Scuba Diving companies in Malaga

In a cosmopolitan city, modern and close to the sea as is Malaga. There are many scuba diving companies in Malaga. In this post we present some of the most important. So that you can enjoy scuba diving 5 minutes from Malaga International Airport in your rented car.

Scuba Diving Companies in Malaga: Nature Dive

It is a diving school in the port of Malaga. In which you can dive all year round. Because they do not close thanks to the extraordinary climate of Malaga.

They also have 280 m2 facilities with a 3 metre swimming pool, gas charging station, classrooms, workshop, changing rooms…

Professional Diving School Port of Malaga

With more than 25 years of experience training divers. In this school you can start diving, improve, even become a professional.

It is also recognized by the Junta de Andalucía.

Malaga Dive

First of all, this is a shop specializing in diving products. MalagaDive, company specialized in the sale of diving products for professionals.  Opened in Malaga since 2013 focuses its market on the supply of products for home diving and technical quality. But the best are its reasonable prices.

Scuba Diving Companies in Malaga: Diving Club

It’s a club that has its own boats to go for their dives. It is not necessary to be an expert but it is advisable to know how to dive to go with them. It is very comfortable to dive with the members of this club.

Eco-Dive Geda´s Scuba Diving

They have their headquarters in Rincon de la Victoria, but they are going to dive all over the Medirráneo coast of Andalucia and part of the Atlantic. From Tarifa (Cádiz), Málaga, La Herradura, Almuñecar, Calahonda (Granada).

Because it is where the flora and fauna of the south of the peninsula are best conserved. Also with a very high diversity of species and landscapes of extraordinary beauty and value.

And all these and much more five minutes from Malaga Airport where you can pick up your rented car to arrive. Because from our website you can rent your car and receive it in the hall of the airport. Because there a lot of more scuba diving companies in Malaga, but we show you only the most famous.

If you like diving and the seabed Malaga is your city.

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