How to dress in Holy Week in Andalusia, get the right attire!

For the most devout, Holy Week is the most important moment of the year. For others, a simple tourist attraction.

But there is a protocol when it comes to dressing in Holy Week.

Tourists often skip the protocol for lack of knowledge. But from this post we suggest you to respect some simple rules: forbidden mini skirts, shorts and t-shirts with suspenders.

However, in the rest of Spain there are other more or less similar customs. Here we are going to look at the two models of Andalusia: Malaga and Seville.

Because from Malaga Airport you can visit the whole of Andalusia these days in your rental car.

How to dress in Holy Week in Andalusia, Sevilla style:

In Seville, the ‘capillitas’ wear their best clothes on Palm Sunday and don’t take off their suits until a week later. The norm is a suit of jacket and blazer, always looking for the latest trend.

Holy Thursday is the day of the Andalusian woman, dressed in a mantilla: “Sevillian tradition says that you have to be over 18 years old and be accompanied by a man in a dark jacket suit. Do not wear too much heel.

At night the ‘madrugá’. It is the night of the most emblematic processions the Macarena, the Great Power, the Trianera… The best thing is to opt for comfortable and warm clothes.

Good Friday is also a day to wear a mantilla, which can be complemented with a red carnation. And for men the navy blue suit.

How to dress in Holy Week in Andalusia, Malaga style: dressed up look, but informal

Easter in Malaga is less demanding to dress than Seville.

For the women the dark faggy pants with blouse of lighter color and blazer, is the most habitual thing. And the men the percentage of malagueños that go with suit is very small. Only high officials and older people usually wear suits this week.

Palm Sunday, Thursday and Good Friday are the days to show off. People usually wear new clothes. In the morning processions, people take advantage to go more elegant.

And you can know all of these in your rental car from the Malaga Airport.

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