How to find a shower on a road trip and survive? Tips & advices that you need

In your travels, hygiene is important, not so much for you but also for those who share a car with you.

That’s why controlling the places where you can have access to a shower is important, so that you can have the road trip of your dreams in the most comfortable way possible.

When you’re on the road there are some really uncontrollable aspects of showers that you have to contend with (like ambient temperature, cleanliness etc.), but there are also things you can control.

Finding a shower on a road trip, not an easy task

There will be many times you will find that the shower in front of you looks like it was taken from an apocalypse.

If it’s not a climate controlled bathroom (and it’s winter) pick the warmest part of the day, or slightly later.

Most of the time the concrete buildings retain the cold from the night, so it will warm up throughout the day and the afternoon is usually best.

Wear flip flops, piece of mind, and not having to touch the ground are solid reasons for this.

Make sure to put all dry belongings as far on the opposite side of the shower stall as possible. Even if you think it wont get wet, it somehow will.

If you actually finish showering before you run out of hot water use a small light quick-drying towel – it packs down small and dries fast under the hand dryer. If you have a nice sunny day though, definitely opt for the plush towel.

shower on a road trip

But where do you find a shower on a road trip?

Often times camp sites and RV parks are a good place to get a shower.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • Hotels (bribe the maid to let you shower before she cleans the room for new customers)
  • Recreation centres
  • Gyms (ask about a day pass)
  • Some truck stops (e.g. Flying J/Pilot in North America)
  • The local pool
  • Or you could outright beg a stranger if you’re desperate

What happens if you can’t find a shower on a road trip? We got you!

Action Wipes to the rescue. These are basically baths in a towel. They’re adult-sized (no babies here!) and work for the times you can’t find a hot bath (pretty often on the road).

They’re thick enough to be used again if you need a wipe for bike grease, they’re all-natural, and they’re vegan-friendly if you’re into that.

If you’re not the type that’s strict with ingredients and materials, baby wipes will work, too.

find a shower on a road trip

Get ready to take a quick shower when you have the chance!

You’ve got to hurry, or an angry mob of folks who really have to go will be awaiting you on the other side of the door.


Pre-moisten and pre-soap paper towels if going into a single stall. Make sure you have a few to rinse soap off. If you do it right, you won’t need any to dry. Go light on soap & water!


Body: Wash your face, then extremities, then underarms using a couple of damp paper towels and soap. Keep one dedicated paper towel soap + water combo for sensitive areas.

Shave: Slap some water and soap on the area before shaving then wipe the residue off with a moistened paper towel. Or pick up a re-chargeable electric razor and you can shave dry, too.

Hair: use the sink and your shampoo (or hand soap, if needed) to do a quick touch up around the greasiest strands (usually near the face and ears).

Still have time? Wash some underthings. That’s right — right there in the sink. Scrub some soap into them, squeeze out excess water and lay ’em across the back seat of the car where the sun will hit em.

We hope that we helped you out finding a shower on a road trip. 🙂 If you find our content interesting, share it with others and help them to have a better trip!

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