Enjoy the Interactive Museum of Music Malaga

First of all, if you like music read this post carefully to enjoy the Interactive Museum of Music Malaga (MIMMA).

Because this museum opened in 2003 consists of more than 1,000 instruments from different periods, countries and cultures. That is why it is one of the most complete private collections in Spain. And also because of its variety as well as its size.

The museum is now located in the Palacio del Conde de las Navas on Calle Beatas in the historic centre of the city.

Because it used to be in the subway of the Plaza de la Marina when it opened in 2003.

Characteristics of the Interactive Museum of Music Malaga

The main feature of the museum is that it allows the interactivity of the visitors. But it also organizes activities of musical divulgation. For example, the poster “Please, play” encourages the public to learn through their own physical experimentation. When in other museums it is normal to say the opposite.

There is a circuit in which the visitor interacts with the museum by means of explanatory panels. In addition to graphic systems, there are also audio inputs. And a lot of musical instruments which introduce you to music and allow you to organize your own visit.

The MIMMA Collection

It should also be noted that in the MIMMA collection there are around 400 instruments on display and more than a thousand in total.

Because it is a representative selection of the instrumental panorama of the world. It also offers, by means of the most advanced technologies, all aspects of music. This is why we can understand the meaning of silence up to the transformation of music into an object of consumption.

The instruments and musical objects on display are in nine rooms:

  1. Origins of Music. In which it refers us to nature and the musical principles of humanity.
  2. Sound Physics Room. Upon entering the museum, the visitor reflects on the meaning of sound, which is made visible through the visual representation of the sound waves of the oscilloscope and other audiovisual representations.
  3. Musical Chronology and World Music. In which two facets of music can be studied: the history of music through its periods, and the musical differences and similarities of the five continents.
  4. Hall of Sensations. In which it is intended that the visitor reflects on the importance of sound and music in our lives and how these elements can affect us physically and psychologically.
  5. Ethnomusicology. In which the different musical cultures that populate or have populated our planet and characterize each town are made known.
  6. Music of Andalusia. In recognition of the land that welcomes us, there is a space dedicated to the music of the nearest culture, which is divided into several sections:
  7. Organology I and II
  8. Aerophone Instruments. Both woodwind and brass instruments
  9. Mechanical Music and History of Recorded Sound.

How to arrive to enjoy the Interactive Museum of Music Malaga

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