The most famous street in Malaga

In this post we present you the most famous street of Malaga. Which is La Calle Marqués de Larios. Because it is also one of the most elegant nineteenth-century streets in Spain. Also in 2018 was positioned as the third most expensive street in Spain in rentals. Because it is one of the most desirable shopping streets in Europe.

It owes its name to Manuel Domingo Larios y Larios, II Marqués de Larios. Which presides over the beginning of the street with a set of sculptures.

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History of Malaga’s most famous street in Malaga

The first project for the opening of Marqués de Larios street was by the engineer José María de Sancha. Which traced the street from the Plaza de la Constitución. But it ran through the streets Toril, Salinas, Desengaño, Plaza del Obispo, Sancha de Lara and San Juan de Dios.

The street inaugurated on August 27, 1891, with Mayor Sebastián Souvirón Torres. No member of the Larios family attended the inauguration. Because a series of workers surrounded the house of the nobles during the revolution La Gloriosa in 1868. So they escaped through the roof and later went into exile in London and Paris.

In addition, the blessing was given by the bishop of the diocese Marcelo Spínola y Maestre. In thanksgiving the Town Hall erected the monument to the Marquis of Larios in 1899.

With the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931 the street was renamed as 14 de abril street. After the Spanish Civil War, the gouverment given its original name back.

Very Commercial Street

It is currently the third most expensive street in Spain for buying a property or opening a business. In 2018, it reached third place, paying a maximum of 3,600 euros per square metre per year. Within Europe, Larios Street is one of the 50 most expensive streets on the continent.

Half of the properties in the street belonged to the Marquesa de Paul, currently managed by the Salsa Patrimonio group.

At Christmas, Larios Street stands out for its careful and impressive lighting, which has positioned it as one of the most spectacular streets in Spain during this period. It is also the nerve centre of Christmas shopping. The cost per lighting in Malaga is the second most expensive in Spain. And the first one per inhabitant surpassing in budget to the city of Barcelona. The lighting is recycled for the carnival, which keeps it installed for about four months.

Exhibitions and other events in Malaga’s most famous street

Larios Street has hosted public exhibitions related to art, sculpture and social work


Also in Malaga we cannot forget Easter. Because this street is where all the brotherhoods and brotherhoods run. At the end of Calle Larios is the Official Tribune.

Pasarela Larios Málaga Fashion Week

In September the street hosts the ‘Pasarela Larios Málaga Fashion Week’ which in 2016 celebrated the sixth edition. It consists of the longest Haute Couture catwalk in Europe.

The Malaga Fair

In addition in August the street becomes the backbone of the Day Fair.

How to arrive to Malaga

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