Where to have churros for breakfast in Malaga

Breakfast churros is a tradition in Malaga and in general throughout Spain. That’s why in this post we present you where to have churros for breakfast in Malaga.

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In addition there are those who do not forgive their churros with chocolate to delight in the morning or snack time with this “simple luxury”.

Where to have churros for breakfast in Malaga

Churrería la Malagueña (Churrería)

Belén Palma and Antonio Llorente have succeeded in just five years to raise a local. Because the churros of La Malagueña are silky, more like a buñuelo than the typical churro. Which is usually found in most establishments. Flour, water, a little salt and yeast to raise the product, in addition to oil, a high oleic.

Bar el Caracol

This is a family bar, where the recipe is passed from parents to children. To prepare them, the ingredients well selected and listen to what the clientele asks. “There are those who want them very made and others whiter”.

As for chocolate, they use Santa Cristina, of course, and always very thick.

Casa Aranda

Talking about churros with chocolate in Malaga and not including Casa Aranda would be… sin? sacrilege? There will be those who say that fame and name are more than anything else.

Casa Aranda started operating in February 1932. Since then, they have boasted of producing their weaving with the same original formula and betting on quality ingredients.

Oña Bar

Cafeteria Bar Oña is not in the center of the city. Because it is in a very busy location in front of the Carlos Haya Hospital.

Nothing like dipping your weavers in a very hot chocolate, preparing both with quality ingredients. They have been at the foot of the canyon for more than 40 years…

Café Madrid

In 1892, another of the most emblematic cafés in the city of Málaga opened its doors. The churros are made in the traditional way, taking maximum care of the raw material that is used and with the churrero that takes care of getting the optimum point of the dough. Here are the churros madrileños, “not the tejeringos”, and have many adepts among malagueños and visitors. “

As for the chocolate, very thick, which is how customers usually ask for it. They bring the raw material from Granada, although they don’t want to reveal the name of the manufacturer. “And then they try to make it to the taste of the consumer, because there are those who want more liquid, they even ask us for the English type chocolate, with water”, they continue explaining from Café Madrid. Annotated is in this list of cafes where to drink chocolate with churros in the province of Malaga.

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