your Rental Car

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Symbols of Malaga: La Farola

In this post we present you another of the symbols of Malaga: La Farola. One of the few lighthouses with a woman’s name.

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Symbols of Malaga: La Farola

La Farola is a lighthouse at one end of the port of Málaga. By the engineer Joaquín María Pery y Guzmán, its construction completed in 1817. When it was at the entrance to the Port of Málaga. La Farola de Málaga is a symbol of the city and gives its name to the promenade where it is located.

History of this symbol:

For an entire century there existed in the same urban space a wooden lantern that fulfilled the functions of a lighthouse and was designed in 1717 by the French engineer Bartolomé Thurus.

The earthquake in Andalusia in 1884 left the lighthouse’s light mechanisms inoperative. Which was repaired in 1885 from the technical damage suffered. In 1909 the lighthouse keeper’s house was enlarged. And the base was reformed by adding one more floor that gives it the current original façade. Later in 1913 the optical mechanisms were reformed again. In these works the engineer Mauro Serret participated in the calculations and the house Julius Pintsch AG before Bauklempnerei founded by Carl Friedrich Julius Pintsch (1815-1884) of Germany in the mechanized ones. They gave it its characteristic of 31 flashes, which it still preserves. In May 1916 a float basement bathed in mercury was installed.

During the Spanish Civil War, on August 28, 1936, the streetlamp of Malaga was extinguished by order of the Marine Command. Still under the orders of the Republic, as its silhouette served as a reference to naval artillery and the aviation of the rebellious Army. The Central Committee of the Republican Fleet ordered that it painted earth-coloured, with dark and light spots to camouflage it. In spite of this, it suffered serious damage during the war, because of which it had to be rebuilt in 1939.

At the end of the 20th century, due to the extension works of the functional perimeter of the port. Due to La Farola has been located in the middle of the port enclosure. A car park will be under La Farola. While the lighthouse will be the future Museum of the Port of Málaga.

Curiosity of this symbol of Malaga

It is also, together with the Sea Lamp of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands). The only lighthouses in Spain with a feminine name.

How to arrive to Malaga

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The most famous street in Malaga

In this post we present you the most famous street of Malaga. Which is La Calle Marqués de Larios. Because it is also one of the most elegant nineteenth-century streets in Spain. Also in 2018 was positioned as the third most expensive street in Spain in rentals. Because it is one of the most desirable shopping streets in Europe.

It owes its name to Manuel Domingo Larios y Larios, II Marqués de Larios. Which presides over the beginning of the street with a set of sculptures.

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History of Malaga’s most famous street in Malaga

The first project for the opening of Marqués de Larios street was by the engineer José María de Sancha. Which traced the street from the Plaza de la Constitución. But it ran through the streets Toril, Salinas, Desengaño, Plaza del Obispo, Sancha de Lara and San Juan de Dios.

The street inaugurated on August 27, 1891, with Mayor Sebastián Souvirón Torres. No member of the Larios family attended the inauguration. Because a series of workers surrounded the house of the nobles during the revolution La Gloriosa in 1868. So they escaped through the roof and later went into exile in London and Paris.

In addition, the blessing was given by the bishop of the diocese Marcelo Spínola y Maestre. In thanksgiving the Town Hall erected the monument to the Marquis of Larios in 1899.

With the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931 the street was renamed as 14 de abril street. After the Spanish Civil War, the gouverment given its original name back.

Very Commercial Street

It is currently the third most expensive street in Spain for buying a property or opening a business. In 2018, it reached third place, paying a maximum of 3,600 euros per square metre per year. Within Europe, Larios Street is one of the 50 most expensive streets on the continent.

Half of the properties in the street belonged to the Marquesa de Paul, currently managed by the Salsa Patrimonio group.

At Christmas, Larios Street stands out for its careful and impressive lighting, which has positioned it as one of the most spectacular streets in Spain during this period. It is also the nerve centre of Christmas shopping. The cost per lighting in Malaga is the second most expensive in Spain. And the first one per inhabitant surpassing in budget to the city of Barcelona. The lighting is recycled for the carnival, which keeps it installed for about four months.

Exhibitions and other events in Malaga’s most famous street

Larios Street has hosted public exhibitions related to art, sculpture and social work


Also in Malaga we cannot forget Easter. Because this street is where all the brotherhoods and brotherhoods run. At the end of Calle Larios is the Official Tribune.

Pasarela Larios Málaga Fashion Week

In September the street hosts the ‘Pasarela Larios Málaga Fashion Week’ which in 2016 celebrated the sixth edition. It consists of the longest Haute Couture catwalk in Europe.

The Malaga Fair

In addition in August the street becomes the backbone of the Day Fair.

How to arrive to Malaga

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Where to have churros for breakfast in Malaga

Breakfast churros is a tradition in Malaga and in general throughout Spain. That’s why in this post we present you where to have churros for breakfast in Malaga.

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In addition there are those who do not forgive their churros with chocolate to delight in the morning or snack time with this “simple luxury”.

Where to have churros for breakfast in Malaga

Churrería la Malagueña (Churrería)

Belén Palma and Antonio Llorente have succeeded in just five years to raise a local. Because the churros of La Malagueña are silky, more like a buñuelo than the typical churro. Which is usually found in most establishments. Flour, water, a little salt and yeast to raise the product, in addition to oil, a high oleic.

Bar el Caracol

This is a family bar, where the recipe is passed from parents to children. To prepare them, the ingredients well selected and listen to what the clientele asks. “There are those who want them very made and others whiter”.

As for chocolate, they use Santa Cristina, of course, and always very thick.

Casa Aranda

Talking about churros with chocolate in Malaga and not including Casa Aranda would be… sin? sacrilege? There will be those who say that fame and name are more than anything else.

Casa Aranda started operating in February 1932. Since then, they have boasted of producing their weaving with the same original formula and betting on quality ingredients.

Oña Bar

Cafeteria Bar Oña is not in the center of the city. Because it is in a very busy location in front of the Carlos Haya Hospital.

Nothing like dipping your weavers in a very hot chocolate, preparing both with quality ingredients. They have been at the foot of the canyon for more than 40 years…

Café Madrid

In 1892, another of the most emblematic cafés in the city of Málaga opened its doors. The churros are made in the traditional way, taking maximum care of the raw material that is used and with the churrero that takes care of getting the optimum point of the dough. Here are the churros madrileños, “not the tejeringos”, and have many adepts among malagueños and visitors. “

As for the chocolate, very thick, which is how customers usually ask for it. They bring the raw material from Granada, although they don’t want to reveal the name of the manufacturer. “And then they try to make it to the taste of the consumer, because there are those who want more liquid, they even ask us for the English type chocolate, with water”, they continue explaining from Café Madrid. Annotated is in this list of cafes where to drink chocolate with churros in the province of Malaga.

How to arrive to Malaga

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Typical Malaga sweets

In this post we present some of the typical sweets of Malaga. Because autumn is the best season to enjoy the wide range of traditional sweets. Some of which have centuries of history.

Although the main ones are from the capital, typical sweets are also made in other parts of the province.

But if you want to know more about Malaga, visit our blog.

Typical Malaga sweets and some of the province

Wine Roscos (Málaga)

First of all the wine roscos are the classics of Malagueña confectionery. They are made in many workshops throughout the province. Although each one gives it its own personal touch. Among them are those made in Hermanos Montañez, in the district of El Palo. This confectionery, which has more than eight decades of history, dispense them in its workshop in calle Mar.

Crazy Cakes (Málaga)

Two puff pastry discs with pastry cream, an orange glaze and a cherry are the components of the famous madwoman. That is why it is another of the sweets that are most identified with the city of Malaga. Since the 50’s, this product, made by the famous Confitería Tejeros, does not understand fashions.

Because several generations have been delighted with this confectioner’s mouthful. Although the Tejeros workshop dispense them to numerous establishments in Malaga, it also sells them in its own workshop, located in the Fuente Olletas area.

Almond biscuit (Ardales)

The Ardales biscuit or cake is another of those sweets that have acquired provincial fame. In this town in the Guadalteba Valley it is made in all its workshops, the most famous being the one known as ‘El Casillero’. It is very close to the main square. The citrus touch, which is achieved thanks to the grated lemon rind, is the most characteristic of this sweet Ardaleño. It can be purchased in boxes of 450 and 900 grams.

Although on weekends it does not have a definite timetable, it can be bought without problems. A sign next to the workshop indicates the bell of the home of the owners, who always come down delighted to serve foreign customers.

Mantecados (Antequera)

The Christmas sweet par excellence, mantecado, is also made in Málaga. In addition to numerous convents, there are several workshops that make it in a traditional way. And also with respect to the original recipe, but also with some variants. The town that produces the most butter is, without a doubt, Antequera. This is where convents compete with family businesses that have grown in production in recent decades.

There is also a wide variety: cinnamon, lemon, coconut, sesame, extra virgin olive oil or even nougat.

How to arrive to Malaga

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Enjoy the best discotheques in Malaga and dance along!

If you want to enjoy the night in Malaga, in this post we bring you the best discotheques in Malaga. Because we want you to enjoy the best nightclubs in Malaga, every night you go out on holiday in Malaga.

But if you still want to know more about Malaga, visit our blog. Because every day we bring you more information about Malaga.

Enjoy the best discotheques in Malaga

Disco Andén:

With two large independent and modular rooms, also with four bars, and also 6 reserved, lighting systems. And also thirteen screens, two cloakrooms and an unbeatable location next to a taxi rank. The Discoteca Andén offers a unique enclave for any type of party or event.

Bamboo Room

A new sensation in the heart of Malaga!

Let yourself be enveloped by its careful decoration and enjoy the best music from the hands of the best local DJs.

Share your nights with whoever you want the most, but above all share them with Bamboo.

Enjoy in this discotheque in Malaga:

  • VIP area
  • Bottles for you and your friends
  • Cachimba
  • and all the possible combinations you can think of…

That’s Bamboo nights… be welcome… “Where the party and your weekend start.”

Theatro Club

Theatro Club Málaga”, is presented as a commitment to the Future, in the field of promotion and dissemination of Culture, Leisure and Entertainment. Also in the Historic Centre of Malaga…

A space open to Culture and the development of the performing arts, encouraging, encouraging and supporting both emerging and established artists from Malaga…

Tennessee Club

Every weekend live music makes its way into the Tennessee Live Club.

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Swing

Which are the styles that best fit in this room. In addition always accompanied by the versions of current songs and always.

Mirror Room

Sala Mirror is the most recommended alternative to enjoy Malaga nights. Because it is a different place where the most interesting people of the city gather to dance. And all this to the rhythm of the best music, toast with delicious drinks and marvel at the spectacular decoration that offers MIRROR.

Also in the best area, in the very historic center of Malaga.

How to arrive to Malaga

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Discover the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers 

In this post you will discover the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers. Because flamenco is a very important part of Andalusian culture. And some of its best singers and dancers are authentic famous figures. That’s why in this post we bring you some of the most important ones.

But if you want to know more about Malaga and flamenco don’t forget to visit our blog.

You can discover here the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers

La Repompa de Malaga

La Repompa de Málaga is the artistic nickname of Enriqueta de la Santísima Trinidad de los Reyes Porras, who was born in Málaga, 15 August 1937. He also died in Malaga on May 6, 1959. She was also the aunt of another very famous flamenco singer, Antonio Carmona “Ketama”.

She started singing as a child, when she ran away from home to sing in the bars of Málaga. Because she was trying to earn some money.

La Repompa had what can be called a state funeral. Because the funeral cortege left the Perchel, crossed La Alameda, all Larios street, something that has never happened, and rocked the coffin at the door of El Pimpi.  She also climbed Victoria Street to be buried in the San Miguel cemetery. Eighteen days after her death, Alberty, a well-known character of the time, organized a great tribute in her memory”.

Today, his sister Rafaela Reyes and his niece Amparo Heredia continue to sing flamenco like Enriqueta did. This part of the family spent some time in the United States, although they now live between Malaga and Granada.

José Losada “Carrete”

José Losada Santiago (born in 1941 in Antequera) is a flamenco dancer. Also known by the nickname of the gypsy Fred Astaire for his peculiar way of taconear and for a childish anecdote.

Rocío Molina

She was called the “child prodigy” of flamenco when she was only seven years old, when she began to draw her first choreographies. Almost two decades later she was awarded the National Dance Prize at the age of 26.

Although at that age she was already internationally famous, especially in Paris, where she is an associate artist. La malagueña continues her tour with Caída del cielo, her latest show with which she has already filmed in several countries. He also aspires to Max Awards (he already won one in 2015 for Bosque Ardora).

Paula Carmona

She’s 12 years old but she’s famous and she has a name for herself on the flamenco circuit. Small and shy, on stage she transforms into a dancer with a claw.

The future of flamenco has a long life.

How to arrive to Malaga

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Why do you need to choose a car hire at Malaga Aiport?

Let’s talk about history before we get into the workings of this city. In this way, you can get to know the ins and outs of buildings, parks, monuments and typical dishes more accurately. How? Using your car hire at Malaga Airport!

Phoenicians, Punic and Iberians in Malaga.

These Semitic merchants form several colonies in the area due to the existing riches of wood for the smelting and for the fish industry in the production of purple or salting.

After the dominance of trade by the Punic in the second half of the sixth century the Phoenician colonies are abandoned, settle the Carthaginians on the southern Spanish coast.

In the centuries that go from the end of the 6th a.C. (before Christ) to the change of era, the territories of Malaga appear occupied by two types of people: those who live in the coastal area, called Libiofenicios, and those of the interior, called indigenous, Iberians or Turdetanians.

The Roman conquest

At the end of the third century a. C. the Romans begin the fight against the Carthaginians dominating the area and unifying its population.

Latin is imposed and changes the life and customs of the inhabitants. Málaga becomes part of the Hispania Ulterior.

roman car hire at malaga airport

The High Empire

After two centuries of domination Malaga begins to have new communication channels that connect it with other territories.

New legal statutes are received among which the Lex Flavia Malacitana enacted in the year 81 stands out in the first century. Some fragments of this law can be read today at the Interpretation Center of the Roman Theater in Malaga.

It is in this area where we can observe remains of this time as one of the main monuments of the city, the Roman Theater, which has also recovered as a scenic space; or the Alcazabilla street glass prism through which you can admire the garum pools.

Precisely the garum was a very important economic product in the history of Malaga since it was exported to many parts of the Roman Empire.

The Low Empire

Throughout the third and fourth centuries great changes are taking place in all areas, including beliefs, with the spread of Christianity.

The fall of the Roman Empire was followed by Byzantium, until the Visigoths were expelled at the beginning of the seventh century.

Malaga under the Caliphate of Córdoba

The fall of Bobastro imposes the Islamic system with the proliferation of farmhouses in the rural world, as well as the intensification of irrigation.

The caliphate shines with prosperity until the year 976 in which al-Hakam II dies and his minor son ascends to the throne. The political crisis leads to the division of Taifa kingdoms. In them there were different caliphs.

It is in this period that the Alcazaba de Málaga is built, one of the most important moments of the city and in a good state of preservation.

The integration of the successive Berber empires of Almoravids and Almohads, from the end of the 11th century until well into the 13th century, contemplates the definitive implantation of the lands and the city of Málaga in the area of the western Mediterranean.

The Málaga Nazarí

Around 15,000 people lived in Málaga at this time, mostly under Muslim religious orthodoxy and a Jewish minority, while the Christian presence was limited to the prisoners who worked in the shipyards.

The most outstanding aspect of the Malaga agriculture was related to the vineyard and the higueral, the beginning of the great wine history of the city.

The port of Malaga is also taking its importance to be the departure of foreign trade of the Kingdom of Granada.

The reconquest

The Catholic Kings obtained the victory in the fields of Lopera where most of the alcaides and notables of the land of Málaga died or were captured.

On August 18, 1487, in one of the bloodiest episodes, it was when the city fell into the hands of the Catholic Monarchs, which allowed only twenty-five families to remain in Málaga, as Mudejars, in the Morería precinct.

The Mudejars of Malaga

The Muslim under Christian rule will be known as “Mudejar”, which means “domesticated, dominated, who has been allowed to stay.” They surrender the fortress, return the captives and commit to continue paying taxes.

After 1487, Malaga experienced important changes in its urban layout.

A longitudinal axis is abre to which another transversal one is added, crossing both in the “square of the four streets”, soon Greater square of the city (today Place of the Constitution).

The deepest transformations take place in the southern half, where the opening of Calle Nueva allows connecting Plaza de la Constitución with Puerta del Mar.

The Muslims of Malaga until his expulsion

The Church disregarded the evangelical tasks with the Moriscos of Malaga, which, together with the feigned character of the conversion, would make Islam survive clandestinely.

historia car hire at malaga airport


Monuments that are worth to visit

One of the most common things when planning your vacation is to find yourself after the flight thinking about where you will go next. That’s why with your car hire at Malaga airport you will be able to enjoy this freedom in its entirety.

La Alcazaba

This fortress palace whose name in Arabic means citadel is one of the historical monuments of the city, a space visited for combining history and beauty in the same place.

From the Muslim era it is located at the foot of Mount Gibralfaro, where there is the Arab defensive castle to which it was linked by a corridor protected by walls called La Coracha; next to the Roman Theater and in front of the Aduana building, it is an opportunity to see in only a few meters the union of the Roman, Arab and Renaissance cultures, which makes this corner a very special place.

Built between 1057 and 1063 according to Muslim historians at the behest of the king of Berber taifas of Granada, Badis. In its construction, hauling materials were used and pieces of the Roman theater annex were reused, such as columns and capitals.

Its military component makes it one of the most important Muslim works preserved in Spain. With matacanas, albarrana towers with loopholes and crenellated walls as defensive elements, nevertheless its best defense was in its situation, dominating from its balconies the city and the bay.

Gibralfaro’s Castle

This Castle, built in the fourteenth century to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba, is today one of the most visited moments of Malaga in which you can tour its walls with breathtaking views of Malaga, or enter its Interpretation Center to know his story.

It receives its name by a lighthouse that was at its peak (Jabal-Faruk, a mount of the lighthouse). Although it was used by Phoenicians and Romans, it would be the Nasrid king Yusuf I in 1340 who would make this settlement a fortress.

Considered for a time the most impregnable fortress of the Iberian Peninsula. It has two lines of walls and eight towers.

The outer wall joins with the coracha, walls arranged in zigzag ways that connect the Castle with the Alcazaba. On the other hand, the interior allows to make the way round the entire perimeter of the fortress.

The Castle can be divided into two parts. The upper one receives the name of main patio and in her we found the Interpretation Center where can know the history of the Castle through its inhabitants.

In this area is the Main Tower, with 17 meters high, the Phoenician well and the bathrooms. The well of Airón is excavated in alive rock and has a depth of 40 meters.

gibralfaro car hire at malaga airport

Cathedral of Málaga

Its full name is Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, although for the people of Málaga it is simply “the Cathedral”.

In all cities, a cathedral is always important, but here in Malaga it is even more important because it is not just a religious building, it is also a benchmark, a landmark citizen, a milestone on the road and a witness to many events.

The building is one of the best examples of Spanish religious art: located on the remains of other cultural samples such as the primitive Almohad mosque.

The covers of the cathedral are known as one of the Chains, in front of the Palace of Zea-Salvatierra with its gardens and its patio of the orange trees; the main one, known as the one of the Plaza del Obispo and, although it is not integrated into the Cathedral, the façade of the Sagrario.

Since the mid-twentieth century, the Cathedral was completely exempt when the last houses that were attached to it in the area near the Park were demolished.

Roman Theatre

The Roman Theater of Malaga is one of the living symbols of Roman Hispania in the city. It has a modern interpretation centre located next to it where you can learn about the life and customs of the time through new technologies.

It has also recovered its original use by offering shows inside.

Discovered in the year 1951 was for many years, half-hidden by the building of the so-called House of Culture, built between 1940-42 and retouched in the sixties.

During whose works were discovered the first signs of the Theater, which was definitely demolished to be able to properly evaluate this theatre within the plans of the cultural programs of 1992.


What to do in a day in Malaga? Tips and places to visit for a day

Malaga is a fascinating city, one day is not enough to see it. But if by agenda you can only stay one day, in this post we present you a possible itinerary to see Malaga in one day:

Once you land at Malaga Airport, you can rent your rental car. And in five minutes you will reach the centre of Malaga. Once in the center of Malaga we propose the following itinerary to see Malaga in one day:

Castillo de Gibralfaro and Alcazaba

You can start at the highest point, Gibralfaro Castle. It has a very good panoramic view of the whole city. From there and several viewpoints nearby as we go down we can see the Parador and all of Malaga.

A little further down and following a pedestrian path we will reach the Alcazaba, an old Arab fortress. Both for the Castle and for the Alcazaba it is necessary to get a ticket, but you can get the two tickets at the door of the Castle of Gibralfaro.

After passing through the Alcazaba from where you can also see the Roman theater. We can walk through the streets of the historic center of Malaga. There are many typical bars there, among which the Pimpi stands out.

City Center and Picasso

After seeing the Albéniz cinema building we can cross to the Plaza de la Merced, where there is a statue of Picasso. Also here is the birthplace of Picasso next to the market.

Nearby is the Teatro Cervantes and one of the two art galleries dedicated to Picasso in Malaga. And here we also reach the street Larios, the Plaza de la Constitución until we reach the Manquita, the Cathedral of Malaga. It is called La Manquita because it lacks a tower.

And from the Cathedral we can cross the Paseo de los Curas to the port to reach the Muello 1 by the Port. But you can also walk through the gardens of the Paseo de los Curas.

Where there is a great variety of vegetal species since it was an old garden of the Marqués de Larios. In the direction of Pier 1 on the left we can see the building of the Bank of Spain and the old Town Hall.

Harbour and Bullring

At Pier 1 you can go shopping or have a drink while enjoying the views of the harbour and boats. In El Barrio de la Malagueta next to the Paseo Marítimo we also find the bullring of the same name.

And continuing we arrive at the Baños del Carmen and up to the Palo.

So much for a day trip around Malaga, uniting history, culture and gastronomy. Obviously there are many more places, as well as the main museums of the city, but everything cannot be covered in a single day.


What can you do for free in Malaga? Discover the city with empty pockets

Malaga is a great city to stroll around and enjoy its historic centre. Where you can enjoy many attractions completely free in Malaga.

It is a modern city that can be reached in five minutes in your rented car from the airport.

You can also walk and enjoy its parks and cultural center at any time of year. Because its climate is very mild.

what to do for free in Malaga

It is also very important to say that in addition to its parks and historic streets. All its museums on Sundays from 16:00 until closing time are totally free.

Its main museums are the following:

  • The Picasso Museum Málaga. This museum has 276 works that cover the eight decades of creation of the painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
  • The Centre Pompidou Málaga is in the building called “The Cube”. Its collection includes works by Frida Khalo, Picasso, Bacon, Magritte, Leger, Max Ernst, Marc Chagall, among others. At the entrance of the Muello 1 of the Port of Málaga, another magnificent place to stroll.
  • The Contemporary Art Centre of Málaga (CAC). Has an impressive collection of contemporary painters.
  • The Carmen Thyssen Museum has 267 works. It exhibits a complete tour of 19th-century Spanish painting.
  • The centre of the Collection of the Russian Museum Saint Petersburg Málaga is a substation of the centenary Museum of Saint Petersburg.
  • The Museum of Malaga is one of the largest collections of paintings in Spain.
  • The Fundación Picasso Museo Casa Natal is the building where Picasso was born and lived his childhood. With childhood and family memories of the painter.

But there are not only museums in Malaga, but also parks and free gardens in Malaga to spend the day free in Malaga:

Here is a short list of the free parks and gardens in Malaga, where you can walk and enjoy:

Parks and gardens

  • Malaga Park is a subtropical botanical garden parallel to the port. It is an avenue almost a kilometre long, marked out with small rooms, walks and statues. It contains plants from the five continents and naturally adapted to Malaga.

Next to this park are two other historic gardens:

  • The Gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso
  • The Dark Door Gardens, which descend the southern slope of Gibralfaro.
  • West Park is a park that was inaugurated in 1992. It is a very popular place in Malaga to spend the day.
  • The Historical Botanical Garden La Concepción is an English landscaped garden. It has more than one hundred and fifty years of history. It can be reached in the rented car as it is on the outskirts of the city. At the northern entrance to the city. It is also one of the few gardens with subtropical plants that exist in Europe.

Here we can find fifty thousand plants, of two thousand tropical, subtropical and autochthonous species. It is worth noting that there are more than one hundred different species of palms, bamboos, aquatic plants and its historic garden.

But just like the museums, it is only free on Sunday afternoons.

  • The Gardens of Finca San José
  • The Historical Garden El Retiro
  • The Historical Garden The Consul


Try the best food!

When you will have your car hire at Malaga Airport, one of our first recommendations is that you give yourself a treat and bring your mouth to this amazing dishes. Go to any restaurant and enjoy!

Enjoying the gastronomy of the place is something we all want when we travel, so if you can think about it from the beginning in a more relaxed way…. You’ll be able to plan your vacation better!

And so, taking a car hire at Malaga airport is a great solution.

1. Espetos de sardinas

There is nothing more characteristic of Malaga than a good spit of grilled sardines in a beach bar. Do not leave Málaga without trying it!

On the coast of Malaga, we can see many restaurants that have placed in front of their premises a boat full of sand and raised on top of a trestle, in which the sifters can make the sardines without having to be so long crouched.

Although you can make skewers with other types of fish, the typical ones in the Malaga coast are those of sardines.

espetos car hire at malaga airport

2. Porra antequerana

Malaga has its own fresh soup, like the Salmorejo from Cordoba, but with some variety. It is made of tomato, green pepper and is usually accompanied by boiled egg and tuna. You would love it!

3. Ajoblanco

It is a cold soup based on ground almonds, bread, garlic and oil. It is very typical of Malaga and it is served very fresh. Recommended to spend the high summer temperatures of Malaga.

4. Boquerones fritos al limón

If the people of Malaga are called boquerones, it will be something. The boquerones are another of the “pescaítos” star and one of the typical dishes of Malaga.

From the sea direct to the palate, battered with flour and accompanied by lemon. By the way, the best are the Victorians, do not forget to ask for them!

5. Fritura malagueña

If you arrive at a beach bar and you do not know why I choose to fish, I suggest you ask for a fried malagueña. It is a medley of fried fish: boquerones, red mullet or chopitos, among others. Ask, you will not regret it.


Eat in one of the best 5 Meat Restaurants in Malaga! Enjoy your food

If you like eat in one of the best 5 Meat Restaurants in Malaga. In our post we show youhow to make the most of your cheap car hire in Malaga. So, when you will land in International Malaga Airport you will be able to enjoy your holidays.

Because you can go to a meat restaurant in Malaga with your rental car. Because MAlega Center it is only 10 minutes from the Malaga Airport. You know that you are in the right place to enjoy succulent meat dishes.

Mesón Antonio

Mesón Antonio is a restaurant that in itself is full of sunshine, with a lot of history and located in the heart of Malaga. The establishment, run by the Viñolo family. It has been offering a very attractive cuisine for 30 years, linked to the roots of the city.

Which manages to create a select and unique atmosphere where you will feel at home.

Due to all of this it is a very good Meat Restaurant in Malaga.

La Parrila de Mane

In this Malaga meat restaurant you can enjoy a selection of the best national and international beef, pork and sheep.

This restaurant of Malaga elaborates all its plates in a grill with authentic charcoal of holm oak.

For the most exquisite palates.

Asador Ovidio

This restaurant is located in the historic center of Malaga. Very close to the Alcazaba, the Cathedral, the Picasso Museum or the Thyssen. Only ten minutes in car hire from the International Malaga Airport.

It breathes quality and good food in a modern restaurant, which bets on traditional cuisine and good meat and fish charcoal. Its products of very good quality to satisfy all palates.

Its best dishes are homemade croquettes and its meats such as the Angus steak from Nebrasca, the ox tenderloin or the shoulder of suckling lamb.

There is nothing better than a good wine to accompany meat. Because in addition this restaurant in Malaga offers a wide selected wine list of different denominations of origin.

Asador Ovidio offers an authentic cuisine, right in the heart of Malaga. To enjoy authentic grilled meats and a pleasant time.

We really recomend this like one of the best 5 Meat Restaurants in Malaga.

Meat Restaurant el Botijo

The restaurant El Botijo can find it in the west of Malaga. Since 1987, accumulating with its typical dishes of Castilian cuisine, with roasts and grilled meats.

You can start with a first course of potaje del día, a codfish a la riojana or a Tomato with melva. And continue with a second such as sirloin steak with ‘El Botijo’ sauce, grilled Chuletón or roast lamb.

Finally, please taste a desert.

Las Ventas and the dishes from the Mountains, others Meats Restaurants in Malaga

Malaga´s Montes is a Nature Reserve so close by the city. And this road is bordered by typical country restaurants. They all serve large quantities of simple, inexpensive food for the visitors who can enjoy eating very well.

Of course, we cannot forget the most classic Montes one dish meal. Because it is an exquisite combination a piece of pork potted in its own lard, green peppers, chorizo sausage and eggs. Obviously it produces a bit hard on the digestion.


Discover and enjoy out top 5 best fish restaurants in Malaga!

If you like eat the best fish in Malaga. In our post we show you the best 5 fish restaurants in Malaga. Please, remember this when you will land in International Malaga Airport to enjoy your holidays.

Because when you go to a seafood restaurant in Malaga. You know that you are in the right place to enjoy succulent seafood and fish restaurants.

El Vereda, the art of the classic

In this restaurant you can enjoy the best fried fish of the Costa del Sol, gazpachuelo typical from Malaga. And if you order in advance and the daily selection of seafood.

Also here you can discover the best quality-price rate.

The Most Original Restaurant El Tintero II

It is one of the most popular and picturesque restaurant on the beach at El Palo neighborhood . El Tintero II is famous for its original and unique way of selling the seafood and fried fish.

Each waiter calls out the item as they are carrying, and then the costumers and the table quickest off the mark gets the plate. Like it was an auction.

The service is very fast and effective. And another waiter is shouting: And I collect…and I collect! Finally the invoice is calculated according to the number of plates on the table.

Marisquería la Mayor

This seafood restaurant offers the best fish in the area in a family atmosphere. The restaurant is concerned in offering a fresh product, brought daily from the port, to fill our kitchen with the best delicacies that are collected daily from the sea.

We all know that seafood is a delight to the palate. It is also a very important nutritional contribution and very beneficial for health.

There are infinite ways to present seafood and fish. However in Marisquería la Mayor you are going to be surprised with a traditional flavour.

The restaurant Marisqueria La Mayor has always known how to safeguard that family touch that attracts us so much. In addition its location is perfect in the heart of the capital of Malaga.

Marisquería Jacinto

We are sure that Marisquería Jacinto is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants on the Costa del Sol. It offers a Mediterranean cuisine specializing in fresh seafood of high quality collected directly from the slices malagueñas.

In addition its location is perfect. Since it is located in the center zone, in the surroundings of the Sport City of Carranque and of the Hospital Carlos Haya.

Marisquería los Delfines

This restaurant opened in 1970 in the neighborhood of la Malagueta, in the seafront of Malaga. Here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the classic anglers and marine, with a little touches of bullfighting.

This large restaurant also has a place that is one of the favorites in the capital of the Costa del Sol. Of course it has a well-deserved reputation and also is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in the region.

Also it has a terrace where the costumers will enjoy the mild climate of Malaga.

And of course, there are always the Chiringuitos

Of course, in addition to that if you want eat good fish also ours visitors can go to any Chiringuito (beach restaurant). All our beaches, in Malaga and the rest of Analusia, are full of these open-air bar. Some of they are right in the sand.

We always say: “A good beach much its chiringuito, or two…”

Ours visitros can enjoy all of these 5 fish restaurants in Malaga and a lot of them. Only fifteen minutes from the Malaga Airport on the Costa del Sol.


Famous Painters from Malaga that you need to know

If you have just arrived at Malaga Airport and you like the culture and the art. Due to please read this post carefully. Because here we show you the most famous painters in Malaga.

Because with your rental car you can arrive to Malaga in five minutes. And Malaga is the motherland of the a lot of famous painters and artist:

The first of the famous painters of Malaga we talk about is:

José Denis Belgrano:

First of all we show you José Denis Belgrano was born in Malaga in 1844. Belgrano was the painter preferred by the bourgeoisie at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

He is a reference point in Malaga’s painting. In 1862 he moved to Rome to study. Then in 1868 he enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Malaga, where he was also a pupil of Bernardo Ferrándiz.

After a new visit to Rome, he returned to his native city and established himself as one of the most important painters of his time.

Among his works is the decoration of the Palace of Heredia. It must also be said that some of his works are in the Museum of Fine Arts in Malaga.

The second of the famous painters of Malaga we talk about is:

Jorge Rando:

Jorge Rando is a painter and sculptor who was born in Malaga in 1941. Always linked to the neoexpressionist art movement.

He is one of the most internationally recognized Spanish artists. f In adition from the 1960s to the present day he has exhibited his work in numerous galleries and contemporary art fairs.

Among his best-known works is the Museo al Aire Libre de la Catedral de Málaga, inaugurated in 2009.

In 2014 the Jorge Rando Museum is inaugurated in Malaga, which houses the work of the artist and the headquarters of his foundation. In the Monastery of the Mothers of Mercy, in the district of Molinillo.

The third of the famous painters of Malaga we talk about is:

Félix Revello

The painter Revello de Toro was born in Malaga in 1928. Felix was a child prodigy. At the age of 10 he organised his first exhibition. He begins his studies in Madrid, and later moves to Rome.

Also he taught Fine Arts at the Lloja School in Barcelona. In 1973, Felix left teaching to devote himself full-time to painting.

His portraits of celebrities and personalities of politicians, sportsmen, and other artists stand out.

Félix Revello de Toro has been an honorary member of the San Telmo Royal Academy of Fine Arts since 1987.

In 2010, the Revello de Toro Museum was inaugurated in the centre of Malaga. It contains a collection of 132 works by the artist.

The fourth of the famous painters of Malaga we talk about is:

Emilio Ocón and Rivas:

Brother of the famous Eduardo Ocón, he was born in Malaga in 1845. He was a painter of the Malaga school of painting.

In adition he specialised in marinas and had many exhibitions in Spain and abroad.

The fifth of the famous painters of Malaga we talk about is:

José Moreno Villa:

This artist was born in Malaga in 1887. He was a Spanish draughtsman and painter. He was close to the Generation of 27.

And of course, above all the world-famous Pablo Ruiz Picasso:

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga also, on 25th October 1.881 and died in Mougins (France) on 8th April 1.973. He was a Spanish painter and sculptor who created Cubism.

First of all we must say: He is one of the greatest painters who participated in many artistic movements that spread throughout the world and exerted a great influence on other great artists of the twentieth century.

Also their works are present in museums and collections all over the world. In addition, he addressed other genres such as drawing, engraving, book illustration, sculpture, ceramics and the design of stage sets and costumes for theatrical productions.

Pablo began painting as a child. In 1889, at the age of eight, after a bullfight and under the direction of his father, he painted his first oil painting “El picador amarillo” from which he never separated.

Due to economic and social reasons he moved with his family to live in France and also  Barcelona.

In Malaga you can visit the Picasso Museum and the Picasso Birthplace Foundation, which house his works in a wide variety of styles, techniques and materials.

In addition, the Malaga International Airport bears his name. Where you can rent a car for to visit Malaga and its Museums and Galleries.


Discover the beach of Malaga and swim along!

If you have just landed in International Malaga Airport and you are so hot. Don´t worry, take your rental car. Because in five minutes from de Malaga Airport you can enjoy the beach in Malaga. Due to there are a lot of beaches in Malaga City and an excellent weather.

First of all we will review all the beaches of Malaga from the West to the East. Although all beaches are urban, however there are some close to natural areas. And others more isolated where you can practice nudism.

San Julian

The first of all is La Playa de San Julián is a beach in the city of Malaga. It is a semi-urban beach of dark sand located in the west of the city.

This beach is about 1,850 metres long and 50 metres wide on average. It is close to the Club de Golf de Málaga and the Parador Málaga Golf, and with a nudist area also.

Guadalmar Beach

Guadalmar Beach is a beach in the district of Churriana (Malaga). It is a semi-urban beach of dark sand located on the west coast of the city, between the beach of San Julián and the mouth of the river Guadalhorce.

Also this is the closest beach to Malaga Airport. Due to you can arrive in few minutes.

Guadalhorce Beach

Guadalhorce Beach is also a beach in the district of Churriana. It is a semi-urban beach on the west coast of the city, near the mouth of the river Guadalhorce. It is a beach with few people and semi-wild.

The most Famous La Misericordia Beach

The famous beach in Malaga is Playa de La Misericordia. Becuase it is an urban beach with dark sand on the west coast. It is about 1,200 metres long and about 30 metres wide on average. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city, frequented mainly by young people.

It also stands out for the old industrial chimney that presides over it and where the arrival of the Melillero Wave can be appreciated.

San Andres

San Andrés Beach is an urban beach in Malaga City with dark sand in the west as well, between the port and Huelin beach. It is famous for the painting of the execution of General Torrijos by Antonio Gisbert Pérez which is in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

The Beach next to the Harbour

Huelin Beach is an urban beach of dark sand located on the west coast of the city of Malaga. It is 700 metres long and 15 metres wide on average. This beach is a very narrow beach with a high occupancy rate. It has all kinds of services also.

Malagueta Beach and Malagueta Bullring

A very spacious urban beach next to the port of Málaga, which has traditionally been the meeting point where fishermen used to take the codend. Since 2015 this beach has a blue flag.

Specially relevant is also the bullring also called La Malagueta.

La Caleta

La Caleta Beach is a beach in the east of Malaga. Between the beach of La Malagueta and the Baños del Carmen.  It is a popular and frequented beach due to its central location in the neighborhood of the same name. It has all kinds of services.

Pedregalejo and El Palo (The Stick)

Pedregalejo Beach is a beach in the eastern district. It is protected by stone breakwaters that make up six small coves. It is a very popular beach with all kinds of services.

El Palo Beach is in the eastern district of the city. It is 1,200 metres long and 25 metres wide on average. This beach is a very frequented beach with a family atmosphere. El Palo beach has all kinds of services. In this area there are also several famous restaurants such as Tintero and Peña Barcelonista.

La Araña (The Spider)

La Araña Beach is a beach in the eastern district of the city with golden sand. It is about 400 meters long and 25 meters wide on average.


What are the children’s activities in Malaga? Find your spot!

Malaga is a modern city, full of parks and playgrounds for children. Five minutes from Malaga International Airport in your rented car. Due to there are a lot of children’s activities in Malaga.

The parks

First of all, from the wide park of the west, where we can find courts of futsal and basketball outdoors. Open to the public. Also in this park among its spectacular fountains full of ducks, fish and turtles. We find a small zoo where live a kangaroo and two ostriches.

A little further east we find the Huelín Park, where there is a large lake. And where also besides the swings for different ages, there is a big lighthouse.

Between these two parks we also find several playgrounds for children, for example in the Plaza Francisco Valverde. And the facilities where the Unicaja Basketball players are formed, where we can see all the trophies of the club.

Just walk into some children’s activities in Malaga!

Arriving in the centre of the city with the children we can take a walk along the Curas walk surrounded by vegetation brought from all over the world. With its fountains and labyrinths. Some days there are even free concerts on the stage.

In front of the promenade of the priests we can take a pleasant walk through the port until we reach Pier 1 and the promenade of La Farola. Watching the boats. There are even boats that make sightseeing tours that the little ones will love.

The beach

Of course in summer with the smallest the biggest attraction of Malaga are the beaches. Where the little ones will enjoy the water, the waves and the sand.

It must also be said that the beaches of Malaga capital are perfectly equipped with swings, goals and sports areas.

The Botanic Garden

The Jardín Botánico de la Concepción on the outskirts of Málaga is another place to visit with the little ones. Because there you will discover impressive trees from all over the world. It is like entering a magical forest full of legends.

childrens activities in Malaga

The Commercial Centers, Museums and others

We cannot forget in Malaga the great supply of commercial centers. In them you will find a wide range of activities and shops specializing in children, to celebrate parties and birthdays. Parks of balls, snacks and animation. From the Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre one minute from Malaga Airport in your rented car, to the Larios centre in the heart of the city centre.

On Sundays from 16:00 all museums in Malaga have free admission. Since it is another interesting activity that can be done with the smallest.

Also depending on the time of year, in Malaga there are different workshops and activities for children. At Christmas there is also the classic mackerel of the Three Wise Men.

In February you can enjoy the carnival in the streets and different events prepared by the City Council.

See the Easter processions.

In August the fair of Malaga, both in the fairground where they put the circus and in the center.

The Mediterranean Archaeological Park is located in the Malaga town of Rincón de la Victoria. This space reopened its doors after some time. The result is a unique enclosure on the entire Mediterranean coastline with 90,000 square meters of surface area where scientific dissemination is the main axis and in which the original geomorphological terrain and native Mediterranean vegetation have been recovered.


Traditions during New Year’s Eve in Malaga

In this post we present the traditions of New Year’s Eve in Malaga. Because Malaga is not just sun and beach. There is also a great Christmas tradition with deep-rooted customs.

If you want to know everything about Malaga, visit our blog. Because every day we bring you more information in our posts about Malaga.

We’re moving fast towards the end of the year: Hotels along the Costa del Sol have exhausted or are about to exhaust special packages with festive dinners, New Year’s Eve parties and varied activities.

Locals usually eat late and enjoy a special dinner, usually with the family. This dinner is usually similar to the one on Christmas Eve, in my case on Christmas Eve you buy food for both nights.

After dinner and the bells are celebrated with champagne the New Year before going out to the street to celebrate until dawn in bars and nightclubs, or at least this is what many do.People who are at home at midnight watch the bells on television. That night all the TV stations broadcast the bells in a special program. In addition, most of them from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, although for different reasons some channels opt for other cities.

As an alternative plan, a large number of people gather around 11pm in the most important squares, such as the Plaza de Constitución in Malaga, to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with music and concerts.In addition, the Town Hall usually distributes around 3,000 bags of grapes and cotillion bags that night.

What you need to know about New Year’s Eve in Malaga

What are the common traditional complements for this evening? Some bottles of Cava, 12 grapes, a bag of cotillion and red underwear.

A cotillion or simply cotillion bag contains adornments or costumes, or toys such as confetti, streamers, mother-of-pearl, etc.

The 12 grapes are eaten at midnight, one for each bell, to bring good luck for next year. Red underwear promises something similar in terms of love in the New Year.

And every year at this time Cheap Malaga Car Hire wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And of course continue to enjoy your travels with us.


New Year’s Eve Dinner in Malaga:Restaurant Yubá

Malaga New Year’s Eve 2019 is here and, with it, it is time to decide where we can celebrate this great event. The restaurant Yubá in the centre of Málaga wants you to spend an unforgettable night and, to do so, invites its clients to enjoy a great New Year’s Eve 2019 party.

Also, to make this evening even more special, in this gastronomic hotel have prepared a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner with cotillion and party after the chimes.

Savour New Year’s Eve 2019 at the Yubá restaurant in Malaga. Because a great New Year’s Eve party must begin with the delight of the most exclusive palates. Therefore, this restaurant offers an excellent and varied selection of dishes, within the framework of the best signature cuisine that characterizes this restaurant.

How will be the night in the restaurant Yubá

First of all say that this restaurant is on the first floor of the Hotel Premium. So the Premium Hotel will start with an elegant reception with a welcome drink. This will be followed by an exclusive dinner. Also accompanied by wine from your winery.

In addition, there will be starters such as:

  • Foie Gras Ingot
    Kikos Roof Tile
    Lacquered lamb cake
    Cassava foam
    Potage Saint Germain XXI

Main course

After these delicious starters, it’s time for the main courses. The restaurant offers the marvellous ripe veal, timbale of potatoes and glazed shallots and Perigueuxo sauce. Try the tasty wild Pargo, causa limeña and bullabesa de galeras.

And this delicious dinner will continue with the sweetest dish on the menu:

  • Drunk with caramel, toasted cream and salty peanut muslin.

Restaurant Yubá also offers a vegan option.

More party at the Hotel

Málaga Premium Hotel also offers traditional lucky grapes and a fun cotillion. Also a private DJ will enliven this incredible New Year’s party 2019 with the best music.

And every year at this time Cheap Malaga Car Hire wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And of course continue to enjoy your travels with us.


Where to take the grapes in Málaga

Taking the grapes on New Year’s Eve is a late 19th century Spanish tradition. That is why in every city there is a square (usually the Town Hall square) where people gather to drink the 12 grapes. In this post we show you where to take the grapes in Malaga.

But if you want to know everything about Malaga, visit our blog. Because every day we bring you more posts with more information.

Like every year, Malaga invites to receive the new year from the Plaza de la Constitución. This is where the traditional New Year’s Eve party is organised. In addition to celebrate the last night of 2019 the City Council will distribute almost 3,000 bags of grapes and 2,000 bags of cotillion. The party will feature live music. In addition, a multimedia show with high-powered projectors and mobiles will be launched.

Thus, on the night of 31 December, all those who wish to receive the New Year in the centre of Malaga will be able to take part in this event. From 23.00 hours they will be able to dance to the rhythm of the Orchestra. In addition, between 22.00 and 23.45 the 3,000 bags of grapes and 2,000 bags of cotillion will be distributed.

When it is 12.00 at night, the clock bells will ring indicating that the new year 2020 begins. Which is the time to eat one grape per bell.

In addition, the dance will continue until around two o’clock in the morning.

The Plaza de la Constitución a historical place

This is the old Plaza Mayor, in the heart of the historic center of the city. Which since the fifteenth century has been the public and political space of the city par excellence.

During the Nasrid period it was already a main square, it was the Plaza de las Cuatro Calles or Public Square. It was named after the Constitution in 1812, although with the passing of history it changed its name constantly:

  • Freedom
  • the Federal Republic of April 14
  • José Antonio Primo de Rivera, until democracy,
  • In 1978 it was renamed the Constitution.

In the 19th century, with the disentailment, it underwent some modifications. Several buildings were demolished and houses were built with commercial galleries such as Pasaje de Heredia and Pasaje Pipopi. In the square were once the Town Hall (until 1869), the House of the Corregidor, the prison and the Audience.


Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men Malaga 2.020

The Three Wise Men once again excite the youngest members of the family in Malaga. The procession will be made up of ten carriages, which will run through the main streets of the Historical Centre. The royal cortege will also be accompanied by:

  • parades.
    dance groups and bands

Which will encourage the large audience attending this parade. In addition, four thousand kilos of candies will be distributed.

The three big floats that will take Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will be accompanied by another seven, which will be themed. Three of them will have religious motifs and another four children’s motifs.

The nearly 300 children who will be distributed among these floats will help the Three Wise Men to distribute the gluten-free candies that will be thrown along the route.

Tour of the Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men Malaga 2.020

The Procession of the Three Wise Men of Malaga 2020 will carry out its usual route, leaving the Town Hall to end in the Plaza de la Merced.

The Three Wise Men will leave the Alcazaba at 17:00 on Sunday 5 January 2020 and will head towards the Town Hall via Travesía Pintor Nogales, with their pages and guard.

The Kings will be received by the mayor and the rest of the corporation at 17:30.

Their Majesties will also go up to the balcony of the Town Hall. Where a boy will read his letter to the Kings in representation of all the boys and girls of Malaga. He will also greet the Magi of the East.

Route of the Cavalcade:

  • Malaga City Council
    Cervantes Avenue
    General Torrijos Square
    Park Walk
    Plaza de La Marina
    Alameda Principal
    Puerta del Mar
    Arriola Square
    Santa Isabel Hallway
    Plaza de la Merced

Hours of the Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men Malaga

It will walk through the streets of Malaga from 18:00 hours on Sunday 5 January from Avenida de Cervantes, picking up Their Majesties at the door of the Town Hall.

At the end of the parade in Plaza de la Merced, the Three Wise Men and their procession will parade along Calle Alcazabilla and Calle Císter, illuminating the path with torches, for the offering to the Child Jesus on the steps of the Cathedral with a living nativity scene, a concert by the Escolanías del Orfeón Universitario and the Coro de Voces Blancas “Ad Libitum”.

In addition, at the end of December it will be possible to buy the seats for the chairs of the procession of the Kings of Malaga.


6 things you need to know about the Holy Week

For centuries it has been the most important religious and popular festival. That is why it has become one of the main tourist and cultural attractions of Andalusia. But if you want to know the most important things about Holy Week please read this post.

The first thing you have to know is What is a procession?

Because it is obvious that the highlight of Easter is the PROCESSIONS, which are held throughout the week. From Palm Sunday to the most spectacular Sunday are Holy Thursday. The most important and spectacular are those of Good Thursday and Good Friday.

But it is exactly a procession, because a procession is a religious parade in which wooden sculptures represent the most important moments of the Passion and Death of Jesus.

Who prepares the processions?

The processions are organised by the brotherhoods and brotherhoods: the brotherhoods have their origin in medieval guilds and are religious associations.

In each city or town, Holy Week has particularities that distinguish it from the rest.

What is a penitent or Nazarene?

The Nazarenes are the people of a brotherhood and are part of the procession. They also wear tunics with the distinctive of the brotherhood and cover their heads with hoods: high conical caps.

The origin of this curious garment is in the “sambenito” that the condemned by the Inquisition had to carry,

Where are the processional images placed?

The images are mounted in thrones or steps. The thrones are bigger and more spectacular. But with the same function. The steps or thrones are the platforms where the sculptures that represent the most significant moments of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus are placed.

It is worn by the costaleros who are brothers and sisters who sometimes carry their weight on their necks and other times on their shoulders. Each person bears, for several hours, about 30 or 40 kilos of weight.

Music and silence

Typical Easter music in Malaga

Although some processions are characterized by silence. All of them are accompanied at least by the drums. And in most cases the music is a very important component. The sound of trumpets and drums is one of the most characteristic of Holy Week.

Some processional marches are La Madrugá, Hossanna in Excelsis and La Saeta, a classic of Holy Week. In addition, in Andalusia the “saetas” are very popular: a brief flamenco song that is sung in step with the images, usually from a balcony. When a person begins to sing an arrow, the step stops and a moment of great emotion is produced.

Typical Easter Gastronomy

Christians have an obligation not to eat meat during Lent and Holy Week. What is called the Vigil. That is why a great variety of very appetizing recipes have been created. Some of the most characteristic are:

  •  Bacalao: it is prepared in different ways, although one of the most popular is the “Bacalao al ajo arriero”.
  • Potaje de Cuaresma” is made with cod, chickpeas and spinach.

And the typical sweets:

  • Torrijas
  • Doughnuts.
  • Pestiños.


Confraternities of Malaga that you need to know

Confraternity, as a general universal term. It designates different types of things, such as brotherhood, guild, company, union or gathering of individuals.

In the Christian sphere and more specifically in the Catholic Church, cofradía means various forms of association of the faithful, public or private, established in accordance with the canons of Title V of the Code of Canon Law.

Catholic Confraternities of Malaga

They are those that gather believers around an invocation of Christ, the Virgin or a saint, a moment of the Passion or a relic, for pious, religious or welfare purposes. In this way we could speak of sacramental, Christological, Marian, holy, soul, mixed, passionate brotherhoods, etc. But in a general way, and to the margin of what is established by Law, three types of confraternities are traditionally admitted:

Penitential, those that make the penitence station public during Holy Week. Jesús Luengo reserves the denomination of brotherhood for the penitential brotherhoods.4

Sacramentals, which cultivate, as a basic objective, devotion and adoration towards the Blessed Sacrament.

De Gloria, which is the name given, in some parts, to the brotherhoods that do not fit into either of the two previous segments; normally, they encourage the worship of some Marian invocation or of some saint.

Music in Semana Santa in Malaga

Many confraternities usually organize a procession at least once a year, either alone or gathered to other confraternities.

Something that attracts attention to visitors to see the Holy Week in Malaga is that the city is not filled seclusion. Rather, explosions of joy and even applause at the passing of the brotherhoods or the spontaneous arrows are very frequent.

During Holy Week, Malaga honours its nickname of “Cantaora” and the music is a fundamental element, creating an atmosphere that invites both recollection and joy.

In Malaga there are 41 brotherhoods that make their penitence station through the streets of Malaga. The most outstanding for their antiquity are: the Brotherhood of the Christ of Veracruz and the Archconfraternity of the Christ of the Blood, from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

On Palm Sunday the Pollinita brotherhoods stand out. And also the spectacular Brotherhood of the Christ of Hope in his Great Love.

All the brotherhoods follow a common stretch, an “official route. That begins at the Alameda Principal and continues through the Rotonda del Marqués de Larios and part of the Calle Granada.

Confraternities Malaga

Some processions also carry a musical accompaniment of music bands, cornet bands and drums. Although there are also brotherhoods, which are usually those of Good Friday, which do not have musical accompaniment.

Grouping of Confraternities of Malaga

In Malaga is the first in Spain Grouping of Confraternities of Malaga. The Agrupación de Cofradías de Málaga began in 1921 and is the coordinating body of the cofradías.

It was born with the purpose of promoting Christian piety and charity. In addition to channeling into the processions of Holy Week in Malaga. Also so that the confraternities help each other. As well as to manage the relations with the City council and other proceedings that the confraternities and brotherhoods need.


What are the Holy Week Nazarenes?

What are the Nazarenes? The Nazarenes are the brothers who accompany the thrones and steps in the processions. They usually carry candles, crosses, banners, the rule book…

Their characteristic garments are tunic, hood, and gloves, and some may wear a cape. But each brotherhood has its own rules.

What are the Nazarenes?

The Nazarenes are the brothers of a brotherhood that make the station of penance in the Spanish Holy Week with the clothes that appear in the rules of the brotherhood.

Although the most habitual thing is to use the term Nazarenes, they are also called penitents and in other places of Spain capuchones, papones, capuchos…

What Clothing and other attributes are from the Nazarenes?

Since the sixteenth century, there were courts of brothers who accompanied the processions and wore badges similar to the current ones: banners, scripts and banners.

At the waist they can wear a cincture or an esparto girdle.

Cofrade Tunic

The clothing of the body of the brothers in the penitence station is generally known as tunic but in other sides of Spain they have others names.

Cap and mask

The conical-shaped cap they wear is often called a capirote.

The first ones with conical shape that were used do not end in point but they had blunt form.

Why are they Nazarenes?

Because they are the people of Galilee where Jesus spent most of his life. That is why his nick was Jesus of Nazareth. Although Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judea, and spent a brief time of his childhood in Egypt.

At the age of 12 he settled with his family in the small town of Nazareth.

According to Christian tradition, he lived in Nazareth working in his stepfather’s carpentry until he began as an itinerant preacher at the age of thirty.

It is also necessary to differentiate when he is a Nazarene (with small letters) from El Nazareno (with capital letters). The first is the brotherhood and the second is the nickname given to the figures of Jesus who meet with the cross on their shoulders.


The day of the Cruz de Mayo in Málaga, enjoy and discover this tradition!

Although the day of the Cruz de Mayo, is not the most popular festival in the city of Malaga. Several brotherhoods have been celebrating this tradition in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Because the month of May begins with the traditional feast of the crosses. Although the Catholic Church unified the feast with the Exaltation of the Cross in the month of September.

In Andalusia, the custom of covering a cross with flowers and celebrating a festival around it is still alive.

This is why, as we have already said, it is not the most popular festival in Malaga. There are confraternities from Malaga that are no strangers to this festivity and, during this month, they will carry out several popular verbenas to commemorate the so-called Invention of the Cross.

For example, the brotherhood of the Rescue usually carries out its May Cross in Agua Street, in the Victoria district.

Also the young group of the brotherhood of Holy Tuesday is responsible for this celebration that is open to the public and that takes place in their house brotherhood.

The Brotherhood of Health, located at number 5 Trinidad Street also performs its Cruz de Mayo.

In a joint way, also the brotherhoods of Students and Sepulchre celebrate their Cruz de Mayo in Alcazabilla street from 12:00.

The brotherhoods set up for the occasion several tents in front of the doors of their brotherhood houses. There we can usually taste various dishes at popular prices made by the brothers of both corporations.  They also carry out various raffles throughout the day.


Neighbourhoods celebrating Crosses May in Malaga

Streets decorated with flowers and squares decorated with altars announce the arrival of the  Crosses of May in Malaga. Although of religious origin, this colourful festival has become a tribute to spring.

We can enjoy its aromas, tonalities and own flavors. And although Crosses of May in Malaga capital is not yet a very deep-rooted party if it is true that in some neighborhoods if there are celebrations throughout the month of May.

Because the May Crosses, depending on the neighbourhood, start on the 1st, 3rd, 5th or taking advantage of a weekend. It is a traditional festival in which the crosses are decorated with great care, with flowers, mantles and shells. The exact day varies according to the neighbourhood.

May Crosses arrive Malaga

The May Crosses were originally celebrated “a lo grande” in Granada. Although the Town Hall a few years ago had to limit the festivities that were classified as excessive.Although as we have already commented from the Airport of Malaga in rented car.

It is possible to arrive easily to Granada. Because in Granada the Day of the Cross is one of the most important festivals in the city. In addition in all the districts, squares and schools we can find crosses and verbenas.

However, it seems that this tradition is beginning to arrive in Malaga. Because last year the May Crosses in Malaga were held in the Parque del Norte with Paella. Also in La Palmilla, El Perchel and some brotherhoods and brotherhoods or in El Barrio de El Palo.

In the capital of the Costa del Sol in May you can see more than a hundred crosses adorning neighborhoods. Also houses of brotherhood and headquarters of associations. The Perchel, in the church of El Carmen. And also in El Palo, with a marked seafaring flavour, are among the most outstanding.

The Perchel

Crosses May Malaga

On May 4 and 5, the Cruz de Mayo Misionera of the Perchel. This neighborhood takes place in the Plaza de la Libertad. It is behind Mercado del Carmen. The parish of Carmen an Proclade Betica organizes this festival. The inauguration will take place on Saturday 4 May at 1.30 pm.

In addition, the benefits obtained will be for charitable causes.


Night of San Juan in Malaga

Next June 23rd hundreds of people will celebrate along the coast of Malaga the Magic Night of San Juan in Malaga. Because it is the shortest night of the year and the summer solstice. The beaches of the coast are illuminated at night with many bonfires, barbecues and other activities.

It is a night of celebration, food, drinks, music and dancing. Noche de San Juan there is only one a year.

That’s why big bonfires are lit on the beach. During the afternoon you can enjoy fried fish or a barbecue.

In Malaga, the ideal place is the Malagueta Beach. Because there are usually live music concerts. The party starts at around 21:00 hours and lasts until dawn.

Rituals and superstitions of the Night of San Juan

Its origin is pagan, because Europe was a pagan continent for a long time. The rites of that time have come to our days in the form of manifestations sometimes considered folkloric.

Due to water and fire are the key elements of this night. Some jump the embers of the bonfire while others bathe to attract good health or luck.

Fire Rituals

One of the fire rituals consists of writing down the name of a person you are in love with and throwing him to the bonfire at midnight. For that person to notice you.

There are those who write one to three wishes instead of one name.

In addition, another classic is to jump the embers that are left behind the bonfire or before the fire starts because it brings good luck.

Water Rituals

Bathing in the sea with as little clothing as possible at 12 o’clock in the morning helps fertility or getting rid of bad energies.

Another ritual is similar to that of fire and the sheet of paper, this time however instead of burning it you have to throw it to the water at 12 o’clock at night. It is expected that the sea will take what is written and give you back what you want throughout the year.


Travel from Malaga Airport to Retro Auto&Moto Malaga!

Getting to Malaga airport without a plan can be stressful. That’s why we want to offer you a chance, Retro Auto&Moto Malaga, the classic car show that takes place at the Palacio de Congresos de Málaga from 25 th January to 27th.

If you are a lover of good cars and want to return to the past for a few hours, no doubt go to Retro Auto & Motorcycle Malaga is your best choice.

The Retro Auto&Moto Málaga, Salón del Vehículo de Época will be held on 25, 26 and 27 January 2019 at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga – Fycma.

Once again this year, all lovers of classic and collection vehicles from the south of the country and especially from the Andalusian community will have an unmissable event at the Retro Auto&Moto Malaga Motor Show.

This fair will place the city as the focus of attention of automobile clubs, fans and general public throughout Andalusia and bordering regions as it remains the event of reference in the south of the country.

The organization plans to host for this year more than 150 exhibitors and completely refill the space available, as has happened in the last two editions, which even had to reject some companies that decided to come at the last minute.

The Malaga show will house its usual spaces, such as the exhibition area, with the presence of professionals in the sector who offer cars or motorcycles for sale.

Clubs, which set up stands and publicize their activities; private owners’ area, through Cover Garage, where they put their vehicles on sale; commercial area, where multiple professionals offer all kinds of parts, spare parts, spare parts, clothing, magazines, books, gifts and all kinds of merchandise related to the fair.

Retro Auto&Moto Malaga cartel


The Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga or Fycma

The Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga or Fycma is a center of conventions and fairs that we can find in Malaga capital. it is next to the Ronda Oeste of Malaga, in the Cruz district of 2 minutes by rental car from Malaga Airport.

It was inaugurated in 2003 and since then several congresses, fairs and annual events have been taking place.

The Building of the Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga

The building has an exhibition area of 17,000. It has two pavilions, two auditoriums, two conference rooms. There is also an exhibition hall, fifteen multipurpose halls and three catering areas. And parking is no problem because it has a car park for 1,200 vehicles. Its facilities can accommodate more than 20,000 visitors.

The architect

The Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga is the work of the architect Ángel Asenjo and covers some 60,000 m². It is a metallic structure with undulating and irregular shapes that give the building a dynamic appearance.


It depends on the Malaga City Council. And it gives a sensation of a modern, avant-garde and dynamic city. Likewise, the Trade Fairs and Congress Centre of Malaga has a dynamic function of the local and provincial economy.

The venue is managed by Promálaga, a municipally-owned company.

The Palace of Fairs  and Congresses in Málaga has hosted 104 fairs and around 1,000 events in six years.

In the following posts we will be developing the different events that are developed every week or month.

Don’t miss the Palace of Fairs in Malaga. And remember that in your rented car you can arrive here in less than two minutes from Malaga Airport.

Finally, we would just like to point out that the Trade Fairs and Congress Centre of Malaga has a dynamic function in the local and provincial economy. Because, on the one hand, from the point of view of business meetings for companies and professionals.

And on the other hand, the indirect income generated by this activity in sectors such as hotels, transport, restaurants, leisure and commerce.


Unicaja Malaga in Play-off

The 2019 Playoff of the Endesa League arrives. In addition Unicaja Malaga is in the Play-off for the title of champion of Spain. Eight teams fight to win the championship crown defended by Real Madrid. An intense month of June with the best of the ACB.

The teams that accompany Unicaja Malaga in Play-off

  1. Real Madrid.
  2. Baxi Manresa
  3. F.C. Barcelona Lassa
  4. Divina Youth Insurance
  5. Kirolbet Baskonia
  6. Tecnyconta Zaragoza
  7. Valencia Basket Club
  8. Unicaja of Malaga.

They are the eight best classified of the regular league ACB that will face in a play-off to win the title of champion. Which right now is the reigning champion. In addition each knockout will be the best of five games. And also will have the field factor the best classified in the regular league.

First Round

Unicaja faces Valencia Basket with the court factor in their favor, but now the overall result is 2-1 in favor of Valenca Basket Club.

Historically Unicaja Malaga in play-off

Unicaja Malaga is a team that is always in the play-offs of the ACB league. Because since the 94/95 season is a fixed in the final round of the ACB. He was also proclaimed champion in 2005/06.

So if you like good basketball you can not miss any game in the Jose Maria Martin Carpeta Pavilion.

Curiosities of Unicaja Málaga in Play-off of the ACB League

In the 2004/05 season Unicaja was the first team to overcome a series of PlayOff that was losing by 2-0, winning 2-3, in the quarterfinals round against Etosa Alicante.

In the 2007/08 season Unicaja was the first eighth classified in the regular phase of the ACB league that eliminates in the quarterfinals round of the PlayOff Regular League champion that year.


Crisis in Málaga CF, what’s going on with the team?

Faced with the crisis Malaga CF is suffering the club has made an official letter to all their fans.

Because the leaders of Malaga Football Club are aware of the high level of concern of their fans. The priority of this entity is above all to convey a message of confidence and tranquility for the 19/20 season.

The club is in a process of economic readjustment since last season after the relegation of category in the 17/18 season.

Since then, the president is working tirelessly with the Board of Directors and the direction of the Club to adapt its financial parameters to those established by the National League of Professional Football, identical challenge that was faced the previous season 18/19 in which the first team of Malaga CF competed with full normality having the limit of the highest squad in the category.

Sheik Abdullah Nasser Bin N.A. Al Thani knows the great history of this club and, therefore, along with the rest of the management team, is working hard.

Because he wants to take Malaga CF in the best possible position for the beginning of next season. We have full confidence that team and fans, together as the great ‘Malaguista Family’ that we are. We will fight to achieve successful goals in the 19/20 campaign.

The Union of the fans in times of crisis of Malaga CF

Because El malaguismo, as seen in the last official match of last season in La Rosaleda, is a movement more alive than ever. The ‘Malaguista Family’ has not stopped growing these years. They have also been among the best in the club’s history.

In full readjustment situation in the Entity, we must remain united to continue building a strong club.


Enjoy the events of September in Malaga

Summer is coming to an end, but you can still enjoy the September events in Malaga. That’s why in this post we’ll take a look at some of the September events in and around Malaga.

But if you want to know more about Malaga, visit our blog.

Larios Catwalk / Fashion Week Málaga

First of all, a new edition of Pasarela Larios, the longest haute couture catwalk in Europe, will take place on 13 and 14 September in the open air on Larios Street.

Embrujo Andalusí Carratraca

In this Festival you can get to know the Andalusian cultural legacy, by remembering the religious coexistence that existed for several centuries. It is a Medieval festival. The souk recreates a medieval market, where visitors can enjoy the activities that take place there:

  • Exhibitions
  • handicrafts
  • workshops
  • theater
  • dances
  • storyteller
  • parades.

Also Dance, Andalusian music and flamenco give a special touch to enchanting nights. Culminating when the village is illuminated with the light of 25,000 candles and torches.

Mijas Fair

In the first fortnight of September the fair is held in the white village of Mijas in honour of its patron saint. Because it is the day of the Virgen de la Peña. They also have a wide programme of cultural, sporting, musical and festive activities. The patron saint’s day is 8 September.

Tourism Day

Malaga City Council is once again organising events to commemorate World Tourism Day. This takes place every 27th of September.

This initiative, promoted by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), aims to highlight the importance of tourism and its values. The motto chosen this year by UNWTO to commemorate this special day is “Tourism and digital transformation”.

The celebrations for the World Tourism Day in Malaga will have an open day. In the caul the participating tourist establishments will offer free admission. In addition, some of them will also offer guided tours.


Audi Dealer Meeting in Marbella 2019, enjoy this amazing event!

Audi organizes in Marbella the world presentation of the E-tron. Its first one hundred percent electric vehicle, Audi Dealer Meeting  2.019.

The German brand of top-of-the-range cars organizes this event in Marbella 30 minutes from Malaga International Airport.

The Adolfo Suarez Congress Centre in Marbella (Malaga) will host the world presentation of the new electric model by the German company Audi, which will bring together almost 3,500 guests in the city. In the event Audi Dealer Meeting 2.019.

Electric cars are the future of road transport, but that future is already in Marbella (Málaga).

When does the Audi Dealer Meeting begin and finish?

From last Tuesday 21 January until next 14 February. Everyone who visits the province of Malaga can enjoy this new model of Audi presented in Marbella. The E-tron, the first one hundred percent electric vehicle from Audi.

Who personalities can you meet in the Audi Dealer Meeting 2.019?

The opening ceremony of the event was attended among other personalities: the mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz; the director of Experimental Marketing of Audi AG, Bernhard Neumann.

What does the mayoress of Marbella think about this event?

The mayoress of Marbella has said that the city is going to have a “great return”. And that it is a source of pride that Audi chooses our city for such an event (Audi Dealer Meeting 2.019). It is also expected that during these days there will be more than 20,000 overnight stays in hotels in the low season.

“It’s a great event,” said the mayor woman. Because the presentations will be 24 hours a day. Each day there will be an average of 250 guests to see the vehicle and also Marbella of more than 120 nationalities.

In addition, the general directors of the brand will visit the most emblematic places of Marbella. Both the Old Town and Puerto Banús.

Audi has also had the collaboration of the company Beon Worldwide. And they are confident that the international event will be a success. And that it generates a great economic benefit and publicizes the city of Marbella and Andalusia.

Marbella and its Palacio de Ferias y Congresos

The Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Marbella is in the heart of the Costa del Sol, 30 minutes from Malaga International Airport. Thanks to its location, it offers a facility and economy of efforts in the transfer to Hotels, Restaurants or any installation.

Marbella has always offered many possibilities at a professional, cultural and leisure level. It has a great capacity to welcome visitors from all over the world. In addition its hospitality is widely recognized. For this reason, Marbella is the ideal place to hold national and international congresses, presentations and fairs.

The Palacio de Ferias y Congresos Adolfo Suárez, as an enclosure has a modern infrastructure to accommodate all types of events.

It offers two large areas, one for exhibitions and the other for congresses in a single building. This is something that gives it a unique character and one of the best in Spain.

Do you know the Ascari Circuit in Ronda?

Also the presentation will use the Ascari Circuit, as a testing site, which is in Ronda (Malaga province also), a few miles from Marbella.

The Ascari Resort Circuit or only Ascari Circuit is an autodrome 10 km from the municipality of Ronda in the province of Malaga.

The circuit was inaugurated in 2003, and has 5425 meters for that reason it is the longest circuit of Spain.

Since 2006 has category 2 of the International Automobile Federation.

All of these hapen only 30 minutes from the International Malaga Airport.


Road Trips

5 tips to make a road trip around Spain with your rental car

Travelling in a rental car can have many advantages, we know that. But we also understand that doing a road trip around Spain without the proper advice… It could be a fiasco!

That’s why we want to help you in this post so you can prepare the perfect trip of your dreams.

You ready to go?

We’ll start with something very basic but essential, take paper and pen.

1. Choose the right car for you

Not all car journeys around Spain are the same. Perhaps you need a bigger car if you plan to surf in Tarifa, or you want something smaller and more comfortable if you want to park in the streets of Barcelona.

A sports car or a ranchera? A van or a pick-up? A sedan or a convertible? It will always depend on several factors, such as the climate of the chosen route or the number of people who make the trip.

2. Don’t forget your favorite music

Because to make a road trip without music is better to stay at home, do not forget to make your lists of songs and if you are accompanied, better to reach an agreement with other travellers to avoid a musical war in full route.

We will soon make a post about some music you would enjoy while you drive. 😉

image road trip around Spain

3. Plan a little bit of the route you’re going to take

The fun of a road trip around Spain is to get lost, but you have to keep in mind where you want to go.
In order to avoid unnecessary petrol costs that are not your own choice.

If you do not have any planned itineraries, it is very important to at least ask yourself relevant questions such as where and when I want to travel.

Consider the best time to visit a particular country. For example, if you want to visit the south of Spain in the middle of summer, we advise you not to spend too much time in the car, especially if the temperatures reach 40 degrees.

4. The more drivers, the better

Unless you’re going alone as a “lone ranger”, it’s a bad idea to have only one driver in the car. In fact, the ideal is for all travelers to drive so they can take turns and lighten the burden of driving and please be a good co-driver!

companion road trip around Spain

5. Choose travel companions you’re comfortable with

This is a very important point in a road trip, as you will spend a lot of time with the same people in the same space.

It is obvious that you have to choose companions with the same tastes and intentions and have discussed a general plan of the trip where everyone agrees.

In our experience, the best way to save money is to travel with 3 or 4 people, but to agree on 2 is sometimes too much, so it is best to agree before you start your trip!

We hope you enjoy your trip and that these tips for your road trip around Spain have been useful.
Sometimes the most obvious things are the most important, so it’s a good idea to get properly informed about the technical process your car may need.

Travel safe!

When we travel, we want to go with the people we care most about and sometimes that includes our pets as well. That’s why going on a road trip with your dog can be your best adventure.

But it’s not a trip you can make in any way, so it’s important to be well informed about what your furry friend will need. To be able to understand him, to give him what he needs and that both of you can enjoy a healthy and amusing trip.


How to find a shower on a road trip and survive? Tips & advices that you need

In your travels, hygiene is important, not so much for you but also for those who share a car with you.

That’s why controlling the places where you can have access to a shower is important, so that you can have the road trip of your dreams in the most comfortable way possible.

When you’re on the road there are some really uncontrollable aspects of showers that you have to contend with (like ambient temperature, cleanliness etc.), but there are also things you can control.

Finding a shower on a road trip, not an easy task

There will be many times you will find that the shower in front of you looks like it was taken from an apocalypse.

If it’s not a climate controlled bathroom (and it’s winter) pick the warmest part of the day, or slightly later.

Most of the time the concrete buildings retain the cold from the night, so it will warm up throughout the day and the afternoon is usually best.

Wear flip flops, piece of mind, and not having to touch the ground are solid reasons for this.

Make sure to put all dry belongings as far on the opposite side of the shower stall as possible. Even if you think it wont get wet, it somehow will.

If you actually finish showering before you run out of hot water use a small light quick-drying towel – it packs down small and dries fast under the hand dryer. If you have a nice sunny day though, definitely opt for the plush towel.

But where do you find a shower on a road trip?

Often times camp sites and RV parks are a good place to get a shower.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • Hotels (bribe the maid to let you shower before she cleans the room for new customers)
  • Recreation centres
  • Gyms (ask about a day pass)
  • Some truck stops (e.g. Flying J/Pilot in North America)
  • The local pool
  • Or you could outright beg a stranger if you’re desperate

What happens if you can’t find a shower on a road trip? We got you!

Action Wipes to the rescue. These are basically baths in a towel. They’re adult-sized (no babies here!) and work for the times you can’t find a hot bath (pretty often on the road).

They’re thick enough to be used again if you need a wipe for bike grease, they’re all-natural, and they’re vegan-friendly if you’re into that.

If you’re not the type that’s strict with ingredients and materials, baby wipes will work, too.

find a shower on a road trip

Get ready to take a quick shower when you have the chance!

You’ve got to hurry, or an angry mob of folks who really have to go will be awaiting you on the other side of the door.


Pre-moisten and pre-soap paper towels if going into a single stall. Make sure you have a few to rinse soap off. If you do it right, you won’t need any to dry. Go light on soap & water!


Body: Wash your face, then extremities, then underarms using a couple of damp paper towels and soap. Keep one dedicated paper towel soap + water combo for sensitive areas.

Shave: Slap some water and soap on the area before shaving then wipe the residue off with a moistened paper towel. Or pick up a re-chargeable electric razor and you can shave dry, too.

Hair: use the sink and your shampoo (or hand soap, if needed) to do a quick touch up around the greasiest strands (usually near the face and ears).

Still have time? Wash some underthings. That’s right — right there in the sink. Scrub some soap into them, squeeze out excess water and lay ’em across the back seat of the car where the sun will hit em.


How to sleep in a car when you are on a road trip?

This is something we all care for, when we go on a vacation like this we think “how am I going to sleep in a car when I’m doing the road trip?”.

Don’t worry, we got your back and here are some advices and tips that will be useful to you to make yourself more comfortable and get along to sleep nicely.

The best ways to sleep in a car if you are doing a road trip

We are not going to lie to you, unless you are travelling with a van that is equiped with a cool bed, this is not going to be comfortable.

But if you are seeking for something cheap and useful, here are some tips that you could use to sleep in a car.

1. Pack the necessary stuff only

You really don’t want to travel with a crowded car and also full of stuff, you will get anxious to stop somewhere so people can see what you have there and also it will be more difficult to you to lay comfy.

2. Try to bring some comfortable clothing to sleep

If you are thinking about how to sleep in a car when you are travelling, one of the most common mistakes is that we don’t think about the clothes we’ll wear, instead we make the car full of pillows and blankets.

So get some loose clothing and you would be more comfortable when you get to sleep.

Image sleep in a car

3. Think about your privacy, cover the windows a little bit

If you want to feel a bit more private when you get to sleep, it’s a good idea to cover up your windows with some towel or blanket.

We don’t recommend to cover all of them, for safety, but if you cover the part where the sunrise will come from, your waking up time won’t be so early and you could scratch a few more hours of sleep.

4. Choose the better position to fall asleep

Here we don’t have the right answer, not everybody sleeps the same way, right? But we can tell you that is necessary that you think about the day after when you need to drive.

Why we tell you this? Because the body position won’t be the natural one as you sleep, so try to get comfy and choose the most healthy position possible.


5. Find a safe location to park your car

It’s really important that you find the safest spot to park your car, where oyou can have privacy but at the same time also safety.

One of the things you may check if it’s possible for you to park there and sleep, at some places you can have a ticket if you are parked there to sleep.

So our advice will be to search a place to rest, usually trucks will be parked there too, and also you can try a parking lot of a big company or supermarket.

It will be a safe place cause usually has cameras there.

6. Open a little bit your windows so you have ventilation

It’s important to keep the air circulating, even tho is safe to have everything close, we would advice you to have a little scratch open to breathe better and get ventilation whil you sleep in a car.

7. Strech after sleeping in your car the whole night

Because your position won’t be the most comfortable one, get yourself up in the morning and strech a little bit so you don’t get sore.

There is plenty of things that we could keep going on to tell you what is best for you when you decide to sleep in a car, but this are the most important ones.


Going in a road trip with your dog, the biggest adventure awaits!

These are some tips you need to know before going in a road trip with your dog

Take note of them and use them in your next road trips.

1. Checkout websites where you can get to know dog friendly places

Get started by making sure you plan to visit dog friendly locations. Both websites, like Bring Fido or,  are great tools for finding dog friendly hotels, restaurants, stores, and rest-stops.

2. Don’t forget to pack the essentials

  • Water Bowl
  • Your dogs regular food
  • Medications
  • Poop Bags
  • Updated tags, a collar, and a leash
  • Medical records and vaccination certificates (especially rabies)
  • Grooming supplies and a towel
  • A kennel
  • Dog bed and/or blankets
  • Favorite toys

3. Bring a recent photo of your dog

A recent picture of your dog will be helpful if your dog suddenly goes missing.

foto going in a road trip with your dog

4. Buy or make a dog first-aid kit

Keep a doggie first aid kit in your vehicle. Want to make your own?

Keep a first-aid kit close at hand. A well-stocked kit includes:

  • Gauze
  • Vet wraps that cling to legs and paws but not fur
  • Nonadhesive sterile pads
  • A leash and muzzle
  • A towel
  • A compact thermal blanket or “space” blanket
  • Syptic powder or cornstarch to help staunch bleeding
  • Three-percent hydrogen peroxide for cleansing wounds
  • An expired library card — perfect for scraping stingers from the skin
  • A pen light
  • Tweezers
  • A good first-aid book for pets
  • A list of emergency numbers including your vet

5. Make sure your dog is microchipped before you leave town

A microchip provides an extra level of security, especially if your dog’s collar slips off.

6. Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination record

If you are on your road trip and your dog either gets sick or needs to be boarded for a day, you will need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records.

Usually a copy on your phone will suffice, but you can also keep a copy in your glove box for safe keeping.

going in a road trip with your dog

7. Stay organized with a doggie car organizer

Convert a toiletry bag into an over the seat car organizer and keep all your dog’s stuff in one place. It will make your life easier and help speed up rest stops.

8. Take a few short test drives before the trip

See how your dog reacts to riding in the car with a couple short drives before the trip.

9. Give them their own dedicated comfortable space in the car

Don’t pack your car to the brim to the point where you dog has to squeeze between luggage with barely enough room to lay down.

Compare that to the middle seat on a 10 hour, oversold flight. No one wants that, and your dog doesn’t either. The more room and dedicated space they have, the better behaved they’ll be.

10. Don’t ignore their bathroom needs on long drives

If you have to pee, your dog does too. Even if you are in a hurry to get to your destination, you need to take the few extra minutes whenever you stop to let your dog out to do their business.

We hope you have an amazing trip with your doggy!

If you are going in a road trip with your dog, we hope this amazing tips will help you out to enjoy your trip together. Take care of your furry bestfriend and enjoy the ride!


What should I do if I have a breakdown with the rental car?

When you are on holiday and start a road trip with your friends or family, or even alone, you may find that all of a sudden you have a breakdown with the rental car.

That’s why we’ve prepared this post so that you can act accordingly and solve this uncomfortable moment.

Let’s go there and hope it helps you.

1. Breakdowns on the road

If the breakdown occurs while driving, first of all it is essential to remain calm in order to act diligently and with maximum safety, both for the members of our vehicle and for other road users.

It is obligatory and necessary to correctly signal that the vehicle is stopped due to a breakdown.

  • If you have had a breakdown in the middle of the road and it is possible, move the car to a safe area.
  • Put on your vest before leaving the car, leave the lights on and activate the emergency lights.
  • You must put the emergency triangles, as appropriate for the road in which the vehicle is stopped. If it is a two-way road, place two triangles: one in front and one behind, at least 50 metres from the car and so that each one is visible from at least 100 metres away.
  • If the breakdown occurs on a motorway or dual carriageway, you should only put a triangle at the rear of the car, at least 50 metres away and visible from 100 metres.

road accident

2. Road accidents

If you encounter an accident on the road, it is important to act as follows:

  • Park the vehicle off the road, turning on the indicators to show our position. Before getting out of the car, put on the reflective vest to increase visibility, and then place the triangles on the roadway.
  • As soon as possible contact 112 to report what has happened. It is necessary to collect a series of data before making the call: number of people involved, type of assistance they might need at the beginning and exact location.
  • Finally, it provides assistance to the victims. This obligation is enshrined in the penal code. In order to help them, it is necessary to bear in mind that they must not move unless it is indispensable.
  • Once the emergency services appear, and a statement has been given if required, it circulates again so as not to interfere with traffic or hinder assistance.

animals crossings breakdown with your car rental

3. Animals crossing the roadway

Anticipation is a key factor and it is, therefore, essential to look far ahead. In this way, the danger will be detected beforehand and you will have more time to carry out reaction manoeuvres.

  • Avoid honking the horn of an animal in the middle of the road, as it could become frightened and react unexpectedly.
  • If it is a heavy animal that is preventing you from continuing your journey, call the emergency services.
  • Pass slowly by his side. Keep in mind that animals outside your environment are disoriented.
  • If you are driving and detect an animal crossing the roadway, do not let your guard down as they are often not alone and more members of the herd may appear next.
  • Animals are also dazzled by the high beam, so remember to switch to the low beam when you meet one at night.
  • If you don’t have time to react and if the crash is unavoidable, press the brake and clutch pedal and hold the steering wheel tightly. If the manoeuvre is not safe, don’t try to avoid it.

This is what you need to know to be able to act in case of breakdown with the rental car. We hope that it has served you and that you can enjoy your holidays… Without the need to use these tips!


Renting Car with Winter Tyres

If you have just arrived at Malaga airport and want to look for a cheap rental car, read this post carefully. But you must think in you security, due we offer you a cheap renting car with winter tyres.

Please read this post about security in winter with renting car with winter tyres:

Renting Car with Winter Tyres:

Winter tyres are tyres specially designed for frequent use in regions with low temperatures (below 7 °C), or in the presence of ice or snow.

They make it possible to dispense with chains when driving on snow, being useful also on ice, increasing safety and the life of the deck.

And necessary if you want to go skiing in the Sierra Nevada for example. The southernmost ski resort in Europe in the province of Granada. Just over an hour’s drive from the Costa del Sol (Malaga) or the Costa Tropical (Granada).

The use of winter tyres or snow tyres is compulsory in the countries of northern and central Europe. Also some regions of the United States, Canada or Russia.

Not in Spain, but their use will always be safer than normal tyres.

That’s why in Cheap Malaga Car Hire we have renting cars with winter tyred. For your safety and peace of mind rent a car with winter tyred.

Differences between tyres

Compared to conventional tyres, winter tires are specially designed to ride in conditions of extreme hardness and low temperatures.

For this reason, they present differences mainly in the tread, incorporating a greater number of edges, and also self-locking sipes. All this increases adhesion in extreme conditions.

Also the rubber compounds used in their manufacture are different. And of greater adherence with respect to the summer tire or conventional because these lose effectiveness at temperatures of less than 7 ° C.

Since the main objective is to ensure adhesion on complicated surfaces. These wheels have more depth in the pattern, more or less two millimeters more.

And so What winter tyres on the Costa del Sol

First of all because these tyres at this time of year are always safer. And secondly because if you want to enjoy one of nature’s greatest shows. We recommend that you visit Sierra Nevada in the province of Granada.

A little more than an hour by car you can enjoy this Natural Park.

Sierra Nevada is a mountainous massif belonging to the set of the Cordilleras Béticas, specifically the Penibetic System in Granada.

Since 1986, Sierra Nevada has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

In addition, three years later the Parliament of Andalusia created the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, due to the singularities of flora, fauna, geomorphology and landscape.

It was also declared a National Park on 3 January 1999.

In Sierra Nevada, in addition to skiing in the southernmost ski resort in Europe. It is possible to practice mountaineering, excursions, climbing, cycling. The Vuleta to Spain usually passes through here almost every year being one of the most spectacular stages.

Because of its location and its specific climate, you can find a diversity of ecosystems, with an autochthonous flora and fauna unique in the world.

And all this is just over an hour away in your rented car from Malaga Airport. And only 40 minutes from the Costa Tropical of Granada.

At Easter you can go skiing in the morning, have lunch next to the Alhambra and have a cup of coffee while bathing in the Mediterranean sea.


What kind of tourist in Malaga Airport can you find?

Málaga Airport, officially Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport, is eight kilometres from the city centre. And most traveller of Malaga Airport are tourists who come to enjoy the Costa del Sol.

In addition, there are different businesses for the tourist in the Malaga Airport, such as restaurants, car rentals, tourist offices, etc.

In Spain is the fourth in terms of volume of traffic between airports in Spain.

More than sixty airlines operate at the airport. It has daily links with twenty Spanish cities and more than one hundred cities in Europe.

Mainly with the United Kingdom and the European Union. But also the main cities of Eastern Europe: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Budapest, Sofia, Warsaw, Riga or Bucharest.

In North Africa, Middle East: Riyadh, Yida and Kuwait City.

And also in North America: New York, Toronto and Montreal.

Terminal 1

It has 3 terminals, plus a cargo terminal. The first of them all is Terminal T1. It was the terminal that received the majority of tourists who made up the great expansion of the Costa del Sol in the 60s and 70s.

Terminals 2 and 3

The inauguration of terminals T2 (Pablo Ruiz Picasso) and T3 left T1 almost closed.

tourist Malaga Airport

A little history of tourist in Malaga Airport:

Of the three that participated in the first air route (Toulouse-Barcelona-Alicante-Málaga-Casablanca), established in Spain in 1919 by the French company Lignes Aeriennes Latécoère. Today it is the only one that continues for what is the oldest of the Spanish airports.

In 1936, due to the Spanish Civil War, the airport became an Air Base.

In February 1937 the Specialist School of the Air Force was created in order to train specialists.

Two years later, in 1939, the School of Observers was created, which would be in operation until 1957.

On July 12, 1946 the civil operators return to the air base.

On October 20, 1959, a twin-engine Scandinavian airplane landed. To inaugurate the international runway in renewal of the existing national ground.

In 1960 a deep modernization of the facilities begins. The airport runway was widened and a taxiway was built parallel to the main one.

In 1968 a new terminal was opened. And in 1972 another terminal was opened.

Since 2011 its official name is Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

In 2018 it reached 19,021,704 passengers. Malaga Airport is the great gateway for tourists. For the Costa del Sol but for all Andalusia.

Destination Tourist from Malaga Airport

And from here you can rent a car with which you can reach the city center in 5 minutes.

In addition in the rented car you can reach the following cities, both the Costa del Sol and the rest of Andalusia:

From Malaga airport tourists, due to its location, can easily reach the vast majority of coastal destinations in the province.

Using public transport the farthest destination from the airport, Estepona, is only one hour away. Other destinations such as Marbella and Benalmádena are just over half an hour away.

Municipalities such as Coin or Alhaurin de la Torre are less than half an hour away from the airport, while arriving in Ronda takes an hour and a half.

But those times can be reduced by renting your own car at Malaga Airport.

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