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<p>Being on the road with a rental car can sometimes be more complicated than you might think, so having the right advice for your road trip is essential. We will give you tips, recommendations, useful links and much more.</p>

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How to go from Malaga to Frigiliana

Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia and Spain. And this in the province of Malaga in the easternmost area about 4 km from the coast of Nerja. But How to go from Malaga to Frigiliana.

To go to Frigiliana, if you don’t want to be waiting for the bus. That although it is an option, it is not recommended at all, as you will have to adjust to your schedule and make transfer.

That’s why it’s best to rent a car. As you get off the plane your rented car may be waiting for you in the hall of the airport.

With your rented car you can reach Frigiliana in a few minutes. You must leave the airport in the direction of Almeria, you will surround the impressive city of Malaga.

This is the capital of the Costa del Sol. And once you have taken the A7 motorway towards Almeria you will begin to feel the warmth of the Costa del Sol.

How to go from Málaga Frigiliana on the A7

The A7 motorway is one of the longest in Europe, starting in Gibraltar and reaching the Pyrenees along the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

But you don’t have to travel the entire A7 to get to Frigiliana just a few kilometres with magnificent scenery.

On the right you will always be accompanied by the Mediterranean Sea and on the left you will have breathtaking views of the mountains, even up to the Sierra Nevada.

You will pass Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar, then Torrox. It also has the best climate in Europe and the largest colony of German citizens in Andalusia. And at the Nerja exit you have to turn left to reach Firgiliana in a few minutes.

How to go from Malaga to Frigiliana by more picturesque places

Another possibility is to take the old road, the national road 323. It is not as comfortable as the motorway, but it is much more authentic and through it you can cross all the small fishing villages. And also stop at each viewpoint to observe the magnificent cliffs.

Also between cliff and cliff there are small coves. These are small paradisiacal areas in the Parque Natural de Mayo Cerro Gordo.

And remember that you can enjoy all this from Malaga Airport in your rented car. You can make your reservation directly on our website.

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Going in a road trip with your dog, the biggest adventure awaits!

When we travel, we want to go with the people we care most about and sometimes that includes our pets as well. That’s why going on a road trip with your dog can be your best adventure.

But it’s not a trip you can make in any way, so it’s important to be well informed about what your furry friend will need. To be able to understand him, to give him what he needs and that both of you can enjoy a healthy and amusing trip.

The 10 tips that you need before going in a road trip with your dog

Here are the 10 tips that will best serve you when you travel with your dog. Take note of them and use them in your next road trips.

1. Checkout websites where you can get to know dog friendly places

Get started by making sure you plan to visit dog friendly locations. Both websites, like Bring Fido or,  are great tools for finding dog friendly hotels, restaurants, stores, and rest-stops.

2. Don’t forget to pack the essentials

  • Water Bowl
  • Your dogs regular food
  • Medications
  • Poop Bags
  • Updated tags, a collar, and a leash
  • Medical records and vaccination certificates (especially rabies)
  • Grooming supplies and a towel
  • A kennel
  • Dog bed and/or blankets
  • Favorite toys

3. Bring a recent photo of your dog

A recent picture of your dog will be helpful if your dog suddenly goes missing.

foto going in a road trip with your dog

4. Buy or make a dog first-aid kit

Keep a doggie first aid kit in your vehicle. Want to make your own?

Keep a first-aid kit close at hand. A well-stocked kit includes:

  • Gauze
  • Vet wraps that cling to legs and paws but not fur
  • Nonadhesive sterile pads
  • A leash and muzzle
  • A towel
  • A compact thermal blanket or “space” blanket
  • Syptic powder or cornstarch to help staunch bleeding
  • Three-percent hydrogen peroxide for cleansing wounds
  • An expired library card — perfect for scraping stingers from the skin
  • A pen light
  • Tweezers
  • A good first-aid book for pets
  • A list of emergency numbers including your vet

5. Make sure your dog is microchipped before you leave town

A microchip provides an extra level of security, especially if your dog’s collar slips off.

6. Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination record

If you are on your road trip and your dog either gets sick or needs to be boarded for a day, you will need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records.

Usually a copy on your phone will suffice, but you can also keep a copy in your glove box for safe keeping.

going in a road trip with your dog

7. Stay organized with a doggie car organizer

Convert a toiletry bag into an over the seat car organizer and keep all your dog’s stuff in one place. It will make your life easier and help speed up rest stops.

8. Take a few short test drives before the trip

See how your dog reacts to riding in the car with a couple short drives before the trip.

9. Give them their own dedicated comfortable space in the car

Don’t pack your car to the brim to the point where you dog has to squeeze between luggage with barely enough room to lay down.

Compare that to the middle seat on a 10 hour, oversold flight. No one wants that, and your dog doesn’t either. The more room and dedicated space they have, the better behaved they’ll be.

10. Don’t ignore their bathroom needs on long drives

If you have to pee, your dog does too. Even if you are in a hurry to get to your destination, you need to take the few extra minutes whenever you stop to let your dog out to do their business.

We hope you have an amazing trip with your doggy!

If you are going in a road trip with your dog, we hope this amazing tips will help you out to enjoy your trip together. Take care of your furry bestfriend and enjoy the ride!

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How to find a shower on a road trip and survive? Tips & advices that you need

In your travels, hygiene is important, not so much for you but also for those who share a car with you.

That’s why controlling the places where you can have access to a shower is important, so that you can have the road trip of your dreams in the most comfortable way possible.

When you’re on the road there are some really uncontrollable aspects of showers that you have to contend with (like ambient temperature, cleanliness etc.), but there are also things you can control.

Finding a shower on a road trip, not an easy task

There will be many times you will find that the shower in front of you looks like it was taken from an apocalypse.

If it’s not a climate controlled bathroom (and it’s winter) pick the warmest part of the day, or slightly later.

Most of the time the concrete buildings retain the cold from the night, so it will warm up throughout the day and the afternoon is usually best.

Wear flip flops, piece of mind, and not having to touch the ground are solid reasons for this.

Make sure to put all dry belongings as far on the opposite side of the shower stall as possible. Even if you think it wont get wet, it somehow will.

If you actually finish showering before you run out of hot water use a small light quick-drying towel – it packs down small and dries fast under the hand dryer. If you have a nice sunny day though, definitely opt for the plush towel.

shower on a road trip

But where do you find a shower on a road trip?

Often times camp sites and RV parks are a good place to get a shower.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • Hotels (bribe the maid to let you shower before she cleans the room for new customers)
  • Recreation centres
  • Gyms (ask about a day pass)
  • Some truck stops (e.g. Flying J/Pilot in North America)
  • The local pool
  • Or you could outright beg a stranger if you’re desperate

What happens if you can’t find a shower on a road trip? We got you!

Action Wipes to the rescue. These are basically baths in a towel. They’re adult-sized (no babies here!) and work for the times you can’t find a hot bath (pretty often on the road).

They’re thick enough to be used again if you need a wipe for bike grease, they’re all-natural, and they’re vegan-friendly if you’re into that.

If you’re not the type that’s strict with ingredients and materials, baby wipes will work, too.

find a shower on a road trip

Get ready to take a quick shower when you have the chance!

You’ve got to hurry, or an angry mob of folks who really have to go will be awaiting you on the other side of the door.


Pre-moisten and pre-soap paper towels if going into a single stall. Make sure you have a few to rinse soap off. If you do it right, you won’t need any to dry. Go light on soap & water!


Body: Wash your face, then extremities, then underarms using a couple of damp paper towels and soap. Keep one dedicated paper towel soap + water combo for sensitive areas.

Shave: Slap some water and soap on the area before shaving then wipe the residue off with a moistened paper towel. Or pick up a re-chargeable electric razor and you can shave dry, too.

Hair: use the sink and your shampoo (or hand soap, if needed) to do a quick touch up around the greasiest strands (usually near the face and ears).

Still have time? Wash some underthings. That’s right — right there in the sink. Scrub some soap into them, squeeze out excess water and lay ’em across the back seat of the car where the sun will hit em.

We hope that we helped you out finding a shower on a road trip. 🙂 If you find our content interesting, share it with others and help them to have a better trip!

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How to sleep in a car when you are on a road trip?

This is something we all care for, when we go on a vacation like this we think “how am I going to sleep in a car when I’m doing the road trip?”.

Don’t worry, we got your back and here are some advices and tips that will be useful to you to make yourself more comfortable and get along to sleep nicely.

The best ways to sleep in a car if you are doing a road trip

We are not going to lie to you, unless you are travelling with a van that is equiped with a cool bed, this is not going to be comfortable.

But if you are seeking for something cheap and useful, here are some tips that you could use to sleep in a car.

1. Pack the necessary stuff only

You really don’t want to travel with a crowded car and also full of stuff, you will get anxious to stop somewhere so people can see what you have there and also it will be more difficult to you to lay comfy.

2. Try to bring some comfortable clothing to sleep

If you are thinking about how to sleep in a car when you are travelling, one of the most common mistakes is that we don’t think about the clothes we’ll wear, instead we make the car full of pillows and blankets.

So get some loose clothing and you would be more comfortable when you get to sleep.

Image sleep in a car

3. Think about your privacy, cover the windows a little bit

If you want to feel a bit more private when you get to sleep, it’s a good idea to cover up your windows with some towel or blanket.

We don’t recommend to cover all of them, for safety, but if you cover the part where the sunrise will come from, your waking up time won’t be so early and you could scratch a few more hours of sleep.

4. Choose the better position to fall asleep

Here we don’t have the right answer, not everybody sleeps the same way, right? But we can tell you that is necessary that you think about the day after when you need to drive.

Why we tell you this? Because the body position won’t be the natural one as you sleep, so try to get comfy and choose the most healthy position possible.


5. Find a safe location to park your car

It’s really important that you find the safest spot to park your car, where oyou can have privacy but at the same time also safety.

One of the things you may check if it’s possible for you to park there and sleep, at some places you can have a ticket if you are parked there to sleep.

So our advice will be to search a place to rest, usually trucks will be parked there too, and also you can try a parking lot of a big company or supermarket.

It will be a safe place cause usually has cameras there.

6. Open a little bit your windows so you have ventilation

It’s important to keep the air circulating, even tho is safe to have everything close, we would advice you to have a little scratch open to breathe better and get ventilation whil you sleep in a car.

7. Strech after sleeping in your car the whole night

Because your position won’t be the most comfortable one, get yourself up in the morning and strech a little bit so you don’t get sore.

There is plenty of things that we could keep going on to tell you what is best for you when you decide to sleep in a car, but this are the most important ones.

Tell us your experience, how is to sleep in a car?

If you are a usual driver and like to take some road trips, let us know what is your best advices or tips and share them with us in our comments down bellow.

And if you are travelling and right now reading this words, we hope you have a safe and beautiful trip.

Let us know what you think! 🙂 And share this content if you felt it was useful for you, it might be useful to others as well!

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What should I do if I have a breakdown with the rental car?

When you are on holiday and start a road trip with your friends or family, or even alone, you may find that all of a sudden you have a breakdown with the rental car.

That’s why we’ve prepared this post so that you can act accordingly and solve this uncomfortable moment.

Let’s go there and hope it helps you.

3 typicals situations that you’ll need to solve if you have a breakdown with the rental car

1. Breakdowns on the road

If the breakdown occurs while driving, first of all it is essential to remain calm in order to act diligently and with maximum safety, both for the members of our vehicle and for other road users.

It is obligatory and necessary to correctly signal that the vehicle is stopped due to a breakdown.

  • If you have had a breakdown in the middle of the road and it is possible, move the car to a safe area.
  • Put on your vest before leaving the car, leave the lights on and activate the emergency lights.
  • You must put the emergency triangles, as appropriate for the road in which the vehicle is stopped. If it is a two-way road, place two triangles: one in front and one behind, at least 50 metres from the car and so that each one is visible from at least 100 metres away.
  • If the breakdown occurs on a motorway or dual carriageway, you should only put a triangle at the rear of the car, at least 50 metres away and visible from 100 metres.

road accident

2. Road accidents

If you encounter an accident on the road, it is important to act as follows:

  • Park the vehicle off the road, turning on the indicators to show our position. Before getting out of the car, put on the reflective vest to increase visibility, and then place the triangles on the roadway.
  • As soon as possible contact 112 to report what has happened. It is necessary to collect a series of data before making the call: number of people involved, type of assistance they might need at the beginning and exact location.
  • Finally, it provides assistance to the victims. This obligation is enshrined in the penal code. In order to help them, it is necessary to bear in mind that they must not move unless it is indispensable.
  • Once the emergency services appear, and a statement has been given if required, it circulates again so as not to interfere with traffic or hinder assistance.

animals crossings breakdown with your car rental

3. Animals crossing the roadway

Anticipation is a key factor and it is, therefore, essential to look far ahead. In this way, the danger will be detected beforehand and you will have more time to carry out reaction manoeuvres.

  • Avoid honking the horn of an animal in the middle of the road, as it could become frightened and react unexpectedly.
  • If it is a heavy animal that is preventing you from continuing your journey, call the emergency services.
  • Pass slowly by his side. Keep in mind that animals outside your environment are disoriented.
  • If you are driving and detect an animal crossing the roadway, do not let your guard down as they are often not alone and more members of the herd may appear next.
  • Animals are also dazzled by the high beam, so remember to switch to the low beam when you meet one at night.
  • If you don’t have time to react and if the crash is unavoidable, press the brake and clutch pedal and hold the steering wheel tightly. If the manoeuvre is not safe, don’t try to avoid it.

This is what you need to know to be able to act in case of breakdown with the rental car. We hope that it has served you and that you can enjoy your holidays… Without the need to use these tips!

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5 tips to make a road trip around Spain with your rental car | Cheap Malaga Car Hire

Travelling in a rental car can have many advantages, we know that. But we also understand that doing a road trip around Spain without the proper advice… It could be a fiasco!

That’s why we want to help you in this post so you can prepare the perfect trip of your dreams.

You ready to go?

Here is all you need for a road trip around Spain

We’ll start with something very basic but essential, take paper and pen.

1. Choose the right car for you

Not all car journeys around Spain are the same. Perhaps you need a bigger car if you plan to surf in Tarifa, or you want something smaller and more comfortable if you want to park in the streets of Barcelona.

A sports car or a ranchera? A van or a pick-up? A sedan or a convertible? It will always depend on several factors, such as the climate of the chosen route or the number of people who make the trip.

2. Don’t forget your favorite music

Because to make a road trip without music is better to stay at home, do not forget to make your lists of songs and if you are accompanied, better to reach an agreement with other travellers to avoid a musical war in full route.

We will soon make a post about some music you would enjoy while you drive. 😉

image road trip around Spain

3. Plan a little bit of the route you’re going to take

The fun of a road trip around Spain is to get lost, but you have to keep in mind where you want to go.
In order to avoid unnecessary petrol costs that are not your own choice.

If you do not have any planned itineraries, it is very important to at least ask yourself relevant questions such as where and when I want to travel.

Consider the best time to visit a particular country. For example, if you want to visit the south of Spain in the middle of summer, we advise you not to spend too much time in the car, especially if the temperatures reach 40 degrees.

4. The more drivers, the better

Unless you’re going alone as a “lone ranger”, it’s a bad idea to have only one driver in the car. In fact, the ideal is for all travelers to drive so they can take turns and lighten the burden of driving and please be a good co-driver!

companion road trip around Spain

5. Choose travel companions you’re comfortable with

This is a very important point in a road trip, as you will spend a lot of time with the same people in the same space.

It is obvious that you have to choose companions with the same tastes and intentions and have discussed a general plan of the trip where everyone agrees.

In our experience, the best way to save money is to travel with 3 or 4 people, but to agree on 2 is sometimes too much, so it is best to agree before you start your trip!

We hope you enjoy your trip and that these tips for your road trip around Spain have been useful.
Sometimes the most obvious things are the most important, so it’s a good idea to get properly informed about the technical process your car may need.

Travel safe!! 😀

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Fiñana CHEAP Car Hire

Summer is officially not over until September 22nd. Away now from the busiest July & August months, September arrives with less busy beaches and restaurants, less pricy services and still an amazing breeze to enjoy at the beach or the terrace. Perfect time to plan a last minute trip too!

Fiñana is the 4th busiest airport in Spain. From January to June, there was a 12 per cent increase in arrivals through the biggest gateway into Costa del Sol. Tourists, mainly from United Kingdom and Germany, were responsible for occupying 72,9% the available bedplaces in the city. It is followed by Granada (58,2%), Cordoba (32,7%) and Palma de Mallorca (30%). Another reason to travel this way: it is a two and a half hour flight from England airports, for example, and the flight prices are going down.

What to do?

1. Book your flights.

There is a wide range of companies flying to Fiñana Airport. Airlines include Iberia, American Airlines, Avianca, British Airways, Lufthansa (, Qatar Airways, Tap Airways, Ryanair) and car hire just to mention a few.

2. Book your car with Cheap Competa Car Hire.

Make sure you arrive safely and with no stress to your destination. Choose your vehicle on Cheap Fiñana Car Hire website. When you arrive, wether in the airport or the train station Renfe, a car representative will be waiting for you in the Arrivals Hall. The good thing with Cheap Fiñana Car Hire is that no credit card details or pre-payments are requested in advance to guarantee your booking. The payment is made when you meet the company`s representative. You can always cancel your reservation at any time without any costs. It is advised you notify the company at least 24 hours in advance via email:, or via telephone: +34 663 142 123.

3. Choose your hotel, Airbnb or hostal.

Make sure you stay in a place that will embrace this experience.

4. Plan your trip!

Cheap Malaga Car Hire - Picasso Musseum

Picasso Museum

Competa offers everything you need for a special quick holiday. An easy morning getting to know the best Spanish art and culture collection is something to remember. Don`t miss the Picasso, the Carmen Thyssen and Centre Pompidou museums. Head to the old town and treat yourself with some good tapas+caña in one of the many tapas bars around. Back to the port area, get prepared for the amazing Castle of Gibralfaro, with breahtaking panoramic views over the city of Malaga. The castle is connected to the Alcazaba, a lower fortress and royal residence worth the visit. If you walk down to the port boulevar for a coffee or a glass of wine, pass the Paseo del Parque, a boardwalk that runs alongside a public garden with a diverse range of trees and statues. Allow yourself to go further and search for amazing cities like Estepona, Mijas Pueblo, Nerja, Ronda and others.

Enjoy Summer before it ends. Book your vehicle with Cheap Malaga Car Hire.

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