Neighbourhoods celebrating Crosses May in Malaga

Streets decorated with flowers and squares decorated with altars announce the arrival of the  Crosses of May in Malaga. Although of religious origin, this colourful festival has become a tribute to spring.

We can enjoy its aromas, tonalities and own flavors. And although Crosses of May in Malaga capital is not yet a very deep-rooted party if it is true that in some neighborhoods if there are celebrations throughout the month of May.

Because the May Crosses, depending on the neighbourhood, start on the 1st, 3rd, 5th or taking advantage of a weekend. It is a traditional festival in which the crosses are decorated with great care, with flowers, mantles and shells. The exact day varies according to the neighbourhood.

May Crosses arrive Malaga

The May Crosses were originally celebrated “a lo grande” in Granada. Although the Town Hall a few years ago had to limit the festivities that were classified as excessive.Although as we have already commented from the Airport of Malaga in rented car.

It is possible to arrive easily to Granada. Because in Granada the Day of the Cross is one of the most important festivals in the city. In addition in all the districts, squares and schools we can find crosses and verbenas.

However, it seems that this tradition is beginning to arrive in Malaga. Because last year the May Crosses in Malaga were held in the Parque del Norte with Paella. Also in La Palmilla, El Perchel and some brotherhoods and brotherhoods or in El Barrio de El Palo.

In the capital of the Costa del Sol in May you can see more than a hundred crosses adorning neighborhoods. Also houses of brotherhood and headquarters of associations. The Perchel, in the church of El Carmen. And also in El Palo, with a marked seafaring flavour, are among the most outstanding.

The Perchel

Crosses May Malaga

On May 4 and 5, the Cruz de Mayo Misionera of the Perchel. This neighborhood takes place in the Plaza de la Libertad. It is behind Mercado del Carmen. The parish of Carmen an Proclade Betica organizes this festival. The inauguration will take place on Saturday 4 May at 1.30 pm.

In addition, the benefits obtained will be for charitable causes.

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