The Most Typical Malaga Souvenirs

Malaga has become the shopping destination of the Costa del Sol. If you are on holiday in Malaga, you may want to take home some souvenirs for friends and family or as a personal souvenir. That’s why in this post we present the most typical souvenirs of Malaga.

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The most typical Malaga souvenirs

Traditional food and drink

The souvenirs evoke happiness, since with them we remember the days of happiness that we shared under the sun and the beach.

Bathed by the Mediterranean, Malaga enjoys excellent fresh local produce, traditional products and unique wines.  When you visit the capital of the Costa del Sol, don’t hesitate to consider taking home some of these delicacies.

If you’re looking for gifts for your loved ones, you can’t miss the Mercado Atarazanas. Located in the centre of the city, it is one of the best places in Malaga to shop. Also in this market you will find an ocean of textures, colors and smells. And also samples of local delicacies.

At the entrance to the market, you will find different stalls with sausages and cheeses. Not everyone knows that Malaga is the main producer of goat’s milk in Europe.

We must also mention the local pastries, the most famous is the ‘tarta loca’ or La Loca. This cake is available in almost every bakery and pastry shop in Malaga. It is also worth asking about the sweet ‘roscos de vino’.

Malaga Wines and Beer

Malaga also has a great variety of sweet wines, among which “el Cartojal” stands out. The great favourite during the different summer festivals and fairs in Malaga. But there are many more, take advantage and try other typical sweet wines such as Pajarete or Moscatel.

Literally, just a few steps from the winery is the majestic statue of the Marqués de Larios, with the famous shopping street “Calle Larios”. Which owes its name to this family. If you’re a gin lover, try a gin and tonic made with Larios, as you’re sure to want to take a bottle home with you.

In recent years the demand for artisanal beer has skyrocketed and Malaga is no exception. The most famous local beer is Victoria, but more and more brands are quickly gaining popularity.

Traditional Articles and Clothing

If you stay in Malaga, you will probably find the man elegantly dressed in a red belt that sells flowers through the streets of the centre. Which is the Biznagero. Its name comes from the beautiful flowers known as Biznaga, a flower composed of many sweet smelling jasmine flowers densely woven into a twig.

You can find souvenirs related to Malaga everywhere: magnets, t-shirts and mugs.

The streets of Malaga have many shops full of traditional and colourful flamenco costumes.

If a flamenco dress is too much, you can also choose to buy a traditional shawl, the fringed “Mantón de Manila”.

Other great memories of Malaga are a decorative comb to hold the hair in the traditional bow or “comb”, earrings, brooches and bracelets.

All these are typical Malaga souvenirs.

How to arrive to Malaga

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