Famous singers from Malaga that you might know!

There are a lot of famous singers from Malaga, in this post we are going to introduce you a few. There are also some rock bands like “Los Hombres G”.

And remember that you can visit their birthplaces, museums … just five minutes from Malaga Airport where you can rent a car.

Probably the most famous singers from Malaga is Antonio Molina

Antonio Molina de Oses Castillo Hidalgo was born in Málaga on 9 March 1928. He died in Madrid on March 18, 1992. He was a singer and also a copla and flamenco actor.

With a loud voice and an inimitable style, he enjoyed great popularity at the head of numerous theatrical shows.

Although he also starred in several films in which his vocal ability was the main attraction. Throughout his career he released more than 30 albums and more than 1000 songs, his greatest success being the copla: Soy minero.

Famous singers (group) from Málaga: Hombres G

It is a musical group that was created in the early 1980s. It was also one of the most important bands of the Movida and the 80s and 90s in Spain. Its members are David Summers, Dani Mezquita, Rafa Gutiérrez and Javier Molina.


She was also a child prodigy with impressive success in Spain in the 1960s. With musical films of the children’s genre, one of which, Cabriola, was directed by actor Mel Ferrer.

As an adult, she also worked with directors such as Carlos Saura. However, since 1985 she has opted for a more discreet life and is currently kept away from the media.

Pablo Alborán

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz was born in Málaga on 31 May 1989. He is a singer-songwriter and musician.

Since his debut in 2010 he has won ten nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards. He has also released four studio albums, two live albums, and many more.

Two of his singles stand out: “Solamente tú” and “Perdóname” together with the singer Carminho. He has been number one in sales, both in Spain and Portugal.

And all these artists and many more like:

  • Antonio Banderas.
  • Chiquito de la Calzada
  • Dani Rovira
  • Amparo Muñoz
  • The Duo Sacapuntas.

They are from Malaga where you can arrive in five minutes from the airport with your rented car.

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