Seafood in Malaga

Malaga has an enormous seafood tradition. Although sometimes not even the people of Malaga have had easy access to the best product outside their homes and markets. The variety and quality of seafood in Malaga is immense.

In this post we show some of the best seafood places in Malaga. Some are little secrets while others are great restaurants. Which have turned the best seafood on the coast of Malaga into their brand.

Godoy Seafood in Malaga Restaurant

Open since 1989. More than 30 years ago.  Juan Godoy set up an establishment that offers a high quality product, fresh goods. A few years ago they moved to Muelle Uno. It offers dishes of very good taste.

Jacinto Seafood Restaurant

Directly from the fish markets of the fishing port of Malaga to your table. That’s why your fish and seafood is fresh. To have a raw material of great quality. In addition to the experience to prepare and cook them allows this restaurant to be among the best seafood restaurants in Malaga.

In its showcases you will find everything from barnacles and Malaga prawns to Bay cicadas, carabineros, Motril shrimps, lobster, Garrucha prawns, Riofrío caviar and Galician spider crab.

Seafood in Malaga: Alba Brothers

The tradition of our bay’ is its slogan. Seafood is the most important part of the menu and is one of the distinguishing features of this restaurant. They offer everything from bolos, busanos, oysters, coquinas, Malaga prawns, prawns, shrimps, lobster, Galician barnacle, nécora, Rio Frío caviar…

El Cateto

José Luis Rojas is its owner, with a wide experience. Red prawns, razors, crayfish, zamburiñas, Malaga white prawns… From the sea directly to the kitchen. It is one of the most famous establishments in Ciudad Jardín and the secret of its success is none other than the very good product with which they work.

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