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3 days ago Travelling in Spain

Malaga Huelin Park

Malaga Huelin Park is between the Jardín de la Abadía and Huelin neighbourhoods. It is a great place in the city of Malaga because it is very close to the historic center and next to the promenade.

This park is located in the area of greatest logistical and administrative expansion of Malaga. It is also one of the great green spaces of the city.

When the Malaga Huelin Park inaugurated

Huelin Park was inaugurated in 2002. In addition, there used to be an industrial area here that remained closed. Because its lands were contaminated.

The Campsa deposits had been in the area since 1933. Which was the company in charge of supplying oil to all of Spain.

The Huelin Park surface

The Huelin Park covers an area of some 32,000m2 and has extensive green areas. It also contains more than 30 different species of trees and plants.

It has a large lake that occupies the central part of the park. In the middle of which there is an islet with palm trees and a small fishing boat.

One of the sides of the park is bordered by a small artificial stream, crossed by a beautiful wooden bridge.

There are also swings for children of all ages. In addition there is a multisport court to play football or basketball. There is also an outdoor gymnasium, a rose garden and a dog park.

Points of interest

Another point of interest is the large lighthouse by the lake. In the vicinity of the Park there are several restaurants and bars.

Furthermore, walking along its large tree-lined avenue, we come across two sculptures. The first is a bust dedicated to José María Martín Carpena. Victim of an ETA murder. The second is the monument dedicated to the volunteers from Malaga.

And all this a few minutes in your rented car from Malaga Airport, so get excited and grab your loved ones to drive through this amazing places in Malaga!

7 days ago Travelling in Spain

Good football the sun and the beach

If you like to enjoy good football the sun and beach please read this post. Because in Malaga five minutes from Malaga International Airport in your rented car. You can enjoy good football, sun and beach.

Because the Malaga Football Club will play during this month of June the qualifying rounds for the First Division. Tickets are already on sale for the matches in La Rosaleda, from 10€.

Good football the sun and the beach

The Malaga C.F. is a historical team in the Spanish League. With is one of the best in the world. But two years ago the Malaga fell down to the second division and now it can come back to the best League.

After mathematically certifying his qualification for the play-offs of promotion to La Liga Santander in the penultimate round. The team of the city of the Sun, the beach and the good football will confront the decisive phase of the course 18/19. And it can achieve with the objective of the hand of its unconditional fans.

The prices of the tickets are the following ones:

  • Backgrounds and curves (zone 2): 10€.
  • Backgrounds and curves (zone 1): €15
  • Covered lower ring: €20
  • Preference: 25€.
  • Tribune: 30€.
  • Children: 5€.

The Stadium ticket offices are open from 5 June from 10:00 to 14:00 hours and from 16:00 to 19:00 hours. They can also be bought online.

If you like football and you are on holiday in Malaga it is your chance to enjoy.

Of course, you can also enjoy Malaga matches on television. But if you really like good football, the stadium of La Rosaleda is ideal to go with friends to watch the game. And after the match you can stroll through an incredible city like Malaga. By its port, the cathedral, to taste some espetos, the beach of the Malagueta…

And if you also like basketball. In Malaga you can also enjoy the best basketball in Europe with Unicaja in the play-offs of the ACB League.

And you can enjoy the best football in the best league in the world just 5 minutes from Malaga Airport in your rented car. So make sure to benefit from our cheap rental car services!

1 week ago Travelling in Spain

Night of San Juan in Malaga

Next June 23rd hundreds of people will celebrate along the coast of Malaga the Magic Night of San Juan in Malaga. Because it is the shortest night of the year and the summer solstice. The beaches of the coast are illuminated at night with many bonfires, barbecues and other activities.

It is a night of celebration, food, drinks, music and dancing. Noche de San Juan there is only one a year.

That’s why big bonfires are lit on the beach. During the afternoon you can enjoy fried fish or a barbecue.

Night of San Juan in Malaga (La Malagueta)

In Malaga, the ideal place is the Malagueta Beach. Because there are usually live music concerts. The party starts at around 21:00 hours and lasts until dawn.

Rituals and superstitions of the Night of San Juan

Its origin is pagan, because Europe was a pagan continent for a long time. The rites of that time have come to our days in the form of manifestations sometimes considered folkloric.

Due to water and fire are the key elements of this night. Some jump the embers of the bonfire while others bathe to attract good health or luck.

Fire Rituals

One of the fire rituals consists of writing down the name of a person you are in love with and throwing him to the bonfire at midnight. For that person to notice you.

There are those who write one to three wishes instead of one name.

In addition, another classic is to jump the embers that are left behind the bonfire or before the fire starts because it brings good luck.

Water Rituals

Bathing in the sea with as little clothing as possible at 12 o’clock in the morning helps fertility or getting rid of bad energies.

Another ritual is similar to that of fire and the sheet of paper, this time however instead of burning it you have to throw it to the water at 12 o’clock at night. It is expected that the sea will take what is written and give you back what you want throughout the year.

And remember that you can get to Malaga from the airport in less than 5 minutes in your rented car.

2 weeks ago Travelling in Spain

Top 5 most amazing hotels in Malaga

In this post we bring you the top 5 most amazing hotels in Malaga. Because Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol. And you can reach this incredible city in 5 minutes in your rented car from Malaga Airport.

Top 5 most amazing hotels in Malaga

It is a list of the top 5 most amazing hotels in Malaga. But we are sure that there are many amazing hotels in Malaga.

Petit Palace Hotel Malaga

The Hotel Petit Palace Plaza Málaga is a hotel in the centre of Málaga. Its magnificent location, next to Larios Street and the Cathedral of Malaga, make it a unique hotel to discover the city of Malaga.

With rooms that have unique views of the Cathedral (La Manquita), the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga is perfect for getaways in couples or with friends.

It also offers: free Wifi, laptop in the room, breakfast buffet …

Hotel Vincci Malaga

The Hotel Vincci Málaga is a modern hotel of new construction. With the quality and avant-garde style that characterizes our chain.

The Hotel is located on the promenade in front of the beach. But with easy and quick access to all points of interest in the capital Malagueña. That is why it is one of the best hotels in Malaga.

Hotel Illunion Malaga

The hotel Ilunion Málaga is a 4 star hotel of superior category. Perfect for resting after a long day in Malaga or on your weekend getaways. It also has a Spa in Malaga just a few meters from the beach and next to the train station.

The most classic and amazing of the hotels in Malaga: Gran Hotel Miramar

Summit work of the architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan. the building inaugurated in 1926 by the king Alfonso XIII with the name of “Hotel Prince of Asturias”.

190 rooms that will enchant you with the magic of its details and with the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hotel NH Malaga

The NH Malaga hotel is located in the heart of Malaga, just a few steps from the shops, restaurants and tourist areas of the city. It is an elegant and modern building that, after its complete renovation, will be the largest hotel in the city. Close to the river and overlooking the Esperanza church, it allows you to be on the beach and in the famous shopping centre Muelle 1 in about 15 minutes on foot.

3 weeks ago Travelling in Spain

Vegetation of Malaga City

In the province of Malaga there is a great diversity of fauna and vegetation. But in this post we will focus on the fauna and vegetation of Malaga City.

Because within the city of Malaga, the mountains of Gibralfaro and Victoria stand out. Which have a lot of Aleppo pines.

A residential area was built on El Arroyo Toquero. Recently, the upper part of the stream, where there were still populations of corridor toad, pintojo toad, chameleons and bee-eaters, has become a concrete drainage.

Fauna of Malaga City

In Malaga it is still possible to observe reptiles and amphibians such as the already scarce chameleon, the common salamanders, the Iberian lizard, the common frog and the common toad. There are also many species of birds, including the yellow-legged gull, the shaded gull and the black-legged gull. These can be found in coastal urban areas.

The common swift, the pale swift, the common swallow, the common plane, the common kestrel, the lesser kestrel and the peregrine falcon nest at the top of buildings. The robin, blackbird, sparrow, autillo and owl also prefer garden areas.

Flocks of pinto starlings and turtle dove are frequent, as are allochthonous species such as the Argentine parrot. The fox and the common hedgehog are the mammals present in the urban peripheries, as well as the common rat, adaptable to any urban area.

Vegetation from all over the world

The Concepcion Historic Botanical Garden

In addition, in the city of Malaga there are two places where you can find vegetation from all over the world. On the one hand there is the Concepción Botanical Garden. We have already dedicated a post to the Concepción Botanical Garden. And on the other hand the Paseo de los Curas in the heart of the city.

In both of them, thanks to Malaga’s subtropical and Mediterranean climate, you can observe species from Australia to South America. Without forgetting many that come from Asia and Africa.

And all this is less than five minutes from Malaga International Airport in your rented car.

3 weeks ago Travelling in Spain

Types of Cruises in Malaga

First of all the port of Malaga is famous all over the world. Among other things because it receives a multitude of types of Cruises in Malaga, from the most luxurious to the most modest.

In this post Bahia Sexi shows some of the cruises that will pass through the Port of Malaga along 2,019.

These cruises are some of the 271 that will pass through Malaga during 2019. There is also a wide range of leisure activities for everyone. From the most luxurious to the most innovative.  In them, you can find them:

  • huge swimming pools
  • golf courses
  • amusement park
  • capsules with panoramic views
  • savour the gastronomy of more than twenty-five nationalities while sailing in them

Luxury types of Cruises in Malaga:

MS Queen Victoria

First of all, MS Queen Victoria because it’s a classic among cruisers. The MS Queen Victoria owned by Cunard Line. It is the most elegant and traditional boat of the company. Which has 19 decks, a casino inspired by the classics of Monte Carlo…

MSC Seaview

It is one of the great new generation ships of the Seaside class of the shipping company MSC Cruceros. With a capacity for 5,492 passengers and a length of 323 meters. One of its characteristics is the large number of cabins that have a balcony. There are even cabins with butler.

Spectrum of the Seas

It is part of the Royal Caribbean Cruises company and is the most technological and avant-garde cruise ship of the shipping company.

Oasis of the Seas

It is also part of the Royal Caribbean International shipping company. In addition it is the largest cruise ship in the world. In addition this ship has four different pools among which are a beach simulation. You can also enjoy it:

  • Surf simulators.
    Basketball court.
    Ice rink.
    Climbing walls.
    Zip lines.

Enjoy the night zone in the port of Malaga with:

  • Nightclubs.
  • Karaokes.
  • Exclusive performances by Djs.
  • As well as the popular musical ‘Cats’.

SeaBourn Encore

Belonging to the shipping company Seaborun Cruise Line, also is one of more than fifty luxury cruises that will stop during this exercise in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Sport types of Cruises in Malaga: Wind Surf Cruise

Cruise ships also call at Malaga. One of them is the Wind Surf of the company Windstar Cruises.

Low-emission types of Cruises in Malaga: AIDAnova

It is the world’s first cruise ship powered by low-emission liquefied natural gas, making it the most environmentally friendly so far.

Disney Magic

This is one of the cruises that make up the Disney Cruise Line fleet. All of them are designed for family enjoyment in the most realistic Disney atmosphere. In addition these types of Cruises is not often.

Finally remember that the Port of Malaga is only 5 minutes from the Airport where you can rent a car with Cheap Car Hire.

4 weeks ago Travelling in Spain

Nautical activities in Malaga, would you like to join them?

Malaga is a modern coastal city, where you can do a lot of nautical activities. For that reason in this post we present you the nautical activities in Malaga:

Nautical Activities in Malaga: Baptism of Diving

You can discover the seabed of Malaga’s coastline on a very special day: your baptism of diving.

This activity is especially designed for those who have not yet had their first contact with diving.

This activity is ideal for gifts and even bachelor parties and the best way to get started in underwater activities and know the fauna that hides in our seas. And remember that you can go to any diving school in Malaga with your rented car from the airport.

Enjoy the Sunset from a Catamaran

A catamaran is a shallow draft boat. From where you can enjoy the wonderful sunset of Malaga in the middle of the sea.

Nautical activities in Malaga: Paddle Surf

Come to the beaches of Malaga and try a fun water sport, suitable for all audiences: Paddle Surf.

Come to the Costa del Sol! Malaga and Paddle Surf are waiting for you.

Kayak Routes in Malaga

Kayaking is one of the most fun activities you can do at sea. You can also learn in a few minutes. You can also do races with your friends, or a romantic ride with your partner.

BANANA – Málaga Beach Water Activities

The Banana is a fun aquatic activity that consists of a banana shaped mattress that can carry 7 people and is propelled by a boat. Banana’s water activity is very fun to do in a group.

Finally, of course you can simply enjoy a day at the beach. On any of Malaga’s urban beaches, from La Malagueta to La Misericordia. And then enjoy a fried fish in a beach bar.

All these activities are 5 minutes away by rented car from Malaga Airport, with your car rental you can discover any place in Malaga that will give you beautiful and amazing memories!

1 month ago Travelling in Spain

Famous singers from Malaga that you might know!

There are a lot of famous singers from Malaga, in this post we are going to introduce you a few. There are also some rock bands like “Los Hombres G”.

And remember that you can visit their birthplaces, museums … just five minutes from Malaga Airport where you can rent a car.

Probably the most famous singers from Malaga is Antonio Molina

Antonio Molina de Oses Castillo Hidalgo was born in Málaga on 9 March 1928. He died in Madrid on March 18, 1992. He was a singer and also a copla and flamenco actor.

With a loud voice and an inimitable style, he enjoyed great popularity at the head of numerous theatrical shows.

Although he also starred in several films in which his vocal ability was the main attraction. Throughout his career he released more than 30 albums and more than 1000 songs, his greatest success being the copla: Soy minero.

Famous singers (group) from Málaga: Hombres G

It is a musical group that was created in the early 1980s. It was also one of the most important bands of the Movida and the 80s and 90s in Spain. Its members are David Summers, Dani Mezquita, Rafa Gutiérrez and Javier Molina.


She was also a child prodigy with impressive success in Spain in the 1960s. With musical films of the children’s genre, one of which, Cabriola, was directed by actor Mel Ferrer.

As an adult, she also worked with directors such as Carlos Saura. However, since 1985 she has opted for a more discreet life and is currently kept away from the media.

Pablo Alborán

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz was born in Málaga on 31 May 1989. He is a singer-songwriter and musician.

Since his debut in 2010 he has won ten nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards. He has also released four studio albums, two live albums, and many more.

Two of his singles stand out: “Solamente tú” and “Perdóname” together with the singer Carminho. He has been number one in sales, both in Spain and Portugal.

And all these artists and many more like:

  • Antonio Banderas.
  • Chiquito de la Calzada
  • Dani Rovira
  • Amparo Muñoz
  • The Duo Sacapuntas.

They are from Malaga where you can arrive in five minutes from the airport with your rented car.

1 month ago Travelling in Spain

The Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga or Fycma

The Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga or Fycma is a center of conventions and fairs that we can find in Malaga capital. it is next to the Ronda Oeste of Malaga, in the Cruz district of 2 minutes by rental car from Malaga Airport.

It was inaugurated in 2003 and since then several congresses, fairs and annual events have been taking place.

The Building of the Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga

The building has an exhibition area of 17,000. It has two pavilions, two auditoriums, two conference rooms. There is also an exhibition hall, fifteen multipurpose halls and three catering areas. And parking is no problem because it has a car park for 1,200 vehicles. Its facilities can accommodate more than 20,000 visitors.

The architect

The Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga is the work of the architect Ángel Asenjo and covers some 60,000 m². It is a metallic structure with undulating and irregular shapes that give the building a dynamic appearance.


It depends on the Malaga City Council. And it gives a sensation of a modern, avant-garde and dynamic city. Likewise, the Trade Fairs and Congress Centre of Malaga has a dynamic function of the local and provincial economy.

The venue is managed by Promálaga, a municipally-owned company.

The Palace of Fairs  and Congresses in Málaga has hosted 104 fairs and around 1,000 events in six years.

In the following posts we will be developing the different events that are developed every week or month.

Don’t miss the Palace of Fairs in Malaga. And remember that in your rented car you can arrive here in less than two minutes from Malaga Airport.

Finally, we would just like to point out that the Trade Fairs and Congress Centre of Malaga has a dynamic function in the local and provincial economy. Because, on the one hand, from the point of view of business meetings for companies and professionals.

And on the other hand, the indirect income generated by this activity in sectors such as hotels, transport, restaurants, leisure and commerce.

So if you want to enjoy any of that, please contact us to get your car rental at Malaga with the best quality you can have for a good price. Ready for your holiday?

2 months ago Travelling in Spain

The day of the Cruz de Mayo in Málaga, enjoy and discover this tradition!

Although the day of the Cruz de Mayo, is not the most popular festival in the city of Malaga. Several brotherhoods have been celebrating this tradition in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Because the month of May begins with the traditional feast of the crosses. Although the Catholic Church unified the feast with the Exaltation of the Cross in the month of September.

In Andalusia, the custom of covering a cross with flowers and celebrating a festival around it is still alive.

This is why, as we have already said, it is not the most popular festival in Malaga. There are confraternities from Malaga that are no strangers to this festivity and, during this month, they will carry out several popular verbenas to commemorate the so-called Invention of the Cross.

For example, the brotherhood of the Rescue usually carries out its May Cross in Agua Street, in the Victoria district.

Also the young group of the brotherhood of Holy Tuesday is responsible for this celebration that is open to the public and that takes place in their house brotherhood.

The Brotherhood of Health, located at number 5 Trinidad Street also performs its Cruz de Mayo.

In a joint way, also the brotherhoods of Students and Sepulchre celebrate their Cruz de Mayo in Alcazabilla street from 12:00.

The brotherhoods set up for the occasion several tents in front of the doors of their brotherhood houses. There we can usually taste various dishes at popular prices made by the brothers of both corporations.  They also carry out various raffles throughout the day.

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