Easter Week Tours

In Malaga, Holy Week is experienced in a very special way. In addition, Malaga is a five-minute rental car ride from Malaga Airport. That’s why in this post we show you the Easter Week Tours of the processions. Each procession has a route from its church to return to it. But in addition, they all have Read More

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What are the Holy Week Nazarenes?

Index What are the Nazarenes?What Clothing and other attributes are from the Nazarenes?Cofrade TunicCap and maskWhy are they Nazarenes? What are the Nazarenes? The Nazarenes are the brothers who accompany the thrones and steps in the processions. They usually carry candles, crosses, banners, the rule book… Their characteristic garments are tunic, hood, and gloves, and Read More

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Confraternities of Malaga that you need to know

Index Catholic Confraternities of MalagaMusic in Semana Santa in MalagaConfraternities of MálagaGrouping of Confraternities of Malaga Confraternity, as a general universal term. It designates different types of things, such as brotherhood, guild, company, union or gathering of individuals. In the Christian sphere and more specifically in the Catholic Church, cofradía means various forms of association Read More

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