How to go from Malaga to Frigiliana

In this post we show you: how to go from Malaga to Firigiliana. Because Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Which is in the province of Malaga on the border with Granada.

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How to go from Malaga to Frigiliana

Road communications with Frigiliana are truly enviable. The Mediterranean Expressway, A7, goes as far as the town itself. Exit 243 of this dual carriageway leaves us only 3.5 kms from the town centre on the MA-105 secondary road with very good road surface, so once the dual carriageway has been abandoned we will be in the village itself in just 5 minutes.

If we have arrived by airport to Malaga, in approximately 45 minutes we will arrive at the locality, with all the travel by highway, except the final stretch of 3.5 km by secondary road.

It is also possible that we come from Granada, in such a case, Once we reach Motril through the A-44 take the A7 Malaga direction. And in about 10 minutes we will have reached the exit of Nrja-Frigiliana. Because the A-7 connects the entire coast from Cadiz to Barcelona.

What to do in Frigiliana?

  1. Once in Frigiliana park your car, take your camera and enjoy one of the most charming villages in Malaga.
  2. The best thing about Frigiliana is to wander and get lost in its alleys and passageways. All you have to do in Frigiliana is:
  3. Lose yourself in its alleys of white houses.
    Give good cane to the film of photos.
    Dodge Cupid’s arrows so as not to fall madly in love with the town and want to stay.

What to see in Frigiliana?

  • The Plaza de las Tres Culturas is the square that will welcome you to the village. It can be considered as the Balcony of the Mediterranean for the views of the sea in the distance.
  • Los Reales Propósitos was the silo where the excess grain was formerly stored. This building is the perfect point of reference to take the Calle Real and start the Calle Frigiliana.
  • The Moorish quarter of Frigiliana. In which is one of the most beautiful streets of Frigiliana as the Calle de la Amargura, to the Calle Alta.
  • Zacatín Street and El Garral Street.
  • In the town square is the Church of San Antonio de Padua and the Town Hall.
  • Frigiliana is full of passageways that at first glance seem private.
  • Frigiliana’s viewpoints such as El Peñón Viewpoint or Lízar Viewpoint.

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