The day of the Cruz de Mayo in Málaga, enjoy and discover this tradition!

Although the day of the Cruz de Mayo, is not the most popular festival in the city of Malaga. Several brotherhoods have been celebrating this tradition in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Because the month of May begins with the traditional feast of the crosses. Although the Catholic Church unified the feast with the Exaltation of the Cross in the month of September.

In Andalusia, the custom of covering a cross with flowers and celebrating a festival around it is still alive.

This is why, as we have already said, it is not the most popular festival in Malaga. There are confraternities from Malaga that are no strangers to this festivity and, during this month, they will carry out several popular verbenas to commemorate the so-called Invention of the Cross.

For example, the brotherhood of the Rescue usually carries out its May Cross in Agua Street, in the Victoria district.

Also the young group of the brotherhood of Holy Tuesday is responsible for this celebration that is open to the public and that takes place in their house brotherhood.

The Brotherhood of Health, located at number 5 Trinidad Street also performs its Cruz de Mayo.

In a joint way, also the brotherhoods of Students and Sepulchre celebrate their Cruz de Mayo in Alcazabilla street from 12:00.

The brotherhoods set up for the occasion several tents in front of the doors of their brotherhood houses. There we can usually taste various dishes at popular prices made by the brothers of both corporations.  They also carry out various raffles throughout the day.

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