Discover the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers 

In this post you will discover the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers. Because flamenco is a very important part of Andalusian culture. And some of its best singers and dancers are authentic famous figures. That’s why in this post we bring you some of the most important ones.

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You can discover here the most important “Malagueños” flamenco singers and dancers

La Repompa de Malaga

La Repompa de Málaga is the artistic nickname of Enriqueta de la Santísima Trinidad de los Reyes Porras, who was born in Málaga, 15 August 1937. He also died in Malaga on May 6, 1959. She was also the aunt of another very famous flamenco singer, Antonio Carmona “Ketama”.

She started singing as a child, when she ran away from home to sing in the bars of Málaga. Because she was trying to earn some money.

La Repompa had what can be called a state funeral. Because the funeral cortege left the Perchel, crossed La Alameda, all Larios street, something that has never happened, and rocked the coffin at the door of El Pimpi.  She also climbed Victoria Street to be buried in the San Miguel cemetery. Eighteen days after her death, Alberty, a well-known character of the time, organized a great tribute in her memory”.

Today, his sister Rafaela Reyes and his niece Amparo Heredia continue to sing flamenco like Enriqueta did. This part of the family spent some time in the United States, although they now live between Malaga and Granada.

José Losada “Carrete”

José Losada Santiago (born in 1941 in Antequera) is a flamenco dancer. Also known by the nickname of the gypsy Fred Astaire for his peculiar way of taconear and for a childish anecdote.

Rocío Molina

She was called the “child prodigy” of flamenco when she was only seven years old, when she began to draw her first choreographies. Almost two decades later she was awarded the National Dance Prize at the age of 26.

Although at that age she was already internationally famous, especially in Paris, where she is an associate artist. La malagueña continues her tour with Caída del cielo, her latest show with which she has already filmed in several countries. He also aspires to Max Awards (he already won one in 2015 for Bosque Ardora).

Paula Carmona

She’s 12 years old but she’s famous and she has a name for herself on the flamenco circuit. Small and shy, on stage she transforms into a dancer with a claw.

The future of flamenco has a long life.

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