Things to do at the Holy Week in Andalusia, where to start?

From Malaga Airport where you can rent a car to discover that in Easter in Andalusia many things can be done. You can enjoy the typical gastronomy of these days and the traditions.

And of course, as the weather is very good, almost all year round, you can enjoy nature, the mountains and the beach.

Although of course the best thing you can do is to feel the Passion because Holy Week is one of the most important celebrations of this Autonomous Community of Spain.  During these seven days, the processions are lived in a very particular and intense way.

Because only here will you be able to enjoy the emotion of the traditional Sevillian “madrugá”; to live the passion of El Cautivo, the “Lord” of Málaga, to enjoy the joy and revelry after the passage of the Christ of the Gypsies during his passage through the Plaza de la Merced in the capital of Málaga or to witness the solemnity of Good Friday.

When you see these processions you will discover images of great artistic richness that walk through the streets between the lights of the candles. See the colourful tunics of the Nazarenes and the music of the bands of drums and cornets.

Things to do at the Holy Week in Andalusia

Let’s surprise you with all the things todo at the Holy Week in Andalusia and become part of the tradition while spending your amazing holidays. Here are a few  things that you might need to know!

The images in the streets

The images of the processions are kept in the churches throughout the year. During Holy Week they go out to the street to make a tour, mounted on thrones of enormous beauty.

They are also accompanied by beautiful floral decorations. Virgins, Christs, Nazarenes or Crucified.

It also accompanies the procession of an entire procession and the streets are crowded with people to see and pray.

If you like art, don’t miss this religious manifestation with sculptures by the best Spanish carvers.

Women’s in mantilla

One of the most significant prints of Holy Week is to see the women dressed in mantillas in the procession, a typical Spanish dress that is used especially in the days of the Passion of Christ to show mourning and pain.

A black dress, a sign of respect, is accompanied by the mantilla of the same color. It is a kind of large hair ornament called a comb, which is covered with a lace shawl.

The beauty of this outfit is one of the reasons why you can’t miss Easter.

The Nazarenes

We’ve already talked about them in another post, but to summarize, the Nazarenes are the brothers who accompany the thrones and steps in the processions.

The saet

Typical Easter music in Malaga

The saeta is a traditional religious song. It is sung in the Holy Week processions, especially in Andalusia.

The saeta is sung in step with the images of a Holy Week procession, often from a low balcony. They represent a confusing combination of feeling, art, and devotion.


The processions are not the only cultural and religious manifestation that takes place during Holy Week. There are Andalusian populations that represent the Passion and death of Christ. And they show the different episodes of this religious history.

The arrest, the trial, the flogging, the carrying of the cross and the crucifixion are some of the biblical episodes that are carried out on the street.

And all this you can discover traveling through Andalusia with your rented car from Malaga International Airport. So go ahead and rent your car with Cheap Malaga Car Hire and start riding to the beautiful memories that you’ll create!! 😉

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