Famous humourists of Malaga that will make you laugh all the time!

Malaga is a city full of artists. That’s why in this post we’re going to highlight two most Famous humourists of Malaga. Because Malaga is only 5 minutes from the Malaga Airport in your rental car:

Chiquito de la Calzada, the most famous of the humourists of Malaga

Gregorio Esteban Sánchez Fernández was born in Málaga on 28 May 1932 and died on 11 November 2017. Famous by the pseudonym of Chiquito de la Calzada, he was a humorist, flamenco singer and Spanish comic actor. Maybe he is the most famous of the humorists of Malaga.

He began his artistic career as a flamenco singer. As a curiosity he appeared in an episode of Vacaciones en el Mar como palmero.

However throughout the 90s thanks to television and his peculiar way of telling jokes became a sociological phenomenon.

The content of his jokes, usually simple and short (although lengthened by his peculiar way of telling them), presents ingenious comparisons. In addition its presentation by a way of walking from one side to the other of the stage without stopping, while the lumbars are held.

Its language also includes words and expressions of its own invention, the result of onomatopoeic distortions of the formal language of Spanish, Andalusian speech and even English.

Many of its words and interjections have transcended the colloquial and informal Spanish language record of Spain.

Chiquito’s style has influenced numerous humorists.

Dani Rovira

Daniel Rovira de Rivas was born in Malaga on 1 November 1980. He is a Spanish actor, humorist and monologue, winner of the Goya Award for best new actor 2015 for the film Ocho apellidos vascos.

To pay for his studies he worked in a tea shop in Granada, from which he says he has learned a lot from that experience. Little by little, after graduating, he moved on to comedy.

He also dedicated himself to telling monologues in bars and cafeterias. Until he managed to find a place on Paramount Comedy’s tour. With the passage of time he managed to find a place in the world of comedy working for television programs.

In March 2014 Ocho apellidos vascos was released with a resounding success. This was the most successful film in the history of Spanish cinema. As a result of this film it managed to attract the attention of film circles and get into Spanish cinema.

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