The Concepcion Historic Botanical Garden in Malaga

The Concepcion Historic Botanical Garden is an English garden with more than one hundred and fifty years of history. It is one of the few gardens with subtropical plants that exist in Europe.

Also it has more than one hundred different species of palms, bamboos, aquatic plants and its historic garden.

It was a recreational estate of a family of the high bourgeoisie of the city of the nineteenth century. But in 1990 it became the property of Malaga City Council.

At that time the Municipal Botanical Board ‘Ciudad de Málaga’ was founded for its management.

The Concepcion Historic Botanical Garden:

Historic garden

This is the name given to the garden area, which declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1943. The historic garden is where the most monumental and important examples of the garden can be found.

Some of which are unique in Spain and Europe. And composed of the following sub-gardens:

The Concepcion Historic Botanical Garden

  • The Glycinia Supper
  • The Nymph
  • Loringiano Museum.
  • Modern Gardens

Modern garden

From the acquisition of the property by the City Council of Malaga, different gardens created with the modern characteristics of a botanical garden. With the following sections:

  • Around the world in eighty trees
  • World map of palm trees
  • Succulent Garden
  • Biodiversity Rocket
  • Hot stove
  • Historical heritage
  • In addition to its botanical heritage, the Jardín de La Concepción also boasts an important historical heritage.

During the nineteenth century La Concepción built numerous noble buildings:

  • Palace-House,
  • Little house of the cypresses,
  • Loringianola Museum, home of the administrator,
  • The gardener’s house and the little school;
  • Two iron greenhouses;
  • A large gazebo
  • Fountains, staircases, a beautiful viewpoint,

The aqueduct of San Telmo from The Concepcion Historic Botanical Garden

From the Jardín de la Concepción you can also see the San Telmo Aqueduct. Which brings water to the city. The San Telmo Aqueduct is the most important hydraulic engineering work of the 18th century in Spain.

Finally just to say that you can also visit the Botanical Garden with your rented car from Malaga Airport. And it only takes a few minutes.

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