How to order a coffee in Málaga

In this post we present you how to order a coffee in Malaga. Because if there is one thing that characterizes Malaga breakfasts is the way to call the coffee. That’s why in this post we show you how to order coffee in Malaga. It all depends on the amount of milk, but it’s not that easy.

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How to order a coffee in Málaga

Because learning to order coffee in Malaga is the most aromatic challenge.

Once we are in a good cafeteria in Malaga and now is when we should take a deep breath and enjoy a coffee:

  • a semi short
  • a shadow
  • a cloud
  • etc…
  • etc…

Here is the list that explains how coffee is served in Malaga according to the proportions of coffee and milk with which they are made:

  1. Café Solo. (Café alone) It is the complete coffee of a lifetime, prepared with 100% coffee without any milk.
  2. Café Largo (Long coffee). This second type includes 90% coffee and only 10% milk, which is equivalent to the classic stained coffee (milk, of course).
  3. Café Semi Largo (Semi Long Coffee). Prepared with 80% of coffee, together with the Semi Short Coffee form a couple that although it is not one of the most demanded, if they are authentically malagueñas and always they are exquisite.
  4. Café Solo Corto (Solo Corto Coffee). This type of coffee does not get to be half and half because the proportion of coffee in it is of a 60%.
  5. Café Mitad (Half coffee). This is the real 50% & 50% of coffee and milk.
  6. Entre Corto Coffee. Gradually reducing the proportions of coffee in the preparation, the Entre Corto malagueño is made with 40% coffee and up to 60% milk. This is the Semi Corto that we talked about before and that is also its other more widespread denomination.
  7. Café Corto. If you like the coffee rather clear but that does not taste excessively to milk the Short Coffee must be your election since it includes a 30% coffee and a 70% of milk.
  8. Café Sombra (Shadow Coffee). As iconic as the one below, ordering a Shade in Malaga is choosing a drink that contains only 20% coffee and a good proportion of milk (80%).
  9. Café Nube (Cloud Coffee). With a little less coffee than is included in the Shade, the Nube in Malaga is prepared with 90% milk and only 10% coffee, i.e. a glass of milk stained with coffee…

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