Unicaja Malaga in Play-off

The 2019 Playoff of the Endesa League arrives. In addition Unicaja Malaga is in the Play-off for the title of champion of Spain. Eight teams fight to win the championship crown defended by Real Madrid. An intense month of June with the best of the ACB.

The teams that accompany Unicaja Malaga in Play-off

  1. Real Madrid.
  2. Baxi Manresa
  3. F.C. Barcelona Lassa
  4. Divina Youth Insurance
  5. Kirolbet Baskonia
  6. Tecnyconta Zaragoza
  7. Valencia Basket Club
  8. Unicaja of Malaga.

They are the eight best classified of the regular league ACB that will face in a play-off to win the title of champion. Which right now is the reigning champion. In addition each knockout will be the best of five games. And also will have the field factor the best classified in the regular league.

First Round

Unicaja faces Valencia Basket with the court factor in their favor, but now the overall result is 2-1 in favor of Valenca Basket Club.

Historically Unicaja Malaga in play-off

Unicaja Malaga is a team that is always in the play-offs of the ACB league. Because since the 94/95 season is a fixed in the final round of the ACB. He was also proclaimed champion in 2005/06.

So if you like good basketball you can not miss any game in the Jose Maria Martin Carpeta Pavilion.

Curiosities of Unicaja Málaga in Play-off of the ACB League

In the 2004/05 season Unicaja was the first team to overcome a series of PlayOff that was losing by 2-0, winning 2-3, in the quarterfinals round against Etosa Alicante.

In the 2007/08 season Unicaja was the first eighth classified in the regular phase of the ACB league that eliminates in the quarterfinals round of the PlayOff Regular League champion that year.

And you can enjoy the best basketball in the best league in Europe just 5 minutes from Malaga Airport in your rented car.

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