How to sleep in a car when you are on a road trip?

This is something we all care for, when we go on a vacation like this we think “how am I going to sleep in a car when I’m doing the road trip?”.

Don’t worry, we got your back and here are some advices and tips that will be useful to you to make yourself more comfortable and get along to sleep nicely.

The best ways to sleep in a car if you are doing a road trip

We are not going to lie to you, unless you are travelling with a van that is equiped with a cool bed, this is not going to be comfortable.

But if you are seeking for something cheap and useful, here are some tips that you could use to sleep in a car.

1. Pack the necessary stuff only

You really don’t want to travel with a crowded car and also full of stuff, you will get anxious to stop somewhere so people can see what you have there and also it will be more difficult to you to lay comfy.

2. Try to bring some comfortable clothing to sleep

If you are thinking about how to sleep in a car when you are travelling, one of the most common mistakes is that we don’t think about the clothes we’ll wear, instead we make the car full of pillows and blankets.

So get some loose clothing and you would be more comfortable when you get to sleep.

Image sleep in a car

3. Think about your privacy, cover the windows a little bit

If you want to feel a bit more private when you get to sleep, it’s a good idea to cover up your windows with some towel or blanket.

We don’t recommend to cover all of them, for safety, but if you cover the part where the sunrise will come from, your waking up time won’t be so early and you could scratch a few more hours of sleep.

4. Choose the better position to fall asleep

Here we don’t have the right answer, not everybody sleeps the same way, right? But we can tell you that is necessary that you think about the day after when you need to drive.

Why we tell you this? Because the body position won’t be the natural one as you sleep, so try to get comfy and choose the most healthy position possible.


5. Find a safe location to park your car

It’s really important that you find the safest spot to park your car, where oyou can have privacy but at the same time also safety.

One of the things you may check if it’s possible for you to park there and sleep, at some places you can have a ticket if you are parked there to sleep.

So our advice will be to search a place to rest, usually trucks will be parked there too, and also you can try a parking lot of a big company or supermarket.

It will be a safe place cause usually has cameras there.

6. Open a little bit your windows so you have ventilation

It’s important to keep the air circulating, even tho is safe to have everything close, we would advice you to have a little scratch open to breathe better and get ventilation whil you sleep in a car.

7. Strech after sleeping in your car the whole night

Because your position won’t be the most comfortable one, get yourself up in the morning and strech a little bit so you don’t get sore.

There is plenty of things that we could keep going on to tell you what is best for you when you decide to sleep in a car, but this are the most important ones.

Tell us your experience, how is to sleep in a car?

If you are a usual driver and like to take some road trips, let us know what is your best advices or tips and share them with us in our comments down bellow.

And if you are travelling and right now reading this words, we hope you have a safe and beautiful trip.

Let us know what you think! 🙂 And share this content if you felt it was useful for you, it might be useful to others as well!

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