Symbols and Colors of Holy Week, get to know them!

Holy Week is a time when the most important religious events for Christians are remembered. In this post we want to clarify the symbols and colors of Holy Week.

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The different religious acts use different symbols and colors  of Holy Week referring to the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The First Symbol: palms and bouquets

Palms and bouquets are symbols of victory. When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. A multitude of people received them with palms or bouquets in order to greet and congratulate the messiah.

That’s why on Palm Sunday believers bring a palm leaf or an olive branch to Mass. This bouquet is also placed in houses for religious protection.

The Lord’s Supper

This was the last meal Jesus had with his disciples on Thursday night. Because that same night the Romans captured him for the betrayal of Judas.  It established the first Mass and the most important symbols of the Mass for Christians.

In addition it is one of the most important moment and symbol of Holy Week.

The washing of feet:

During the Last Supper Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an example of what they should put into practice. The footwashing is a symbol of humility and surrender of Jesus Christ to others.

This act is repeated in the Holy Thursday Eucharist. Both the Pope and other priests do it in their communities.

The Bread and Wine:

The bread and wine symbolize the union of the faithful with their Christian faith. For Jesus Christ at the Last Supper blessed them and passed them on to his disciples. They also symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.

That is why on Holy Thursday the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated in which reference is made to the Lord’s Supper.

The Cross

For Christians the cross has a very valuable meaning, since it symbolizes so much the suffering, passion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But also salvation, reconciliation and union with Jesus Christ. The cross is the main symbol of faith and the Catholic Church.

The Easter Bunny and Eggs

Both the rabbit and the eggs represent life. That is, the life of the risen Jesus Christ. Jesus defeats death.

All over Andalusia people live with fervor and you can see the symbols in every church, on television, shops, houses… and you can visit it with your rented car from Malaga Airport.

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