Enjoy the best pizzerias in Malaga

If you are in Malaga on holiday or visiting and you like pizza read this post carefully. Because in this post we present you to enjoy the best pizzerias in Malaga.

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Enjoy the best pizzerias in Malaga

Terra Mia, restaurant pizzeria

Italian restaurant with typical Naples cuisine. To visit Terra Mia is to travel at the foot of Vesuvius while tasting an authentic mozzarella of buffalo, a plate of fresh pasta or its spectacular pizzas by hand of real pizzeros Napolitanos. A cozy atmosphere in which you can celebrate your meetings with friends, birthday parties, etc..

Spreading the flavours of Neapolitan culinary tradition is the aim of the Terra Mía project. They have chosen Malaga to give life to the first Terra Mía Restaurant, where they can taste what makes the mythical city of Naples immortal.

And proof of all this is that Terra Mía is the winner of the 1st Tutti Pizza Competition organised by the SUR gastronomic supplement.

Carlos Malaga Pizzeria

It is preferable to reserve in order to avoid waiting. It has tables inside and a terrace next to the promenade. Above all outside it is very quiet. Pizzas are delicious, if you go hungry ask for normal dough that fills more. The desserts are also very good.

Italian Pizzeria Vittoria

First of all this pizzeria has been 3 years in a row the number 1 in Tripadvisor.because the place not only does not disappoint, but exceeds any expectation.

Fine dough, and ingredients with quality Italian products. Experience at the height of eating in a good pizzeria there in Italy, but in Malaga.

Pizzeria El Pavone

The Pavone is a familiar and cosy Italian restaurant where you will be able to taste typical Italian dishes. This Pizzeria has been endorsed for more than 30 years. El Pavone, your Pizzeria in Malaga since 1978.

Comepizza Restaurant

They cook their pizzas “to the stone” (of very fine dough), the pastes imported from Italy. They also offer a careful selection of tapas. In addition to two different types of menus every day and to finish with a good taste in the mouth, our desserts, homemade or imported from Italy.

The restaurant Comepizza has two atmospheres:

a cosy air-conditioned lounge

a large terrace located in the pedestrian area of the historic centre of Malaga.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, this pizzeria has become one of the main references of Italian cuisine in the historic centre of Malaga.

How to arrive to Malaga

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