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Enjoy the events of September in Malaga

Summer is coming to an end, but you can still enjoy the September events in Malaga. That’s why in this post we’ll take a look at some of the September events in and around Malaga.

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Enjoy the September events in and around Malaga

Larios Catwalk / Fashion Week Málaga

First of all, a new edition of Pasarela Larios, the longest haute couture catwalk in Europe, will take place on 13 and 14 September in the open air on Larios Street.

Embrujo Andalusí Carratraca

In this Festival you can get to know the Andalusian cultural legacy, by remembering the religious coexistence that existed for several centuries. It is a Medieval festival. The souk recreates a medieval market, where visitors can enjoy the activities that take place there:

  • Exhibitions
  • handicrafts
  • workshops
  • theater
  • dances
  • storyteller
  • parades.

Also Dance, Andalusian music and flamenco give a special touch to enchanting nights. Culminating when the village is illuminated with the light of 25,000 candles and torches.

Mijas Fair

In the first fortnight of September the fair is held in the white village of Mijas in honour of its patron saint. Because it is the day of the Virgen de la Peña. They also have a wide programme of cultural, sporting, musical and festive activities. The patron saint’s day is 8 September.

Tourism Day

Malaga City Council is once again organising events to commemorate World Tourism Day. This takes place every 27th of September.

This initiative, promoted by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), aims to highlight the importance of tourism and its values. The motto chosen this year by UNWTO to commemorate this special day is “Tourism and digital transformation”.

The celebrations for the World Tourism Day in Malaga will have an open day. In the caul the participating tourist establishments will offer free admission. In addition, some of them will also offer guided tours.

How to arrive to Malaga

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Enjoy the best discotheques in Malaga and dance along!

If you want to enjoy the night in Malaga, in this post we bring you the best discotheques in Malaga. Because we want you to enjoy the best nightclubs in Malaga, every night you go out on holiday in Malaga.

But if you still want to know more about Malaga, visit our blog. Because every day we bring you more information about Malaga.

Enjoy the best discotheques in Malaga

Disco Andén:

With two large independent and modular rooms, also with four bars, and also 6 reserved, lighting systems. And also thirteen screens, two cloakrooms and an unbeatable location next to a taxi rank. The Discoteca Andén offers a unique enclave for any type of party or event.

Bamboo Room

A new sensation in the heart of Malaga!

Let yourself be enveloped by its careful decoration and enjoy the best music from the hands of the best local DJs.

Share your nights with whoever you want the most, but above all share them with Bamboo.

Enjoy in this discotheque in Malaga:

  • VIP area
  • Bottles for you and your friends
  • Cachimba
  • and all the possible combinations you can think of…

That’s Bamboo nights… be welcome… “Where the party and your weekend start.”

Theatro Club

Theatro Club Málaga”, is presented as a commitment to the Future, in the field of promotion and dissemination of Culture, Leisure and Entertainment. Also in the Historic Centre of Malaga…

A space open to Culture and the development of the performing arts, encouraging, encouraging and supporting both emerging and established artists from Malaga…

Tennessee Club

Every weekend live music makes its way into the Tennessee Live Club.

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Swing

Which are the styles that best fit in this room. In addition always accompanied by the versions of current songs and always.

Mirror Room

Sala Mirror is the most recommended alternative to enjoy Malaga nights. Because it is a different place where the most interesting people of the city gather to dance. And all this to the rhythm of the best music, toast with delicious drinks and marvel at the spectacular decoration that offers MIRROR.

Also in the best area, in the very historic center of Malaga.

How to arrive to Malaga

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Discover the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers 

In this post you will discover the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers. Because flamenco is a very important part of Andalusian culture. And some of its best singers and dancers are authentic famous figures. That’s why in this post we bring you some of the most important ones.

But if you want to know more about Malaga and flamenco don’t forget to visit our blog.

You can discover here the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers

La Repompa de Malaga

La Repompa de Málaga is the artistic nickname of Enriqueta de la Santísima Trinidad de los Reyes Porras, who was born in Málaga, 15 August 1937. He also died in Malaga on May 6, 1959. She was also the aunt of another very famous flamenco singer, Antonio Carmona “Ketama”.

She started singing as a child, when she ran away from home to sing in the bars of Málaga. Because she was trying to earn some money.

La Repompa had what can be called a state funeral. Because the funeral cortege left the Perchel, crossed La Alameda, all Larios street, something that has never happened, and rocked the coffin at the door of El Pimpi.  She also climbed Victoria Street to be buried in the San Miguel cemetery. Eighteen days after her death, Alberty, a well-known character of the time, organized a great tribute in her memory”.

Today, his sister Rafaela Reyes and his niece Amparo Heredia continue to sing flamenco like Enriqueta did. This part of the family spent some time in the United States, although they now live between Malaga and Granada.

José Losada “Carrete”

José Losada Santiago (born in 1941 in Antequera) is a flamenco dancer. Also known by the nickname of the gypsy Fred Astaire for his peculiar way of taconear and for a childish anecdote.

Rocío Molina

She was called the “child prodigy” of flamenco when she was only seven years old, when she began to draw her first choreographies. Almost two decades later she was awarded the National Dance Prize at the age of 26.

Although at that age she was already internationally famous, especially in Paris, where she is an associate artist. La malagueña continues her tour with Caída del cielo, her latest show with which she has already filmed in several countries. He also aspires to Max Awards (he already won one in 2015 for Bosque Ardora).

Paula Carmona

She’s 12 years old but she’s famous and she has a name for herself on the flamenco circuit. Small and shy, on stage she transforms into a dancer with a claw.

The future of flamenco has a long life.

How to arrive to Malaga

If you simply need a ride from the airport to your destinationan you don´t want to worry about your rental car, Cheap Malaga Airport Transfercan offer you that service. Contact their services through the website or by calling them on +34 678529572 or +44(0)1216631130.

Typical Malaga drinks to enjoy with your friends!

In this post we will see some of the most typical drinks that were born in Malaga. Because Malaga is one of the provinces that has contributed the most to the heritage of wines and liqueurs in Europe. In addition, Malaga has one of the historic designations of origin of Spain, because it is only surpassed in antiquity by that of Jerez.

History of Malaga wines, the most typical Malaga drinks

But then we’ll develop the rest of the drinks. It is important to start with the history of wines. Although we have already dedicated a post to Malaga wines.

We should look for precedents in the history of Malaga wine in the Phoenician and Greek settlers. The Romans also stressed the importance of ‘vinum malacita’.

From those origins, the witness takes what was the ‘xarab al malaquí’ (malagueño syrup) in the ancient Al-Andalus.

Not even phylloxera managed to diminish the prestige and quality of Malaga wines, protected today with a historical designation of origin. A distinction must be made between still and liqueur wines.

Today, Malaga wine is still a great ambassador for the province.

More typical Malaga drinks

The ojén

Precisely, thanks to the winemaking tradition of the province, this drink was born in the 19th century. Which is a brandy that took the name of the town where it began to develop.

But perhaps what catapulted this drink to the category of myth was its enigmatic disappearance. Despite its fame and international success.

But nobody knows why it stopped to make in 1919. Because its master formula ceased with the premature death of one of the heirs of the family behind this drink. Which would take the recipe to the grave without having transmitted it to anyone.

Today, a century after its first genuine version was discontinued, this legendary drink is still very much present. Because in recent years two business initiatives have emerged that do not want to imitate it, but pay a warm and endearing tribute.

Kina San Clemente

The Kina San Clemente, which still makes today in the prestigious Málaga Virgen wineries.

This drink, which became famous with the slogan ‘naturally, Kina San Clemente’, had great media repercussion.

The world of collecting has not been foreign to the myth of the Kina San Clemente. In addition its bottles are object of collection.

The Katana

The Katana, which today is exhibiting at the Museum of the Memory of Life, in Campillos. It was the company known as Casa Navas, which launched its own soft drinks.

Although it ceased to manufacture because it ceased to be profitable for the owner company, this drink is considered one of the most important milestones in the history of Campillos.

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The Malaga Fair, discover the tradition of this city!

The Malaga Fair on August discover the tradition of this city, in our blog. Because in this post we wil show you all the secrets of the Malaga Fair.


The Malaga Fair has its origin in the commemoration of the incorporation of Malaga to the Crown of Castile by the Catholic Monarchs. They arrived in the city on August 19, 1487.

In 1491, coinciding with the liturgical celebrations of the Cathedral Chapter, the Municipal Chapter established the beginning of the popular festivities.

From 1887 when, in the commemoration of the IV Centenary of the entrance of the Catholic Monarchs in Malaga, they reappear in all their splendour.

Malaga’s August Fair has come to our days as the Great Summer Festival. In addition with an open, cosmopolitan and international sense.

The two Malaga Fairs

One of the peculiarities of the Malaga Fair is the division of the celebration areas. Because although the fairground is in the Cortijo de Torres, the historic centre of Malaga has its own “Feria de día” (Day Fair).

Therefore it said that in Malaga there are two fairs, the “Feria de día”, in the centre of the city. And the “Night Fair” in the Cortijo de Torres. Although in the fairground the festive activity is maintained throughout the day.

During the day, the city centre is a hive of people. Because in August there are hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the world on the Costa del Sol. The streets of the historic centre are decorated with lanterns and floral decorations.

There are also booths, shows for children and adults, dances, parades, horse shows… Likewise, flamenco and copla are present throughout the fair, as it should not be forgotten that Malaga and its province is a geographical area of flamenco singing. In addition to traditional music, you can listen to different musical styles for any taste.

At night the party is concentrated in the Real del Cortijo de Torres. Because there are the booths, fairground stands and mechanical attractions for the fun of all audiences.

Bulls at the Malaga Fair

The main bullfighters of the national festival meet in the Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta. This becomes every afternoon during the August Fair an unavoidable summons for lovers of bullfighting.

How to arrive to Malaga Fair

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What is the Costa del Sol?

In this post we present you Costa del Sol. But what is the Costa del Sol? The Costa del Sol is the southern coastal region of the province of Malaga. To the south of the Iberian Peninsula. The Costa del Sol is one of the most important tourist area in Spain. Because it hosts more than 17 million hotel overnight stays per year, according to data from 2009.

In addition, the Costa del Sol enjoys a very good climate. Because the average annual temperature is 19 °C. And also with more than 300 days of sunshine.

The international tourism boom began in the 1950s. Since then it has been a preferred destination for foreigners, mainly British, Germans, Scandinavians and French. That is why there has been a strong economic and demographic growth in this geographical area.

Today the region is a gigantic conurbation with more than 1,364,837 inhabitants.

One of the most important factors for this growth has been the Malaga International Airport. It receives almost all visitors and tourists. Also in Malaga Airport you can rent your car from our website to know the entire Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol is also The Costa del Golf


This region is also known as the Costa del Golf. Because it has the highest concentration of golf courses on the European continent. With 21 in the municipality of Marbella, 11 in Mijas, 10 in Estepona, 6 in Benahavís, 9 in San Roque, 3 in Málaga, 2 in Casares, Rincón de la Victoria and Benalmádena and 1 in Vélez-Málaga, Fuengirola, Nerja, Manilva.

To these are added those existing in inland towns such as Alhaurín el Grande, Alhaurín de la Torre and Antequera.

In addition to other attractions there are: Zoos, marinas, theaters of the first level, natural parks, conference centers …

Some of its symbols:

  • Espeto de Sardinas (Sardine Mirror)
  • Fried anchovies
  • Biznaga
  • The Cenachero

Weather in Costa del Sol

First of all the climate is Mediterranean. The summer is hot and dry and the winter is mild and humid. Rain falls mainly between November and May. Drought is present from June to September. Summer temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C and in winter from 5°C to 17°C. The west wind blows from the Atlantic Ocean across the Strait of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea.

Cities and Towns:

  • Nerja
  • Torrox
  • Carob
  • Vélez Málaga and Torre del Mar
  • Victory Corner
  • Malaga
  • Torremolinos
  • Benalmadena
  • Mijas
  • Fuengirola
  • Marbella
  • Benahavis
  • Estepona
  • Manilva
  • San Roque
  • La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz)

Finally don’t forget that a good car waiting for you when you arrive at the airport is essential to cover the entire cost line. And as we have already said you can rent your car at the airport on our website.

Antonio Banderas in Malaga

There are many Hollywood star actors and actresses related to Malaga. Since the 50’s when Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, etc… were summering in Torremolinos. But the most famous star of Hollywood in Malaga is Antonio Banderas, who is from Malaga.

But if there is one Hollywood star from Malaga it is Antonio Banderas. Because Antonio Banderas is a Hollywood Star of Malaga. Because Antonio Banderas was born and grew up in Malaga to be a Hollywood star.

Antonio Banderas in Malaga

The son of a teacher and a policeman. Antonio Banderas showed from a young age a clear inclination for dramatic art. A discipline he studied in Malaga. He worked in the theatre before leaving for Madrid.

In addition, once in Madrid he simultaneously worked in theatre with television. That’s why the film industry looked to him. His interventions in the works Historia de los Tarantos and La hija del aire are the most remarkable. In addition to his participation in the mid-eighties in the editing of Edward II of England.

Antonio Banderas took his first steps in cinema with Pedro Almodóvar. Without a doubt, Antonio Banderas’ relationship with Almodóvar was fundamental in his career.

In addition to his work with Almodóvar, Banderas participated in other films that allowed him to learn the trade well and consolidated him in the Spanish artistic panorama.

His popularity and self-confidence led him to try to establish himself in the United States.

Hollywood star from Malaga

At the age of thirty, Antonio Banderas gradually made his way into the complex web of American cinema.

However, Banderas’ trajectory has been irregular in Hollywood. Of his filmography, Philadelphia (1993) stands out above all. And The Mask of the Fox (1998). Banderas also participated in productions that did not achieve the results expected of them, such as Two Much (1995) or The Body (2001).

His physical appearance and his accent kept him pigeonholed in a very characteristic type of role: Latin, seductive and mysterious. An example was his performance in Robert Rodríguez’s Desperado (1995), in which all the aforementioned aspects come together, which he assumed without complaining, trying to hide some technical shortcomings in his personal sympathy.

Banderas is the most internationally renowned Spanish actor. He is a regular at festivals and award ceremonies, including the Oscars.

His personality has even become a point of reference for many people. As evidenced by the fact that his image is also used by different advertising brands.

His undeniable capacity for work and his desire to explore the different facets of his profession led him to direct Locos in Alabama (1999).

He has also participated in the production, with his company Green Moon, of other films such as The Body. In 2003 he debuted on Broadway stages as the protagonist of the musical Nine. Which based on the film Ocho y medio, by Federico Fellini.

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Unicaja Malaga in Play-off

The 2019 Playoff of the Endesa League arrives. In addition Unicaja Malaga is in the Play-off for the title of champion of Spain. Eight teams fight to win the championship crown defended by Real Madrid. An intense month of June with the best of the ACB.

The teams that accompany Unicaja Malaga in Play-off

  1. Real Madrid.
  2. Baxi Manresa
  3. F.C. Barcelona Lassa
  4. Divina Youth Insurance
  5. Kirolbet Baskonia
  6. Tecnyconta Zaragoza
  7. Valencia Basket Club
  8. Unicaja of Malaga.

They are the eight best classified of the regular league ACB that will face in a play-off to win the title of champion. Which right now is the reigning champion. In addition each knockout will be the best of five games. And also will have the field factor the best classified in the regular league.

First Round

Unicaja faces Valencia Basket with the court factor in their favor, but now the overall result is 2-1 in favor of Valenca Basket Club.

Historically Unicaja Malaga in play-off

Unicaja Malaga is a team that is always in the play-offs of the ACB league. Because since the 94/95 season is a fixed in the final round of the ACB. He was also proclaimed champion in 2005/06.

So if you like good basketball you can not miss any game in the Jose Maria Martin Carpeta Pavilion.

Curiosities of Unicaja Málaga in Play-off of the ACB League

In the 2004/05 season Unicaja was the first team to overcome a series of PlayOff that was losing by 2-0, winning 2-3, in the quarterfinals round against Etosa Alicante.

In the 2007/08 season Unicaja was the first eighth classified in the regular phase of the ACB league that eliminates in the quarterfinals round of the PlayOff Regular League champion that year.

And you can enjoy the best basketball in the best league in Europe just 5 minutes from Malaga Airport in your rented car.

Concerts in Malaga to enjoy your time while listening

Summer is approaching and with it concerts, festivals and open-air music. And in Malaga five minutes from Malaga Airport in your rented car you can enjoy many concerts in Malaga.

Malaga lives the music with intensity for each of its streets, so there are large concert halls and large venues equipped for it as the Municipal Auditorium of Malaga, the Palacio de Deportes José María Martín Carpena or the Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta, but also small premises and rooms where they also play live music in Malaga as Paris 15, La Cochera Cabaret or Sala Trinchera.

In Malaga you can find pop, rock, indie, alternative, electronic, flamenco, jazz… so you will have no problem finding the style of music you like best and being able to see your favourite artist live.

In addition, Malaga has numerous festivals such as the Ojeando Festival, the Weekend Beach Festival or the Chanquete World Music. Because you like music in this post we present some of the most outstanding concerts in Malaga this summer:

List of the most outstanding Concerts in Malaga:

  • Viva La Fiesta concert in Malaga, 15/06/2019 at 20:00 in Cortijo de Torres Municipal Auditorium.
  • Niña Pastori “Bajo tus Alas” in Málaga on 12 July, at 22:30 in Cortijo de Torres Municipal Auditorium.
  • Vanesa Martín in Málaga, on 20/07/2019 at 22:30 in Cortijo de Torres Municipal Auditorium.
  • Hombres G on August 2, at 22:30 in Cortijo de Torres Municipal Auditorium.
  • Mónica Naranjo in Málaga, on 19/10/2019 at 20:00 in Palacio de los Deportes de Málaga.

All these and many more concerts in Malaga. Here we bring you only the most outstanding. And remember that you can get to Malaga by renting a car at Malaga International Airport. And to be in your favorite concert in Malaga in less than 5 minutes.

Finally only we must say, please don’t miss them.

Malaga Water Parks that you want to go and have fun!

Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol, Golf and the beach. In addition, thanks to its extraordinary climate, you can enjoy aquatic activities from the end of May to October. That’s why in this post we show you Malaga Water Parks.

Remember that in your rented car at the airport you can get to any part of Malaga in a few minutes.

Malaga Water Parks

Aquavelis, Malaga water parks in Torre Del Mar

Axarquía-Costa del Sol Water Park offers fun for everyone. With a great variety of attractions such as the Kamikaze with its 80 meters of descent at full speed. The most spectacular soft slopes of the Costa del Sol or our magnificent Virtual Reality Arcade VRFun.

In addition the VRFUN is a virtual reality arcade located at AQUAVELIS where you will travel to a new world in every experience you try, the possibilities are endless.

Other services of this Malaga Water Parks:

Around our large green areas we offer services such as hammock rental, changing rooms with shower and locker rental.

There is a large parking area exclusively for our customers.


This is the largest water park on the Costa del Sol and offers more than 30 slides. It also has an area of 70,000 m2. Where also the most daring can try the highest slide in Europe, the Kamikaze and many more attractions.


This park is not too big or too small, is a place where everything is at hand, the attractions are varied and the minimum height to climb them is 1.15 cm.

They have 11 different attractions. The attractions are as follows:

  • River Adventure
  • Soft slopes
  • Labyrinth of Slides
  • Rio Bravo
  • Kamikaze
  • Wave Pool
  • Children’s Swimming Pool
  • Lagartos Island
  • Blue Lake
  • Jacuzzi
  • Diverdragon

For all of them there are also special rates and bonuses to go several times during the summer. So don’t think twice and come and enjoy the water parks near Malaga in your rented car from Malaga Airport.

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