The best cocktails for the summer

At this time of year there is nothing better than a refreshing cocktail to get through the summer heat. That’s why in this post we bring you a bit of history of cocktails. And also some of the best summer cocktails.

The Origin of Cocktails

Alcoholic cocktails are born from the liquors which were created by Christian monks in the Middle Ages. Because they were herbal remedies against diseases.

Cocktailry is almost a science, in which the essential components are mixed in such a way that no one stands out from the other. But they are in perfect harmony and their flavors complement each other.

Steps to make the best cocktails

To make the best cocktails for the summer, follow these steps:

  1.  Prepare the necessary drinks, the container where it is going to be served and the decoration.
  2. Incorporate the ingredients to the cocktail shaker, the ideal sequence is:
  • a) Non-liquid ingredients. Sugar, pepper, yolk or egg white, etc.
  • b) Liquid ingredients. Those with a higher proportion are added first and, if the proportion is the same, the less dense ones are added first.
  • c) Ice: It is added at the end to avoid that the drinks are watered before the elaboration. If it is made in a mixing glass, the ice is added at the beginning.

3. Close the cocktail shaker and beat it.

Serve the cocktail without filling the glass completely and place the decoration, if necessary.

Decoration of the best cocktails for the summer

Decoration and garnish elements are just as important as any other ingredient. Because whether or not they modify the final taste of the cocktail. Every cocktail begins to be appreciated through sight. Depending on their function:

  1. Optional. Its function is merely decorative, to enhance and gain in attractiveness. Both with it and without it, the cocktail is correct.
  2. As a complement. They are essential in their elaboration, without this the same one changes, since it is part of the same one.
  3. Fantasy. Sophisticate, they do not have a real practical utility.

Some of the best cocktails for the summer

Spice mojito


  • 25 grams of brown sugar
  • 3/4 of Lima
  • 2 sprigs mint
  • 50 ml of Captain Morgan Spiced or Matusalem 7
  • Top sprite
  • 4 drops of Angostura
  • Pile Ice


In a big glass we add the mint, with branches splitting them with the hands and we reserved a branch with leaves in the part of top to decorate. Add the sugar and before splitting the lime, press it lightly and roll it against the table so that it softens inside. Split it and squeeze it with your hand to release the juice. Step on the three ingredients as a mortar, but without going over them so as not to destroy the leaves.

Add crushed ice to cover half of the glass, add the rum and mix well.

Add ice to the edge and fill the space with sprite, mix well. Decorate with mint leaf, lime wedge and angostura. Marriage: Fish fried, baked or salt, oysters, mollusks, salads and chocolate desserts.

Passion Dry Quintinye


  • 150 ml of Tanqueray Rangpur or citrus gin
  • 50 ml of Quintinye Royal Extra Dry or vermouth extra dry
  • 25 ml of passion fruit syrup
  • 15 ml basil syrup
  • Pile Ice
  • Dehydrated orange or twist


Add the ingredients in cocktail shaker with three ice stones and shake. In a cocktail glass, add pile ice to the glass to cool it and when it is cold, remove it and serve the cocktail. Garnish with dried orange or orange twist. Marriage: Ideal for appetizers, olives, sausages, oysters and mollusks, seafood cooked or grilled, fried, salads …

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