Discover the best bakeries shops in Malaga

Because no one’s bitter about a candy. In this post we discover the best bakeries in Malaga. Already in another post we present the typical sweets of Malaga, now we discover the best bakeries in Malaga.

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Discover in this list some of the best pastry shops in Malaga

Cafeteria and patisserie Ñanduti

Come to the Ñanduti cafeteria and patisserie and enjoy a pleasant journey through original handcrafted creations. In addition to offering great quality. It is a different place in Malaga, because we make everything ourselves.

Therefore their work is based on offering a different cafeteria and pastry shop in Malaga. Where lovers of quality artisan products, desserts and coffee can come together and enjoy good times.

The best handcrafted products, without deceit

You can also see his open workshop where you will see how we work. In addition Ñanduti does not hide anything so that you can see what you are going to eat, that is our seal of quality, without deceit.


This pastry shop was founded in 1972 by Malaga’s most awarded pastry chef, Jose Sánchez Silva. In addition, in 1981, a new generation took over and his son, Francisco Sánchez Garrido, took over, starting a process of innovation and research and improvement of the final product.

The eagerness to satisfy and surprise the client without leaving aside the purity and quality of the raw material and the impeccable execution in its transformation has achieved great recognition from the population of Malaga.

Currently, Pathelin chocolaterías are among those with the greatest variety and quality, guaranteeing the purity of their chocolates made exclusively with the best cocoa.

Daza Pastry Shop

If we are in Malaga we have to go to this bakery because Daza also got a place among the 10 best bakeries in Spain in 2014. The Comidista, in July 2017, placed it in sixth position in its list of the whole country. Daza produces a wide variety of pastry products but are specialists in millefeuilles with inverted puff pastry of butter and natural vanilla cream.

In addition, only experts elaborate each of our products in a handmade way. Daza has been working with its own products for almost a decade. Everything is 100% handmade and with natural ingredients and only of the highest quality.

Ávila Confectionery

In Malaga we cannot forget the Confiteria Avila. Because it always offers a wide variety and assortment of sweets made daily in our own workshop.

You can buy directly in the shop or by order of all kinds of cakes, canapés, assorted salty and empanadas.

Galician specialities, try our famous and delicious Lenguas de Obispo and Tarta De Santiago.

To order are made sweets and cakes *gluten-free, *sugar-free, *egg-free, *lactose-free, …

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