Vegetation of Malaga City

In the province of Malaga there is a great diversity of fauna and vegetation. But in this post we will focus on the fauna and vegetation of Malaga City.

Because within the city of Malaga, the mountains of Gibralfaro and Victoria stand out. Which have a lot of Aleppo pines.

A residential area was built on El Arroyo Toquero. Recently, the upper part of the stream, where there were still populations of corridor toad, pintojo toad, chameleons and bee-eaters, has become a concrete drainage.

Fauna of Malaga City

In Malaga it is still possible to observe reptiles and amphibians such as the already scarce chameleon, the common salamanders, the Iberian lizard, the common frog and the common toad. There are also many species of birds, including the yellow-legged gull, the shaded gull and the black-legged gull. These can be found in coastal urban areas.

The common swift, the pale swift, the common swallow, the common plane, the common kestrel, the lesser kestrel and the peregrine falcon nest at the top of buildings. The robin, blackbird, sparrow, autillo and owl also prefer garden areas.

Flocks of pinto starlings and turtle dove are frequent, as are allochthonous species such as the Argentine parrot. The fox and the common hedgehog are the mammals present in the urban peripheries, as well as the common rat, adaptable to any urban area.

Vegetation from all over the world

The Concepcion Historic Botanical Garden

In addition, in the city of Malaga there are two places where you can find vegetation from all over the world. On the one hand there is the Concepción Botanical Garden. We have already dedicated a post to the Concepción Botanical Garden. And on the other hand the Paseo de los Curas in the heart of the city.

In both of them, thanks to Malaga’s subtropical and Mediterranean climate, you can observe species from Australia to South America. Without forgetting many that come from Asia and Africa.

And all this is less than five minutes from Malaga International Airport in your rented car.

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